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Red Film Review Online

Red has perhaps the best collection of actors ever to star in an action adventure movie. The film is great entertainment and the acting is superb.

Bruce Willis stars as Frank Moses, a retiree trying to live a normal life in a quiet suburban neighborhood. This is a big change from his days as a highly trained black-ops CIA agent. Frank spends his days tending to his house and yard. He also spends time on the phone with a federal pension employee named Sarah (played by Mary-Louise Parker). He calls her on a regular basis to report missing government pension checks which really arent missing .. but Frank and Sarah simply enjoy talking to each other. They eventually agree that Frank will travel to where Sarah lives in Kansas City and go on a blind date.

The next night Frank is attacked in his home as he goes downstairs for a drink. A team of assassins wearing body armor and carrying machine guns have busted into his house to kill him. At the end of a fantastic extended fight scene all the assassins lay dead and Frank doesnt know who they were or what is going on. All he knows for sure is that they were professionals.

He then discovers that his phones were bugged, and figures that whoever is after him will probably go after Sarah for information next. He immediately goes to Kansas City, but instead of going on that blind date he kidnaps her in order to protect her.

Through a too-convenient event, Frank learns that a secret group inside the agency wants him and his ex-covert cohorts dead. Unbeknownst to Frank, he and his old team have information that could blow open a coverup of war crimes that occurred in Guatemala.

Frank reassembles his former covert team in an attempt to destroy this unseen enemy. They too have all retired, and like Frank are referred to within the CIA as REDs, which is an acronym for Retired: Extremely Dangerous. The actors playing these characters are truly A-list.

First on the list is Joe Matheson (played by Morgan Freeman), an intelligence expert now terminally ill with stage 4 liver cancer. Frank finds Joe living in a nursing home in New Orleans. Depressed that he is now old, Joe is happy to get back into the fray for one last assignment.

Next to be contacted is Marvin Boggs (played by the great John Malkovich), a skilled ex-agent who long ago was an unknowing recipient of LSD experiments conducted by the CIA. As a result Boggs now a neurotic, paranoid survivalist who lives in a camouflaged underground bunker. Malkovich is just fantastic in this role. He and Willis have great onscreen chemistry, and his nervous ticks and facial expressions are perfect.

The last two ex-agents to be contacted are Ivan (played by Brian Cox), a retired ex-KGB agent during the cold-war and Victoria (played by the forever beautiful Helen Mirren), a formidable assassin during her days as an MI6 agent.

With the group reassembled, Frank goes hunting for the shadowy figures trying to kill them.

From this point you just sit back and enjoy the ride as these actors (also including Ernest Borgnine and Richard Dreyfuss) take over. The action is non-stop and the dialog is smart, sharp and funny. Exactly what you would expect from the most decorated cast ever to appear in a single action-adventure film.

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Thermal BOPP lamination film

With the development of modern technology, now we have reached to an era where we can do lots day to day activities fast and easy methods. When it comes to the materials which we use on our day to day domestic and industrial work, we can see lots of advanced and user friendly materials available in the industry. The thermal BOPP lamination film is an improved lamination film which has a great audience in the industrial segment.


However, if you are a person who is currently working in an industry, which uses lamination films, then you should have a thorough understanding about the quality of the film which you are using for your manufacturing process. The reason is if you don’t use the proper quality manufacturing films, then your product will be categorized with a lower degree of quality. So it will directly impact on your corporate profile, and you may not be able to get the expected success from your business.


Moreover, these thermal BOPP lamination films are available for various pricing scales, and you have the freedom to select the best according to your budget and requirements. In addition to that, the manufacturers of thermal BOPP lamination film always do their best to make the lamination films much reliable for the customers. Therefore, the industry grows rapidly, and we have a very good market to choose items from competitive providers.


Finally, if you use thermal BOPP lamination film for your production process it is recommended them in environmental friendly ways. The reason is if you don’t use the environmental healthy procedures to use with thermal BOPP lamination film, then it can work backward to the protection of the nature. So it is advisable to use them on a way which won’t damage to the natural environment in any means. However, the manufacturers of these lamination films do offer guidance on how to minimize the environment pollution due to usage of thermal BOPP lamination films. So if you could adhere to that guidance, then doubtless that you can work without harming to the nature.

Thomas Scott invites you to take a look at PKCCO. The Thermal BOPP Lamination Film is an improved lamination film which has a great audience in the industrial segment.

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Benefits of Window Film

There could be a laundry list of benefits that a window film could yield however, below are some of them –

The window films are the best to decrease heat. Even if you are using the air conditioner, you would feel that the same has become more effective as you would use the window films on your windows.

The window film helps sun screening. The sun screening is really needed if you want that the furniture and the other decorative items of your house always look fresh. As if exposed to sunlight would get faded and would look dull.

The glare is taken care off by the window films.

Using window films could be an effective way of saving on energy and your bills as if the windows are not filmed, these would work against you temperature control mechanism, there by costing you more.

Safety is another angle if you considering the window filming. As compared to the plain glass it is any day better. As that does not let every one peep in – challenging your security.

By using the various options available for window filming you could enhance the overall look of the house many folds. It would be like redressing it externally as well as internally. Use of colored window films and frosting options you could actually give your house or any other place where you are planning to put these – a designer look.

This is quite and affordable and instant way of redecorating and temperature controlling your house. The time and money involved in this is not much as compared to the results it yields.

Window filming does not require professional help. It is easy to install. You just need to be sure of the size in which you are cutting the film and you could install the window film perfectly.

There could be more unsaid benefits of window tinting that could be explore by experience rather reading – go for it.

At the end, I’d like to share cool website with more information on topics like decorative window films and safety security films. Visit for more details.

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Five Foreign Film Favorites

Are you curious about classic cinema outside the golden gates of Hollywood? Would you like to see well established critically acclaimed films that influenced many of the great current-working directors such as Woody Allen, Scorsese and Steven Spielberg? If so, these are five delicious visual delicacies to wet your would be film critic eyes.

Seven Samurai – is the Ultimate Epic. It has all the swift swordplay of a ten-year-old boy’s wet dream. The cinematography is dazzling and the story moving and majestic. Fans of epics such as “300” and “Troy” will be surprised with the film’s intricacy and depth. The tale concerns a group of Samurai who are sworn to protect a small peasant community against a group of bandits. During this heroic struggle the group is forced to many devastating, heart wrenching sacrifices.

Jules and Jim – is a fun and melancholy romp in the live of two best friends and their love for the same woman. The strains of this love ultimately result in the death of two of the members of this love triangle. Future French films such as “Amelie” would both owe and homage the films revolutionary method of narrative storytelling.

8 /2 – is a ravishing, beautiful and hysterically funny surrealistic comedy of director preparing to direct a film. It delves into his fears, hopes, and playful daydream fantasies to an almost Freudian level. The film also takes gentle stabs at the industry, religious groups, and star infidelity. Directors such as Tim Burton and Terry Gilliam owe a lot to the films creative and wacky visuals.

Wild Strawberries – is a provoking film about old age and accomplishment in life. It dwells on an elderly man’s realization of his soon approaching death, his relationship to the next generation and his past. It is both a film of the encounters of road and a film of haunting images of the mind.

M – is an amazing German Expressionist proto-noir masterpiece. The towns authorities, parents, and thieves are clenched with anxiety in the desperate search for the whistling child murderer played by Peter Lory, who would later go on to act in Hollywood masterpieces such as “Casablanca” and “The Maltese Falcon.” The highlight of this film is the famous trial seen which is guaranteed to leave every member of the audience clenching the arms of their chair. This film is also known for being the first film to portray a serial killer.

Robert Forsyth

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