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New Apple Iphone Will Give Good Pictures

The New Apple Iphone has been catching up with the people for its release. The Apple Company is always giving quality smart phones to the people. People believe the quality of the Iphones from apple. There is a long plan and discussions going on for the new apple iphone. The applications of this smart phone are superb and also they can be upgraded as and when the applications are introduced newly in to the market. There are many features introduced in the new apple iphone. The camera and a wide screen are likely to be the visible features.

They are expected to have many features. This is considered to be the greatest gadget of the next generation. The storage capacity of the Iphone is more and there is an A5 processor introduced in it. The processor is dual cored which has increased the speed of the gadget. The multi tasking is easily managed by this processor. The visual chatting is probably possible by these phones. The quality of the picture is very good and clear, they are 8 to 12 mega pixels. The videos and the pictures watched on this phone will be really clear. The body of this phone is sleek and slim. The weight of them is expected to be less. The screen size is more also.

The audio is also incredible which is enjoyed by the music lovers. The customers are very much interested in the release of the fifth generation new apple iphone.. The memory is about 32 Gigabytes. There is a special micro button in the iphone 5. The commercial networks can be operated from the phone by pressing this button. This command of selecting the commercial site is an audio command. The details of the audio will be entered and stored in the interface of the phone. This will activate the commercial site. The audio will be recognized by the phone. If any one else tries to operate it the phone will not work. The picture is perfect and clear even if we hold the phone in any position. This phone is having a finger print resistant coating which will help the user to have a clear screen. There are many applications and also features which will surely impress the user.

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Editing Your Go Pro Pictures and Videos

Doing extreme sports is an incredible rush – you feel yourself hurtling down mountains and across water, you hang from huge cliff tops and you generally defy gravity and speed limits. Impossible is nothing if you do extreme sports, and this results in some of the most action packed and at the same time picturesque moments you could capture on film.

 Despite all this though, the problem is actually capturing it on film. This is very hard when you are busy concentrating on braking at the right time or controlling the movement of your body as you twirl through the air. At the same time the sudden impacts and high speeds aren’t highly conducive to the health of a video camera which is why it’s so important to make sure that you don’t drop it or scrape it.

 These problems are but memories though with a GoPro HD camera such as the GoPro HD Surf Hero. These allow you to attach your cameras to your helmet, board or vehicle and to that way record the action without having to hold the camera. The cameras are light and durable and you don’t need to worry about braking a GoPro HD LCD.

 But you can get more out of them still if you know how to apply a little editing. Here are some tips.


 Editing GoPro HD LCD video means making a montage of your action packed moments and putting them to music. This can be achieved in Windows Movie Maker or better video editing software. The secret to successful action editing is to keep your clips short and not to let them linger too much. The temptation is to show the whole of each clip, whereas having shorter sharper moments will be more effective. The music meanwhile should be selected to match the tempo of the action – if it’s too fast then the action will look slow in comparison, but if it’s too slow then it will seemingly drag the footage down with it.

 You can also apply other effects should you so wish such as fish-eye-lens or sepia tones for a variety of different moods.


 Editing images is something you can have even more fun with and that will allow you to create awesome action shots from your GoPro HD Surf Hero or other GoPro HD LCD. This way for instance you can add a lens flare to something and change the focus of the image to give it that magazine-quality look. Meanwhile a very subtle filter such as a motion blur can help to make the action look faster and more dramatic. Of course airbrushing your own features if you’re in the shot is also a good way to add to the action, while bringing out the color more can also make it more picturesque. For a very professional feel try increasing the contrast on the image which they often do again in magazines. Again you can also use ‘fun’ effects if you so wish to change the picture altogether.

For more on how to use your GoPro HD LCD, or to buy your own GoPro HD Surf Hero, visit the links.

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Outstanding News in Pictures: July 17 2011

All breaking news and outstanding events on July 17, 2011 in the world are excellently captured in the following impressive images.

Japan won the Women’s World Cup 2011 with a stunning, come-from-behind win on penalty kicks. The victory comes barely four months after the devastating earthquake and tsunami hit the nation. It was the most gut-wrenching, most emotional and most dramatic final in the history of the Women’s World Cup. It produced the most surprising, gloriously happiest and most deserving world champion women’s soccer. For the first time, Japan stunningly won United States 3 – 1 on penalties after a 2 – 2 draw in extra time. On the stage, a simple message on a giant banner reads “To our friends around the world – thank you for your support”. The hidden message not only lies on support in the most thrilling finale to the three-week tournament but also for the hard time after 8.9 earthquake and devastating tsunami.

Japan’s Mana Iwabuchis is seen during the Women’s World Cup final soccer match in Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Japan’s goalkeeper Ayumi Kaihori failed to catch the ball in the first score by US Alex Morgan that makes the game 1- 0

Hanagasa Matsuri’s dancers are performing at the Tohoku Rokkon Festival in Yamagata prefecture

Beekeeper Lu Kongjiang is covered by bees when he attends the ‘bee bearding’ contest on July 16 in Shaoyang, Hunan Province of China

The Lokon volcano eruption near Tomohon, Indonesia is sending hundreds of rocks, ash and lava into the air

Firefighters make efforts to control a fire breaking inside the refinery facility at the PetroChina Dalian Petrochemical Company

A baby baboon makes a funny sign at the Cali Zoo, Colombia

Ukraine’s former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko is seen leaving the trial at a Kiev court. The woman was accused of abuse of power in connection with a contract about gas deliveries from Russia in early 2009

People watch the giant statue named “Forever Marilyn” by Seward Johnson in Chicago, Illinois which is inspired by Monroe‘s famous scene in the 1955 movie “Seven Year Itch”

The sun shines over Earth’s horizon. The picture is taken from International Space Station by spacewalker Ron Garan




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