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How to oil painting and drawing video lessons. Fine art tutorials online
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My Photography & Adobe Photoshop Tips & Tricks Episode 15 – Painting A Black & White Image

My Quick And Easy Adobe Photoshop & Photography Tutorials. Come join me as I go throughout my daily image editing and Photoshop workflow. Learn new ideas and…
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Bikini Babe Painter X painting tutorial with audio instructions Part 1/15

For more free lessons check out my website. Pass it around. Thanks This is a how to paint series using Painter X, but you can also use…
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How To Upgrade Your PS3 Hard Drive  With Backup And Restore, Step By Step Instructions - Part 1 of 3

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Painting with Brushes in Photoshop

Download the reference files: Relevant links: Creator Resources on Newgrounds http://www…
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Chinese Painting Flower Birds (Part 2002/3000) Drawing Butterflies + Free ebooks pictures

Chinese Painting Flower Birds (Part 2002/3000) Drawing Butterflies + Free ebooks pictures Free Chinese painting e books and pictures ????…

Painting: si ves algo II by James Cospito, Brooklyn Art Project HQ / Dumbo Arts Center: Art Under the Bridge Festival 2009 / 20090926.10D.54606.P1.L1 / SML

Check out these video art images:

Painting: si ves algo II by James Cospito, Brooklyn Art Project HQ / Dumbo Arts Center: Art Under the Bridge Festival 2009 / 20090926.10D.54606.P1.L1 / SML
video art
Image by See-ming Lee ??? SML
James Cospito (BAP / Facebook / Flickr / LinkedIn / SML Flickr / Twitter) is an artist, painter, photographer, illustrator, designer in New York City. He is also the Co-Founder / Creative Director at StrutNYC and BrooklynArtProject.

James carries a Moleskine with him and does quick ink drawings on the notebooks as he rides the subway. He applies watercolors to them afterwards. This mixed media painting, seen here, was created based on his Moleskine sketches.

You can check out his entire NYC Subway series at

Brooklyn Art Project (FriendFeed / Twitter) is a free online social network that connects 5500+ artists, collectors, and art enthusiasts from over 44 countries featuring over 44,000 artworks and 800+ short films and videos.

Members can participate in collaborative exhibits in Brooklyn and beyond while enjoying unlimited online gallery space, blogs, forums, chat, and tools to share / promote their artwork across the web.

13th annual D.U.M.B.O. Art Under the Bridge Festival® (Sept 25 to Sept 27, 2009)

The three-day multi-site neighborhood-wide event is a one-of-a-kind art happening: where serendipity meets the haphazard and where the unpredictable, spontaneous and downright weird thrive. The now teenage D.U.M.B.O. Art Under the Bridge Festival® presents touchable, accessible, and interactive art, on a scale that makes it the nation’s largest urban forum for experimental art.

Art Under the Bridge is an opportunity for young artists to use any medium imaginable to create temporary projects on-the-spot everywhere and anywhere, completely transforming the Dumbo section of Brooklyn, New York, into a vibrant platform for self-expression. In addition to the 80+ projects throughout the historical post-industrial waterfront span, visitors can tour local artists’ studios or check out the indoor video_dumbo, a non-stop program of cutting-edge video art from New York City and around the world.

The Dumbo Arts Center (DAC) has been the exclusive producer of the D.U.M.B.O Art Under the Bridge Festival® since 1997. DAC is a big impact, small non-profit, that in addition to its year-round gallery exhibitions, is committed to preserving Dumbo as a site in New York City where emerging visual artists can experiment in the public domain, while having unprecedented freedom and access to normally off-limit locations.

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screen grabs Contact-003
video art
Image by lucidhouse
dowloadable motion loops here

Art Painting Reproductions

One cannot differentiate between the real painting and the art painting reproductions. Most of the people think that they are having a view of original one. These beautiful painted pieces of art can add grace to your home or office. They are available at very reasonable cost. These art master pieces are also available online. You can browse the internet and easily find the painting’s reproduction of your desired artist. These paintings can easily beautify your home walls.

If you are finding the art painting reproductions of the particular artist then you can get it and make the collections of your favorite artist at your place. And if you are not interested in any artist’s collections then you can get these paintings on the basis of their style and designs. You can find the best service in the price you want to pay through online service.

Now days many art painting reproductions are available which are exactly of the museum quality. As museums only display the paintings which are original and these reproductions are made just like original paintings. So you must invest in these stunning art collections. And have a unique piece of art at your home. You can get the qualities of original master piece at your home at reasonable cost.

Why people purchase the art painting reproductions? Have you ever think about that? Because: these beautiful paintings, having an artistic look, add elegance to a wall and completely change the look of your wall. If you have chosen the right painting than this painting can transform the ordinary room or office in to a luxury suite.

While selecting these reproductions you must keep the combination and theme of your room or office in your mind.

And buy the appropriate painting that matches with the decoration and style of your room. Hanging these paintings will reflect your creativity.and your living place will look alive and graceful.

You can match the setting of your living place with the painting. If your living place is traditional then you can get the reproductions art painting with traditional touch and if you’ve a modernized living place then you can get the paintings of the modern artists.

So you must make your own artistic collection at your home by purchasing these paintings. But before buying them you must also check the market for your satisfaction. So in the end you can buy a piece of art having reasonable cost. One thing more: that while choosing the reproduction of these art pieces you must consider your needs. If that painting is meeting the needs of your place, you and your pocket then it is worth to buy other wise you must go for another one. So don’t waste your time and make your art collection as fine art is considered to be the real therapy of mind and soul.

We offer only high quality reproductions art painting, home delivery and give warranty on our products, for more details visit our website.

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David Allan’s “The Origin of painting” 1775 a possible source for Speak Speak by Millais

A few nice speaking images I found:

David Allan’s “The Origin of painting” 1775 a possible source for Speak Speak by Millais

Image by Martin Beek
David Allan’s painting of 1775 (National Gallery of Scotland) which is an interpretation of Pliny’s account on the origin of painting (set in Rome) has distinct similarities in concept and even colour to Millais late work "Speak, Speak!" (Tate Britain)
Millais painting depicts a ghostly woman appearing to the man who reads letters by lamp light. It is about shadows and the borderlines of the real and imagined. It is likely Millais would have seen this painting. He said that he had this painting in mind for many years. At the end of his life he returned to what he thought of as more serious work with religious meaning, these include St Stephen and A Forerunner.

Pliny’s great work, the Naturalis Historia, an encyclopedia collected much of the knowledge of his time. The work had been planned under the rule of Nero. The materials collected for this purpose filled rather less than 160 volumes, which Larcius Licinus, the praetorian legate of Hispania Tarraconensis, vainly offered to purchase them for a sum equivalent to more than £3,200 (1911 estimated value) or £200,000 (2002 estimated value). Aside from minor finishing touches, the work in 37 books was complete in AD 77. Pliny dedicated the work to the emperor Titus Flavius Vespasianus in 77 It is from this source that Allan took the idea his painting.

Matt Damon Signing Autographs Out back of the Isabel Bader Theatre during tiff 08 Premiere of The People Speak

Image by christopherharte
Matt Damon Signing Autographs Out back of the Isabel Bader Theatre during tiff 08 Premiere of The People Speak

Check out more great Tiff photos and video at:


Image by yenna