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How To Record Internet Radio

Record Internet Radio via VLC media Player… Bangla Radio Player Download Link: VLC media Player Download Link:…

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1929 Edison R-4 Radio, streaming internet radio!

1929 Edison R-4 Radio, streaming internet radio!

More music of the 1920’s streamed from Radio Dismuke on the internet, piped from my laptop to my AM TRANSMITTER, and played on the Edison! Enjoy!
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Online Music Promotions in Internet Radio

One thing that is fast becoming a great tool for online music promotions is internet radio. Of course there are the now familiar social networking options such as Myspace music pages for new and old musicians alike. But internet radio offers an improved marketing ability by allowing getting recorded or live tunes to a large audience. Internet radio is a commonly used thing these days. Some people have sworn off regular radio since they found it. It allows much more strict presence in all genres. If being a blues singer, get a demo to an internet radio channel that plays only blues.

There are even channels made especially for independent artist and their music. This can be a wonderful tool considering that when talent scouts are looking for new recruits, this is likely one of the places they will go first. With internet radio stations being online now for over three years, I’d speculate that a lot of people use them for filtering through musicians to find the best ones they can find for their specific needs or genres.

Music promoters will tell you that it is all about the music. Most budding musicians didn’t set out to become a famous rock star. They started out playing for their own entertainment and grew to enjoy the art of their own music enough to want to share it with others. A lot of musicians have gotten famous these days from Youtube videos and other networked sites. So it is entirely fair to assume that just because we haven’t heard of a huge band who made it big coming in from Internet Radio, that is likely only because its inception is only three years old. I’ll be glad to place a bet that someone will benefit from it hugely if they haven’t already.

Please check out a site that offers a download called Destiny Music Player so one can also tune into the newest independent musicians and their talents. This program is not resource hungry and plays as most music players do in the background while allowing continuing working. Internet radio is also one of the few things that the larger employers will allow their workers to utilize about the World Wide Web. So if thinking to reach a fan base is doable when people are riding in their cars doing other things, imagine how focused they could be right now, listening to new tunes in their ears.

I take pleasure in inviting you all to to explore all the fun of music.

Author is an executive with the musicianatlas, to promote your music online. Her hobbies are writing and reading. For the guidelines how to promote your music online visit the website How to promote your music ,Music Promoters,online music Promotions

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Outspoken Iraqi War opponent Dr. Dahlia Wasfi on Peoples Internet Radio, Cancel The Cabal

Outspoken Iraqi war opponent, Dr. Dahlia Wasfi comes on this Wednesday nights Cancel The Cabal show. On March 19th, 2003, the United States and Great Britain…

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WLAN Internet Radio + TV Xoro HMT 370

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Ghana internet radio received on centrios internet radio system.

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Kenwood KIV-BT901 and KIV-701 w/Pandora internet radio

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Hello there! This is an app review of the Bose Internet Radio app for iPhone and iPod Touch! Please subscribe, rate, comment and share! Thanks for watching! :)
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Cobi Internet Radio Adaptor

En este vídeo te presento un adaptador para escuchar estaciones de radio en Internet sin que tengas que tener una computadora dedicada a la música.
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Internet Marketing – An Addiction

I admit to being addicted to what I do. looking back, this has been going on for over 10 years. My blogs and websites are my babies. I tweak, blog, write and learn how to squeeze some money out of them. AdSense, affiliate marketing – whatever. The big thrill is seeing the money coming in. Some sites I own surprise me with good earnings, others that I thought would do well sit there gathering cyberdust.

I have tried dozens of schemes. Most have failed me, others worked for a while and then became either overused or just plain didn’t work any more. I have bought into the gurus, purchased manuals, books and systems. Looking back I have probably spent a couple of thousand in guru stuff. But that’s a minor investment compared to what I have learned to do, and more importantly – what NOT to do. I spent many hours writing my own domain/sites management software. Just the way I want it. Works like a charm, saves me tons of time now. All in all my little business is profitable. In all businesses you have to spend some money and take some losses to get to what works for you.

The sites are my drug. The income is my euphoria. Once in a blue moon I take some time off, but I get withdrawal pains. Even if the sites run themselves I can’t help it. Technically I could stay away for months without hurting any income. But I can’t.

What does that mean? Simply – I have found my niche. My work. I have been doing this for over 10 years and the need to “work” the internet hasn’t worn off a bit. I would have thought it would be boring by now, but it is stronger than ever. What motivates me? The income for sure, but to be honest – I was hoping for a lot more after years of working it.

No, what motivates me is the fight. The challenge. The need to win. To figure out what works. I’ll take the losers, as long as I get some winners. And I have that. It’s like gambling I guess just that I have full control over the outcome. I just have to outsmart the system….

My internet marketing income pays rent and more. Hour for hour I probably work more than most people. So it is disappointing to see the income not being what it should be. What am I missing? One thing I do notice that things work today, not tomorrow. For example, a few years ago simple content sites worked like a charm with AdSense. Not so any more. Sites need to be fairly unique for Google to even index them. I still have some content only, static sites and because of their age they still produce.

Setting up new sites with just old content – no good any more. Now a days you need sites with fresh, up-to-date and unique content. Like blogs you write to yourself. Sure, you read about auto-blogging. I set up 6 sites a year ago, I feed them with plr articles and rss feeds – and the results are dismal. The top one makes about $ 10 a month. Ok, so if I had 100 of them I’d make $ 1,000 a month. I get that.

I think there’s a middle road to take. Sure, buy into the auto-blogging thing. But I realize now that pretty well the only thing that really works is good old writing your own stuff. And I find it refreshing to create content that is 100% mine. I realize of course that now my content gets distributed to plenty of people, but that’s ok. I was the first to use it.

Bottom line, to make money you still need to spend time and some money. Nothing is free. But – if you are addicted to it – it’s not work.

Ingvar is getting close to “the golden age”. He writes about entrepreneurship
after retirement.

In 2011 I will be 60. Unbeliavable. I am “semi retired”. Whatever that means, no regular paycheck I guess. No 8-5. No commuting. No boss, except my clients, mind you. I love what I do. I can’t see myself NOT working. I don’t even call it work, it’s so much part of my life. However, I, like most people my age am thinking of when I can’t work, or I really get tired of it all.

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