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Magnetic (2012) – A Short Film [ By F.C.Rabbath ]

Magnetic (2012) – A Short Film [ By F.C.Rabbath ]. Subscribe for more great short films: Our main channel – Join our…

Magnetic Hematite Tanker Bracelet – Photos of Christian Icons.

Magnetic Hematite Tanker Bracelet – Photos of Christian Icons.

  • Stretch Tanker Bracelet
  • Magnetic Hematite
  • Images of Christian Icons

Magnetic Hematite Tanker Bracelet – Images of Christian Icons.

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Photoshop Tutorial – Magnetic Lasso Tool – Essentials

The Magnetic Lasso is a capable selection tool. Available in both Elements and CS, it’s options and controls allow for creating a relatively fast and well-defined outline. All you need to do is understand the essentials and get dragging away! For more information visit

Father’s Day Magnetic Photo Gift Idea – How to Make a Cheap DIY Homemade Refrigerator Photo Magnet

The perfect gift for Dad on Fatherâ??s Day is one that will be used often and shown with pride. A homemade, handcrafted photo magnet for his refrigerator is the perfect solution. When displayed on the fridge, Dad can see them everyday and know where to find them when itâ??s bragging time. I have a method of recycling those old calendar refrigerator magnets into a perfect Fatherâ??s Day gift for Dad. You can use this technique to display photos, kidâ??s artwork or craft projects. The cost is literally pennies.

The whole process it quite simple.

Start with a photo or craft project. Apply double sided tape to the back to make a homemade sticker. Peel the backing off your new sticker and place it on your recycled calendar magnet.


Thatâ??s it! Youâ??re done!

How simple and cheap can a personalize Fatherâ??s Day gift get? The most difficult part of this project is selecting which photo to use or not getting carried away and making more magnetic photos than a fridge can hold.

The beauty behind this DIY Fatherâ??s Day gift is that it is cheap, an old unused calendar magnet, a few square inches of double sided tape and a photo. Also, it can be renewed! Yes, a perpetual gift, each time you have a new up to date photo, you, make a new photo sticker. Walk right up to your fatherâ??s fridge and stick that new photo sticker on top of the old one. Is that perfect or what? Dad always has the latest photo on display. When the photo magnet gets to heavy, peel the magnet off the old stickers and start over again.

Here are a few tips on making your Fatherâ??s Day photo magnet gift.

Select an appropriate magnet size for you photo or resize your photo. If framing your photo keep the materials lightweight and use a thicker magnet. Donâ??t be limited to photos, lightweight craft projects are great ideas and work well. Do not use cloth type carpet tape. Use mineral spirits to clean adhesives from cutting surfaces.


There are countless ways to add beauty and style to your Fatherâ??s Day Photo Magnet Gift.

The easiest is to cut the photo magnet to a unique shape. After attaching the photo to the magnet, use any sharp scissors to reshape the photo magnet, to follow the skyline for example. Build a lightweight frame for the photo or use a â??mattingâ?? technique to enhance the photo. Add doodads or trinkets to spice up the photo. Clipart is a great way to add beauty or humor to your magnetic masterpiece.


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DIY Magnetic North Reminder — Instant Directional Reminder — Great for RV Users


The following is a good example of why you should have a magnetic direction reminder.

You’re new to the area and your new neighbor of just hours is flinging his arms around giving you directions to his favorite destinations. He points to his left and says go north 6 miles then right about 3 miles you can’t miss it.

Now you have to stop and ask yourself; did they point north or is it merely a gesture? If you had a reminder of which way was north you would know in an instant without getting out your compass or GPS. If you could see your magnetic direction reminder, you could stop your friend and ask if they meant north or direction indicated.

Here is a nifty, cheap DIY idea for making a magnetic direction reminder to place on your range hood or oven door. When setting up at your new camp just turn it to indicate the correct direction.

Find and old refrigerator calendar magnet and using double stick tape; attach an image of a compass or just an arrow. You can make it simple or fancy, large or small. I am a terrible artist so I rely heavily on clipart. I chose a 4 point compass with a needle pointing north. A quick glance and you can see in an instant that SE is on top so you are pointed South-East. You could also color over the calendar magnet and paint or draw the compass on the magnet.

If you do not have a calendar refrigerator magnet, magnetic sheets may be purchased from office supply or craft stores. While not as cheap as a free calendar magnet they can be feed directly into your ink jet printer. Also you will not need double sided tape. The drawback is they are only readily available in white.

Here is a magnetic direction reminder that I tailor-made to promote my travel blog Oregon to Florida. Now I give them out to my new friendly neighbors instead of business cards.


To print a copy of this directional reminder go to

I am Mike Edwards author of where you can learn how to make DIY custom stickers. Find FREE Layout and design tips, pitfalls to avoid, dozens of project ideas and step-by-step project tutorials.
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magnets spinning w/ NON magnetic flywheel

Translated from the ancient religious documents. Do You Sea what Eye See? Not much drag on the flywheel (in fact flywheel is Mg and magnets will not “stick” to it). Functions under a load. Have produced AC voltage with noncontact coil, once again no perceptable drag on magnet package or flywheel. For plans see any religious symbol near you. Face it the fact is there is DUALALITY in all religion, that and the fact that we are not from around here. I can explain my self and the technology I am working on, feel free to contact me any time. Whalespit Industries llc (WILLC) Some sand paintings to look at and tell me they are not technical; The subject for a Tibetan sand painting is known in Sanskrit as a mandala or cosmogram. In general, all mandalas have outer, inner, and secret meaning. This is the collection that I assembled years ago trying to explain to someone. All pictures are right out of corel draw 9 clip art folder “religious symbols”. just look at them they are unmistakable technical drawings. every sand painting I have every seen has a spinning piece in the middle and “the rainbow girl” with a positive and a negative represented. The painting with the snake as a coil wire is the one with multiple rotors like you asked and is the one I am working on. ( more later) do you have corel draw? i turned them into a pdf so here are the corel filescheck this out, it should fund all my projects, let me know what you think. private showing not on for

Design Your Own Magnetic Sign

A sure-fire method of promoting your business through advertising is by advertising on vehicles using Magnetic Signs.

Advertising your business on a vehicle is an extremely effective way to promote your business, as your advertisement can reach a very wide range and amount of potential clients, at a fraction of the cost of more conventional advertising. Aside from the small cost of the production of the sign, your company can gain a great deal of what is essentially free advertising, depending on the area and how much the vehicle is used. In addition these benefits, magnetic signs are also highly practical, being easily removal when not in use.

The best way to ensure that your company’s magnetic sign achieves the purpose it is intended for, gets peoples attention and conveys the correct image for your company is to design the sign yourself. Having a customised magnetic sign as supposed to simply a generic template gives a business a professional edge and more accurate portrays the information that is the business wishes to convey about their services. Hastily done or formulaic pre-rendered designs most often will fail to accurately represent a business, and will often look cheap and poorly thought out.

The common perception of designing a magnetic sign would suggest that it is quite a time-consuming and costly endeavour. However, using Sign Right’s Online Sign Designer, within a matter of minutes you can design a dynamic, cost-effective and eye-catching magnetic sign that is completely appropriate to your business.

Using the Online Sign Designer gives you a staggering amount of options to ensure you create the perfect sign, giving you as much control as possible. Using the online designer you can select choose from a wide range of colours for each part of your sign, insert shapes, text, clip art and images and save your designs if you decide to purchase more than one. We even provide a wide variety of different sizes, ranging from 50mm X 50mm to 1200mm X 600mm, and everything in between.