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Ingrid Dishes | Homemade Tiramisu | Recipes from Missglamorazzi

In this episode of Ingrid Dishes, Ingrid Nilsen aka Missglamorazzi is showing us how she makes homemade tiramisu! This recipe is a very special one, as it’s …

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Ninth Annual William Phillips Lecture: From Illusion to Reality, with Czech Journalist and Writer Eda Kriseová

Ninth Annual William Phillips Lecture: From Illusion to Reality, with Czech Journalist and Writer Eda Kriseová
Event on 2014-11-04 18:00:00

The New School for Social Research's Board of Governors, Dean's office, and Edith Kurzweil present the Ninth Annual William Phillips Lecture featuring a conversation and reception with Eda Kriseová, Czech journalist and writer.

Eda Kriseová is the celebrated author of numerous works including Václav Havel: The Authorized Biography and a former member of the Czech president’s senior staff.  A dissident with political ties during the Velvet Revolution, she first studied journalism and ethnology at the University of Prague, then worked until 1968 for the magazines Mladý sv?t (Young World) and Literární noviny (Literary Gazette).  In 1969 she accepted the position of a reporter in the journal Listy. At the end of 1969 Kriseová worked as an assistant at the Institute for Theory and History of News Engineering at Charles University. In 1972 her works were banned, although this ban was ultimately lifted in 1976. After the Velvet Revolution, she was appointed by President Václav Havel to his senior staff.  Beginning in 1992 Eda has devoted all her time to literary activities.  She has taught at George Washington University in Washington, DC and has lectured at universities throughout the United States.  She is also a regular speaker for the German Ministry of Education.

This event is free, but RSVP by October 24, is recommended by emailing Katherine Tucker, development assistant, at or by calling 212.229.5662 x3826.

at The New School
66 W 12th Street
New York, United States

FM Washington

POOF : Hide Any Icons from Home screen iOS 7

Want to Hide any Particular App Icon from your iPhone Homescreen, Springboard or Apps drawer ? Then you should watch this video. Here we will use POOF, a Cyd…
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How to Make Animated GIFs From Video (Photoshop Elements 7)

UPDATE!!: Please be careful in choosing screen capture software! I have heard there may be problems with CamStudio. Please use at your own risk. Another scre…
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psd tumblrs that I use: Hope this helps 🙂 like and suscribe please.
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Howto create video from Panorama with After Effects and Cubemap

This video demonstrates howto create a video sequence from a (360° cubic) panorama in Adobe After Effects without using plugins. The video also shows how to …
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Nutrient Benefits We Get From Smoothie Drinks

Smoothie drinks are one of the most, if not the most, nutritious drinks in the planet. This nutrition is derived from the ingredients that are mixed into them, mostly fruits and vegetables. Nature made fruits and vegetables as powerhouse sources of vitamins and minerals; and we get these substances as well when we enjoy a glass of smoothie. In addition, smoothie drinks have zero or very little fat, making them very popular with weight watchers.

Smoothies are prepared using a blender, which is an effective means of extracting nutrients from the ingredients. Plant cells have wall that house the nutrients inside them. When we eat raw food, chewing breaks down these walls and the nutrients inside are released for the body to absorb. With smoothies, the nutrients are already released through blending, which breaks down the cell walls more efficiently than chewing. The body starts to absorb the nutrients contained in the smoothie immediately upon drinking.

Unlike juicing which squeezes out the liquid content of fruits and vegetables, blending includes the pulp and thus smoothie drinks are full of fiber. It is because of the fiber content that smoothie drinks are considered by many as a worthy substitute for complete meal, because it leaves the drinker feeling full. In addition, the fiber allows for the sustained release of nutrients over time so there are no fluctuations in the levels of blood sugar. This is why smoothies are effective defenses against sugar cravings.

Almost all types of fruits work well with smoothies but the most popular ones are strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, mangoes, pineapple, peaches and banana. Frozen fruit can also be used and is in fact used by those who want their smoothie drinks to be creamier. The kinds of vegetables that blend well with fruits are leafy greens. All these ingredients, when combined into a single drink, create a mixture that is bursting with vitamins, minerals and enzymes that are very beneficial to health. Some of these are Vitamins A, C and E, potassium, magnesium, folic acid, zinc, B vitamins, calcium, antioxidants, phosphorus and beta-carotene. These substances result in a body that is better protected against cancer and cardiovascular diseases, has a stronger immune system, digests food better, has more energy and is more mentally alert.

In stressful situations, it is better to consume smoothies that eat solid food. This is because solid food competes with other body functions during the digestion process. Smoothie drinks, on the other hand, are liquids and the nutrients they contain pass directly from the digestive tract into the bloodstream. Thus, absorption time is considerably lessened.

The benefits that these drinks provide are enough to convince anyone that they are indeed superior to other beverages. For those who believe that health should be a priority, smoothie drinks should be made a significant part of the day.

A low-fat smoothie is easy to prepare once you know how. Click on the link to find out more.

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How to reduce Hum and Noise from video using Adobe Premiere CS5

This instructional video shows you how to use the DeHummer in Adobe Premiere CS5 and the EQ effect to minimise Hum and other Noise.
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How to Remove Background from an Image in Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator CS6 – remove background from an image with Clipping Mask. Level: Beginners Image:

Adobe Photoshop CS5 Tutorial – HDR effect from one photo – DanyDroidTV

This is a tutorial to show you how to do an HDR effect from only one photo. The result is nice! Mode 1: 1) Go on Image — Regolations — Shadows/Lights and s…

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Belle Daphne Or Withdrawal From The Sport Shoes Agent – Car Wash Wax Manufacturer

As an international sports brand sales continued to fall in, Belle International and Daphne international two Nike, Adidas agents, invariably make a “great retreat” of action.
Daphne International, said in the first half closed 21 sales outlets and 20 Adidas Nike sales outlets. As of the end of first half of 2009, remaining 107 sales points and eight Adidas Nike stores, and Nike stores in the second half will be fully closed. The two old rivals shoes industry, the sports brand’s agency business, out of a different fate of the track.
Recently, Belle’s half-year results announcement shows that the first half of Belle Nike and Adidas revenue agent was 33.2 billion, compared with the same period in 2008, up only 2.5%, its agent, the second-tier sports brand the first half of the income of only 6.3 billion, representing year on year decrease of 11.3% over the same period last year. Belle also closed the first half of this year 346 sports apparel stores.
After the Olympics, sports apparel inventory backlog problem has been encountered, this year’s main stock digest. Nike and Adidas discount stores this year, the discount is lower than even the factory stores, consumers discounts on the 3 pack of ultra-low has been accustomed to. Two years ago, also as a cash cow for sports brand agency, is now the scenery is not. As recently as two months, Nike, Adidas, Li Ning, Anta and other brands have been completed the next year’s order. According to report, in addition to dealers Anta has announced next year’s orders grew 18%, other brands are not made public several figures. “Maybe this figure is Nabuchushou.” Ordering more than one participating dealer, told reporters.
According to the distributor introduced in 2009, various brands ordering the atmosphere also appears to be rather special, multi-brand business initiative to lower the discount order to increase ad spending, and even offered to end section can be extended. Even Nike and Adidas, the channel providers have begun to take the initiative before the lower figure.
Daphne occasion of half-year results announcement, the company vice president of Investor Relations International, said to be Stanley Au Chong Kit, the company agent Nike stores all closed in the second half, and their hands are 107 stores selling Adidas discuss changing hands.
Daphne semiannual reports, as at June 30, Daphne 21 closed within six months of the Adidas store their own agency. Nike stores its agents closed the first half of 2009 were 20, then spend the remaining eight stores now.
“This means that Daphne has made up his mind to quit sports apparel agency business.” Senior industry experts, the United States UTA Management Group, Greater China General Manager Yang Dajun that Daphne is the main reason is that in recent years out of sport brand agency rapid decline in business profits.
“Despite all the contract front, but Belle and Daphne’s strategy is different.” Magang on the said sports brand agent, Daphne is to complete the proxy bid farewell to sports brand, focusing on the development of their shoes business. The Belle is due to excessive early pace, hoping to use this time of recession sports performance brand, channel and retail on the ability to do further optimization.

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