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Super Fantasy Films

Fantasy films are a great choice of movies to watch if you want something uplifting, exciting, and unique. Many fantasy films have a moral to the story and leave you feeling like there are greater possibilities. They tend to me inspiring. They are also often very exciting and are filled with action. There are many fantasy films that are suitable for family viewing.

If you are looking for some great fantasy films to watch at home, you should check out some of these movies that are available on DVD:

The Lord of the Rings series: This trilogy is great for spending a night in with friends. It is filled with excitement, adventure, and characters that will make you want more with each movie you watch. You will become totally immersed in a land of hobbits, elves, orcs, and other fantasy creatures.

Pan’s Labyrinth: This movie takes place back in 1944 in Spain. A sadistic army officer’s daughter finds the real world to be just too much to handle and she escapes into her own fantasy world to get away. Her world is completely captivating, although eerie at times, but it will draw you in.

The Wizard of Oz: This classic fantasy film goes all the way back to 1939 but it never fails to entertain and amaze children. It may be a children’s movie but even adults like to step back into the past and enjoy this classic movie.

Avatar: More recently, people have been enjoying this fantasy film and the use of 3D imagery makes everything come to life more than other fantasy films of the past. The moon, Pandora, is the location for this movie. When a young paraplegic marine is sent on a mission he has to choose between protecting his home and following orders.

The Princess Bride: This classic fairytale has been loved by audiences since it first came out in 1987. This fantasy film has a little bit of everything that you need to become immersed in another world: the beautiful princes, the wicked prince, swords and battle and giants. And for the fans of romance, there is even a romantic storyline behind it all.

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl: What is better than a bunch of surly pirates and a curse? Only the addition of Johnny Depp as a savvy pirate that can’t seem to resist trouble. This movie is filled with action and adventure, a romance, and heroes, but there is also a healthy dose of humor that makes this movie irresistible. Follow it up with the sequel, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest.

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Couple – Romantic Tamil Short Film – Must Watch – Red Pix Short Films

Couple – Romantic Tamil Short Film – Must Watch – Red Pix Short Films “Tamil Short Film” “Best Tamil Short Films” “Short Films” “Must watch Short Films” #Tamilshortfilms #shortfilmtamil…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Homeowner Films Washington IL, Tornado as It Approaches His House

Washington, Illinois resident Kris Lancaster captures dramatic cell phone footage of the EF-2 tornado as it tore through the town, stopping just as the torna…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

FM Washington

NEW WORLD PICTURES – Movies free watch – ACTION FULL – films online free – [BEST ACTION MOVIE 2014]

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This Is Felicitas - K-391 [100TH VIDEO = FREE WALLPAPER PACK (100 PICTURES)]

So TwiisT presents K-391: FREE WALLPAPER PACK DOWNLOAD LINK: Follow K-391: Facebook: Soundcloud: https://…
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FilmQuest announces 'Troll 2' reunion, along with 210 films

FilmQuest announces 'Troll 2' reunion, along with 210 films
A cast reunion and screening of "Troll 2," the infamously bad low-budget goblin horror thriller filmed in Morgan, Utah. • "The Landing," an Australian horror short that won Best Short Film at the SITGES Film Festival in Spain. • "The Seventeenth Kind …
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Watch Sarah Drew's New Short Film, Waking Marshall Walker — and Vote For It!
Even better, you can vote for it to help the short succeed even more! It's one of the hundreds of projects vying for $ 100,000 in prize money in the Viewster Online Film Fest — and "international online event that attracts, displays, and rewards series …
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MBLAQ Lee Joon Appointed To Be Judge Of Mijyangsen Short Film Festival
MBLAQ Lee Joon Appointed To Be Judge Of Mijyangsen Short Film Festival. Singer and actor Lee Joon from MBLAQ was appointed as a judge for the Mijyangsen Short Film Festival. Like Us on Facebook …
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Video Camera for short films?

Question by Andrew: Video Camera for short films?
I am interested in film and want to start making short films. Im not sure if it is for me but want to try it. What video camera would you suggest for what I am trying to do. I want a camera that is not too expensive but has good video quality!

Best answer:

Answer by Palladini
HD camcorders interpolate the video, which means of every 25 frames of video, 4 or 5 frames are taken by the lens assembly; the other frames in between these are filled in by the camcorder inner circuitry, thus giving you not true video. It looks like this -one frame from the lens assembly, 7or 8 from the electronic circuitry, one frame from the lens assembly, 7or 8 from the electronic circuitry, one frame from the lens assembly, 7or 8 from the electronic circuitry, one frame from the lens assembly, 7or 8 from the electronic circuitry, from front to back of the video. Near impossible to edit, even when you have the Multi port processor computer with the big 1GB Graphics card and a Sound card that is required to edit, view, watch and work with the files these camcorders produce.

Consumer level HD camcorders have 4 problems. 1) Blurry, fuzzy, out of focus areas closely around people in videos taken by consumer level HD camcorders. 2) Any movement, even a wave or lifting an arm, while in front of a recording consumer level HD camcorder, results in screen ghosts and artifacts being left on the video track, following the movement. Makes for bad video, sports videos are unwatchable. 3) These Consumer level HD camcorders all have a habit of the transferred to computer files are something you need to convert, thus losing your HD quality, to work with your editing software. 4) Mandatory maximum record times – 1 hour, 30 minutes, 8 minutes, 3 minutes – four different times advertised as maximum record time for some consumer level HD camcorders. No event I have ever been to is that short. Either take multiple camcorders or pack up with out getting the end of the event on video.

MiniDV is currently the most popular format for consumer digital camcorders. MiniDV camcorders are typically more affordable than their HDD and DVD counterparts. Each MiniDV tape will typically hold an hour of footage at normal recording speed and quality. MiniDV tapes are available for purchase at not only electronic and camera stores, but also at drugs stores and grocery stores, making them easy to find while your on vacation. There are literally hundreds of MiniDV camcorders available; both in standard and high-definition. And add the fact that to get a HD camcorder that could produce better video quality footage, one would have to spend in excess of $ 3500 for that camcorder that could produce higher quality video.

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Review: The 2014 Oscar-Nominated Short Films: Documentary

Review: The 2014 Oscar-Nominated Short Films: Documentary
Cavedigger is the only nominated documentary short that isn't about a “serious” issue, but that's not the reason it's the most entertaining. Cavedigger has the liveliest subject, a true artist who is both the hero and villain of his own story. He's …
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Reign FC, LEVYfilms partner for short film on 2013 season
Reign FC has been perhaps the star of the NWSL offseason, and in the buildup to the 2014 season, the team has partnered with LEVYfilms for a 22-minute short film on last year called #LetItReign. Among those interviewed are Hope Solo, Megan Rapinoe, …
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Your Guide To The Oscar Nominees For Best Live Action Short Film
Although the Academy Awards feature many technical awards that the general public usually couldn't care less for and foreign film nominees that don't get a stateside release until after the awards ceremony, the most obscure part of the ceremony is …
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YouTube brings 15 short films from the Sundance Film Festival program online

YouTube brings 15 short films from the Sundance Film Festival program online
YouTube enables independent cinema fans across the globe to view part of the 2014 Sundance Film Festival program in the digital space for free. People can watch and vote with their views for 15 short films from this year's program. Additionally, the …

Lizzie Borden: Lifetime Movie Is Big On Hollywood Flash, Short On Historical Facts
The movie stars Christina Ricci as an attractive but deeply troubled young woman, made famous in the dark children's verse “Lizzie Borden Took An Ax.” Lizzie discovered the bodies of Andrew and Abby Borden on a hot August day in Fall River, …
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2014 Sundance Short Film Selections Streaming On YouTube
Were you not able to make it to Utah to attend the 2014 Sundance Film Festival? This year, YouTube may be able to solve your problem. YouTube is offering viewers the opportunity to view 15 short films selected by the Sundance Institute and showing at …
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Pretend You're at Sundance and Watch Toby Halbrooks' Short Film
One of the cool Sundance things is watching the short films on YouTube, which is, of course, not as cool as being in Park City, Utah, attending film premieres, staying up late at film parties and hanging out in a jacuzzi with your new best friend …
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Uploading Films To Your Website – Quick Guide!

It’s amazing what’s out on the web, even more so when you’re looking to upload films to your website – you’ll see what i found in a matter of minutes. Of course, a short report can’t illustrate every single thing i discovered about this subject, but i’m sure you’ll find here what you’ve been hoping to learn. I hope you’ll take time to peruse this brief report as it’ll no doubt get you set up to get additional visitors to your website via online videos.

Click Here to upload films to your website now!

As i’m sure you realize, with the internet you can very promptly track down much-needed help wherever we require it, for example: how to get additional visitors to your website via online videos. If you’ll think for a moment about the glitches you might have to deal with – a frequent trouble that you may very well call to mind is that putting online videos on your website isn’t always that effortless. During a recent troublesome experience, i discovered a special Flash videos solution and what a pleasant surprise – it is most suitable to many of us and i’ll soon explain how & why. It can be truthfully stated that it teaches you how to host files such as .MP6, but is that everything it’ll do for us? Not at all. Another capability is that it teaches you how to add your videos wherever you want on a webpage and i very strongly urge you to check it out.

Other sites out there may fulfill these same needs; however, i believe that this one should be the first on your list. Being creative with this can always result in a number of other ideas that you might find beneficial – a further benefit you may not have considered: use it to embed business related videos on your website. Whether you intend to try this or not, you have learned about some of its potential uses and your goal should be to use it to attain your goals.

This has just been an introduction; it would be a good idea to upload films to your website right away if you can for one reason – see if it is really for you or not! People seem to have a variety of opinions on this subject, so it is my hope that i’ve supplied sufficient information to decide whether you are likely to be satisfied with it. It is clear now that the field of video promotion will not return to the status quo after what you’re going to discover and put to your own uses – how is this possible? You’ll soon discover what i’m so excited about. No doubt that thanks to the internet we can get to the bottom of almost any possible problem or to acquire the knowledge necessary for success. Have a careful last look at this information and benefit from it; i’ve attempted to create something you could really benefit from and i hope you’ve enjoyed the article.

Learn how to upload films to your website right now!

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Comedy Films for a Rainy Weekend

The selection of comedy films is endless and careful considerations should be given to both the films chosen and their order of play. The schedule could be determined by chronological order or by actors and actresses or genre. The decision could result in a weekend of romantic comedy, action comedy, slapstick comedy or other choices by personal preference. A favourite actor or actress marathon could also be in the line-up for example fans of Rowan Atkinson could move from the timeless tale of Mr Bean’s Holiday to the more recent Johnny English Reborn released in 2011.
For a fun filled rainy weekend, be sure to plan ahead for meals and snacks. The best meals will be easily prepared so you miss little time between movies in your marathon of entertainment. Lasagna that is ready made can be baked in about the time that a movie takes to play. A quick salad to go with it and the dinner is ready to be served. Stock up on sweets to satisfy the sweet tooth and be sure you have a large stock of microwave popcorn on hand. Be sure your favourite beverages are also available. Plan meals and snacks as carefully as the movie line-up.

Take the time to decide beforehand on the schedule of play so that there will be no time wasted deciding on which movie comes next in your private comedy showcase. A comedy line-up for the movie schedule of play in a chronological order may begin with the classic movies of Laurel and Hardy or The Three Stooges. Don’t forget the animated short films of the past like the Three Little Pigs and the Academy Award celebrated films like It Happened One Night starring Clark Gable. Mr. Deeds Goes to Town starring Gary Cooper is another comedy film that got recognition as a great film by the Academy Awards.

This weekend trip down comedy lane will soon arrive at films that are personal favourites.

Many have films that could not be left out of a personal comedy marathon. Some believe that the National Lampoon movies are comedy classics and, in truth, an entire weekend could be spent just watching those. It could begin with National Lampoon’s Animal House that was released in 1978 and has become a cult classic. The Chevy Chase films from National Lampoon’s series of Vacation movies would be a middle ground and the marathon could end on the funny note of the 2006 release of National Lampoon’s Pucked – The Trouble with Frank.

No matter what your tastes, smiling really does make you feel better and comedy films are essential for rainy days tucked up indoors.

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