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Photoshop: How to Transform PHOTOS into Gorgeous, Pencil DRAWINGS

Photoshop: How to Transform PHOTOS into Gorgeous, Pencil DRAWINGS

Photoshop CS6 tutorial showing how to transform photos into subtle, gorgeous pencil drawings. My website!: Check out my tutorials on Skillfeed!: https://www.skil…

Boiling Water Turns Into Snow In Siberia

In Siberia,Russia and it’s freezing weather,thrown boiling water instantly turns into snow at – 41 degrees Celsius. (If you look closely,the bottom of the th…
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Only Drinks

How to type into a form in Adobe Reader Acrobat X Tips Tricks Adobe TV

About This Episode Get up to speed quickly on Acrobat X with these short (2 minutes or less) video training tutorials from Adobe and Acrobat Community Experts.
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GIMP: Convert Images Into Icons (with transparent background)

program included: *GIMP (freeware) 🙂
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Instructions on uploading your audiobook into Windows 7

Instructions on uploading your audiobook into Windows 7

How to add your new audiobook to your Window Media Player library.

Automatically organize your desktop icons into shaded areas called Fences!

Fences® is the most popular desktop organization tool used by millions of users worldwide. Create shaded areas called “fences” to automatically organize all …
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Turn a Photograph Into A Drawing | Photoshop CS5 Tutorial

Watch this tutorial to learn how to very easily turn nearly any photograph into a hand-drawn picture!! If you enjoyed the tutorial, please like and comment! …
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Adobe After Effects CS6 – How To Import Video Files Into After Effects

In this video tutorial I show you how to import files into Adobe After Effects. There are a number of options for you to choose from when it comes to importi…
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How to create a Digital Signature in Adobe Acrobat X Professional.

Clipart into Google Docs

There is now no more reasons to use Microsoft Word. Clipart is now easily insertable into Google Docs!
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Learn to draw a graduation cap clipart.
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Q&A: importing different files into adobe premiere?

adobe premiere
by wcn247

Question by littlegobshyte: importing different files into adobe premiere?
i have the program adobe premiere trying to use it to make a short film from a series of still images that i took walking round an old completely new to this kind of thing and am having trouble importing jpegs and mp3 files to use as a soundtrack.what can i do to resolve this?the film is almost a stop motion type of thing.i took a pic walked a few steps took another etc.i hope you can help.thanks

Best answer:

Answer by John R
It should work fine. Open up a new project. Import the jpgs and place them on the timeline and decide how much time to give to each image. Then place your audio on the audio track. The end result should look like a video slideshow.

Hope this helps.

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