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Super Fantasy Films

Fantasy films are a great choice of movies to watch if you want something uplifting, exciting, and unique. Many fantasy films have a moral to the story and leave you feeling like there are greater possibilities. They tend to me inspiring. They are also often very exciting and are filled with action. There are many fantasy films that are suitable for family viewing.

If you are looking for some great fantasy films to watch at home, you should check out some of these movies that are available on DVD:

The Lord of the Rings series: This trilogy is great for spending a night in with friends. It is filled with excitement, adventure, and characters that will make you want more with each movie you watch. You will become totally immersed in a land of hobbits, elves, orcs, and other fantasy creatures.

Pan’s Labyrinth: This movie takes place back in 1944 in Spain. A sadistic army officer’s daughter finds the real world to be just too much to handle and she escapes into her own fantasy world to get away. Her world is completely captivating, although eerie at times, but it will draw you in.

The Wizard of Oz: This classic fantasy film goes all the way back to 1939 but it never fails to entertain and amaze children. It may be a children’s movie but even adults like to step back into the past and enjoy this classic movie.

Avatar: More recently, people have been enjoying this fantasy film and the use of 3D imagery makes everything come to life more than other fantasy films of the past. The moon, Pandora, is the location for this movie. When a young paraplegic marine is sent on a mission he has to choose between protecting his home and following orders.

The Princess Bride: This classic fairytale has been loved by audiences since it first came out in 1987. This fantasy film has a little bit of everything that you need to become immersed in another world: the beautiful princes, the wicked prince, swords and battle and giants. And for the fans of romance, there is even a romantic storyline behind it all.

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl: What is better than a bunch of surly pirates and a curse? Only the addition of Johnny Depp as a savvy pirate that can’t seem to resist trouble. This movie is filled with action and adventure, a romance, and heroes, but there is also a healthy dose of humor that makes this movie irresistible. Follow it up with the sequel, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest.

Do you love Fantasy Films? Read about more Best Fantasy Films at the top rated Consumer Reviews site.

Blending 2 videos to create a fantasy effect in Adobe Premiere Pro.

Created in CS6.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

chris lee gives yall some tips on how to get some great quality in adobe audition 3. using compressors, reverbs, echoes, and more.

Dark Moon Tree on Night Sky / Magic Fantasy Space

A few nice free pictures images I found:

Dark Moon Tree on Night Sky / Magic Fantasy Space
free pictures
Image by
This glowing picture of a tree at night is one perfect example of natural beauty. The moon and the dark, blue sky are magic. This picture was created by my astronomical friend and can be used for free, if you link as the original author of the image.

People who are interested in magic, mystic myths legends, astronomy, astrology, ferry tales and horror movies will find this picture very attractive. Others just magic.

This photo could be used to create a special atmosphere in any background that requires dark colors. The strong glow of the tree will also help to make the dark theme a little more attractive to the people who like bright colors.

The branches of this mystic tree are like arms that seek to hug the full moon.

This photo was created near Africa. It seems to be Winter or Autumn, but it was actually Spring.

Thank you for sharing this picture with your friends !

Digital Fantasy Art Beginnings

Article by Bert Russo

Digital Fantasy Art Beginnings – Computers

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Like any art type you will need to shell out time studying to use the resources and how to develop the lighting you want. Numerous people today generate issues to make your daily life a lot easier so you hardly ever have to commence from the beginning. Yet the a lot more you want the extra you will have to shop for.As soon as you are proficient at setting up your art you might possibly be happy to continue on with it or you may possibly want to strike out on your personal and understand how to do the additional state-of-the-art solutions like developing your private versions, landscapes and skin. You could possibly even want to do animation at some point. That is the joy of digital fantasy art, you can go as far as you want with it in the route you opt for. Depending on your understanding be ready to learn about a ton. Most importantly bear in mind to just take a break and spend time with spouse and children and mates also!The entire world of 3D animations is superior defined as “breath-taking”, 3D artwork can illustrate and build worlds which only exist in our creativeness and can carry to existence all of all those fantasies and creations we only saw in our dreams even so a few of a long time in the past the considered of even drawing some thing remotely similar to what we noticed in desires was fully ridiculous, the picture good quality, vectors, rendering and animation was basically unachievable at the time. If you have looked at Photoshop creations then you would agree that picture manipulation equipment are excellent to build good looking images, nevertheless the Photoshop suite was generally developed to manage photography and effortless animations, other equipment which have been intended explicitly for the web site comprise of Macromedia flash applications which permitted web designers to embed amazing animations in web site pages, however the total suite of 3D artwork tools does not end there.Have you actually wondered what sort of instruments were made use of to create incredible movie animations such as Ultimate Fantasy – The Spirits In, Shrek, Cars and trucks, and many others? what about digital photographs which have characters which you know are not genuine but arrive so shut to the actual issue you could even confuse them? For this style of deliver the results there is nonetheless a further suite of tools which are targeted in 3D image creation and manipulation as perfectly as 3D video clip animation, you can’t use resources these types of as Photoshop to achieve the results you would reach with purposes these kinds of as CorelDream 3D. This application was bundled with the CorelDraw graphics suite, then again after some time the organization Corel resolved to suspend additional enhancement of this instrument, afterwards on this tool was also marketed with the identify of Ray Dream Designer but this products was discontinued as well.These products had a great deal of possibilities but for one purpose or an additional the firms in cost of developing and maintaining the tool failed to do so until finally the products was marketed to yet another organization, DAZ Productions. This agency worked on the 3D application and gave it a new title, Carrara.

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3d artist at CGmentor Inc. are offering incredible 3d animations which are finest in top quality and their utilization.3D Artist

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Bert Russo

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3d artist at CGmentor Inc. are offering incredible 3d animations which are finest in top quality and their utilization.3D Artist

Use and distribution of this article is subject to our Publisher Guidelines
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Also known as “Cut Slugs”, these effective yet surprisingly simple alternative shotgun munitions were once used in the early 1900’s when deer stopping loads were needed but not always available. You can turn a simple bird shot load into a man or game stopping “slug” with a quick turn of a knife.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • Complete 6 Pack of Cans with Figures!
  • Figures showcases main cast of Final Fantasy XIII
  • A Japan only item

Celebrate your love of the latest entry in the universally popular RPG Series Final Fantasy with this 6-pack set for Final Fantasy XIII Elixir soft drinks! In this set, each can comes complete with a Final Fantasy XIII figure showcasing one of the 6 heroes from the blockbuster RPG. This item is only commercially available in Japan, but you can get your own 6-Pack today!

List Price: $ 65.99

Price: $ 65.99

A History of Experimental Film and Video

This new edition covers thehistory of avante-garde film and video, ranging from Cezanne and dada, via Cocteau, Brakhage and Le Grice, to the new wave of British video artists in the 1990s. The author also reconstitutes the avante-garde film as an independent form of art practice with its own internal logic and aesthetic discourse.

List Price: $ 29.00

Price: $ 26.00

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The Fantasy Art Of Computer Games

video art
by j-No

The Fantasy Art Of Computer Games

The invention of the computer is perhaps the critical achievement in the technological evolution of the human race. Through computing (and the internet) we have brought the world – and the peoples of the world – to our very fingertips. And the power and flexibility of computing has adapted itself to every application—especially entertainment: Just as the television rapidly became “must-have” entertainment in every home, computers have become our most engaging and captivating playmates.

Almost from the very beginning, computer games have played a crucial role in bringing astounding computing power to the common people. The yearning for better entertainment has fuelled a race for not only more powerful CPUs every year, but more sophisticated graphics and sound cards—both of which are necessary for the best and most immersive experience in what are increasingly complex and realistic game worlds. Even so, rarely can contemporary hardware realize the latest game’s audio and visual potential to the fullest.

(That said, there is an interesting movement among very small ‘casual games’ such as those produced by SandLot Games, to combine an excellent game with excellent game art, but without requiring the staggering computing power necessary for 3D animation, thousands of details, and attention to physics. An excellent example is Tradewinds Caravans, which uses a library of hundreds of beautifully illustrated male and female characters).

Increasingly sophisticated computer graphics and animation software and technology have also allowed man to realize their flights of fancy in a way that was once the sole province of movies and television, and share it worldwide. Early game art  involved static pieces of art, little more than scanned artwork to represent people, places, and things– though the artwork is of much higher quality and produced by veteran artists under strict art direction (such as Baldur’s Gate, Icewind Dale, and especially Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI–which boasts almost 1,000 beautiful historically inspired illustrations of male and female warriors, courtiers, and commoners in a feudal China setting). Since then, video games have quickly taken imagination and player engagement to new levels with lifelike animation and attention to light, shadows, gravity, and other laws of physics.

Science fiction and fantasy has always captivated adults and children alike, and video game makers have cashed in on the ability to vividly represent in digital art and digital animation what was once described in words and left to vague imagination. Where once words in books had to excite our minds to fill in the blanks, now computer games challenge us to take in all the sights and sounds. And the truly original and innovative game art and concepts in some games expose us to new sights and even new ways of thinking.

Fantasy stories have enthralled us for centuries with magical and supernatural themes, creatures, and settings; and timeless favorites drawn from mythology and classic stereotypes continue to be re-envisioned in countless ways by different artists and in different games, making the familiar at once identifiable yet new again and again.

With the computer to bring fantasy artwork to life with digital art, video game makers were quick to realize that all the beautiful and incredible artwork could only be enhanced with compelling, touching, thrilling stories. And with the interactivity a computer allows, game players can feel they are part of the story, and indeed determining its outcome with not just choices, but with varying combinations of strategy, strategic and fast thinking, experimentation and problem solving, and of course (but not always) good hand-eye coordination – typically with escalating levels of challenge, forcing the player to grow and improve.

Throughout this evolution, however, the highest quality in digital art and sound for the most vivid experience of fantasy artwork and fantasy game worlds has been foremost. Perhaps as never before, people judged books by their cover, so to speak.

Storytelling combined with increasingly realistic digital reproductions of human protagonists have tried to catch up with the sense of identification and investment we have when we are caught up with the characters in a well-written novel. The lifelike characters – how they move, how their faces display emotion, how they wince with pain – all contribute to an immense involvement on the player’s part, and many games were quick to adopt a first-person point of view for even more immersion when 3D became mainstream.

And combined with the interactivity and choice available in computer games, people could participate in a story as never before. In such games as Heroes of Might and Magic V, players from all over the world engage in discussions of how to best ‘build’ a powerful or simply interesting character, combining considerations such as game play strategies and innovative and unexpected combinations. And some games offer much more choice in how the heroes develop, sometimes orders of magnitude more. All further enhanced by dynamically changing the character in the game with artwork for weapons, amour, and other equipment.

As in movies and television, art and story direction is an invisible component that affects us immensely even though we may not be consciously aware. Even in the early days of computing, the better games showed strong art direction, and with storytelling and the visual experience increasingly important, the art departments of larger video game companies are typically overworked and must outsource simpler or less critical artwork. Just as on the static covers of fantasy novels you can expect to see fantasy art involving unrealistically gorgeous and buxom women, and ruggedly handsome men with flat abs. In a computer game there will need to be more variety to populate the game world with more than just heroic-looking protagonists, however, and in fact, in some games (such as Spellforce), players can choose an “atypical” look for the character they will control. In Spellforce, the game developers were careful to add a mix so that your hero can be old, scarred, and even balding – not necessarily the most traditional look in a starring role – adding to the sense of control, involvement, and “ownership” of the game experience.

Even if you do not play computer games, you can still at least experience and enjoy the beautiful artwork through screenshots and fantasy art wallpapers. Women fantasy art predominate, of course, but also popular are “cool” looking characters of all sorts — typically characters decked out in a stylish combination of fantasy weapons and armor. And as with contemporary fantasy artwork that finds its way onto the covers of novels, there’s a gratuitous amount of bare skin, enough to be sexually evocative, and sometimes just a skimpy piece of clothing away from soft pornography.

A fantasy art gallery of screenshots, concept art, and other promotional artwork from pc games, video games, mmorpg games, or online games. Because art lovers shouldn’t have to play games to enjoy great digital art!

Article from

Science Fiction Fantasy Short Film Festival

Science Fiction Fantasy Short Film Festival

The Science Fiction Fantasy Short Film Festival (SFFSFF), is an international genre film festival devoted to fantasy and science fiction cinema from across the globe. The SFFSFF takes place annually every winter in Seattle, Washington at the world renowned Seattle_Cinerama Theater. The festival brings together industry professionals in filmmaking and the genres of science fiction and fantasy to encourage and support new, creative additions to science fiction and fantasy cinema arts. The (SFFSFF) is a co-production of the EMP_SFM & SIFF.


1 Overview

2 Past Festivals

2.1 2006

2.2 2007

2.3 2008

2.4 2009

2.5 2010

3 References

4 External links



Official program guide for the 5th Annual Science Fiction + Fantasy Short Film Festival.

Originally, the festival when it was announced in 2005 was named the Science Fiction Short Film Festival. The word and subject field of Fantasy was added later for the 2009 edition. SFFSFF’s mission is to promote and encourage awareness, appreciation and understanding of the art of science fiction & fantasy cinema. eattle robust art scene and strong film culture offers opportunities for creative filmmakers to tell stories within the framework of science fiction, and fosters a connection between filmmakers, directors, producers, writers and audiences, said Therese Littleton, EMP/SFM spokesperson. his is a great event to recognize achievement and innovation in science fiction filmmaking and storytelling disciplines and EMP/SFM is very proud to be a part of it. Submissions will be judged based on originality, quality, artistic merit, innovation, voice, style and narrative. A nationally recognized panel of distinguished film, television, literature, and science fiction industry professionals, peers and film critics has reviewed qualifying submissions each year of the festival to select the winners.

Past Festivals


The first Science Fiction Short Film Festival was held February 4th, 2006 at the Seattle_Cinerama Theater in Seattle, Washington. Twenty original short films were showcased in competition to win a development pitch with the SCI_FI Channel. Thirteen of the twenty directors were able to attend the festival; two traveling to Seattle from as far away as Israel and Ireland.

Short films presented

They’re Made Out of Meat

Red Planet Blues


Cost of Living

Circus of Infinity


Cost of Living



The Grandfather Paradox

La Vie d’un Chien (The Life of a Dog)

A Piece of Wood

Perfect Heat




Into the Maelstrom


Welcome to Eden

The Hard Ages-Trial Run



Grand Prize: They’re Made Out of Meat (Ireland), Director: Stephen O’Regan

Second Place: Red Planet Blues (USA), Director: David H. Brooks

Third Place: Microgravity (USA), Director: David Sanders

Honorable Mention: Cost of Living (Canada), Director: Jonathan Joffe

Honorable Mention: Circus of Infinity (USA), Director: Sue Corcoran

Honorable Mention: Heartbeat(Israel), Director: Omri Bar-Levy

Audience Favorite: Cost of Living (Canada), Director: Jonathan Joffe

Douglas Trumbull Award for Best Special Effects: Microgravity (USA), Director: by David Sanders

Festival Jury

Richard Hutton

Douglas Trumbull

Thomas Vitale

Craig Engler

Kathleen Murphy

Vonda McIntyre

Lawrence Krauss

Jacob McMurray

Beth Barrett


On February 3, 2007, the second annual Science Fiction Short Film Festival was held at the Seattle_Cinerama Theater in Seattle, Washington. The sci fi festival played to a sold-out crowd for the second year in a row. Out of a field of dozens of entries, the best short science fiction films were selected from around the United States and from as far away as England, Australia, and Taiwan. A jury of media professionals selected the best films of the 20 screened. At the festival, filmmakers answered audience questions while the crowd voted on their favorite film.

Short films presented


The Un-Gone

13 Ways to Die at Home

Maklar, Anyone?

Atomic Banana


The Inedible Bulk


Fantastic Fortune

F*ck You, Pay Me

The Realm


Haunted Planet

Life Signs

Project K.A.T.

TV Man



The Tragical Historie of Guidolon the Giant Space Chicken

Face Machine


Grand Prize: Transgressions (USA), Director: Valerie Weiss

Second Place: The Un-Gone (UK), Director: Simon Bovey

Third Place: 13 Ways to Die at Home (USA), Director: Lee Lanier

Audience Favorite: Maklar, Anyone? (USA), Director: Phil Guzzo

Douglas Trumbull Award for Best Special Effects: 13 Ways to Die at Home (USA), Director: Lee Lanier


On February 2, 2008 , the annual Science Fiction Short Film Festival was held at the Seattle_Cinerama Theater in Seattle, Washington. The Science Fiction Short Film Festival promotes and encourages an awareness, appreciation and understanding of the art of science fiction cinema. Its mandate is to create a forum for creative artistry in science fiction film and recognize the most outstanding short films produced. A pitch meeting with SCI FI Channel executives for a chance to potentially write or direct a two-hour film for the network was the grand prize.

Short films presented

Adam, Vampire

Alpha Worm

The Apparatus




Monster Job Hunter

Not 2b Toyed With

The Recordist

The Nothing Pill

Avant Petalos Grillados


Escape! From Robot Island


Four Corners


I Was a Creature From Outer Space!

The Mourner

Operation: Fish

What Love Remains


Grand Prize: Forecast (USA), Director: Erik Courtney

Second Place: Four Corners (USA), Director: Douglas Mueller

Third Place: Escape! From Robot Island (USA), Director: Tim Thompson

Audience Favorite: E:D:E:N (Italy), Director: Fabio Guaglione

Douglas Trumbull Award for Best Special Effects: Operation: Fish (USA), Director: Jeff Riley


On February 7, 2009 , the annual Science Fiction + Fantasy Short Film Festival was held at the Seattle_Cinerama Theater in Seattle, Washington. The festival brings together industry professionals in filmmaking and the genres of science fiction and fantasy to encourage and support new, creative additions to science fiction and fantasy cinema arts.

Short films presented



The Communicators


Notes from the Acrid Plain with Burton Hoary, Vol. 7



The Whistler

Wishing Well

Wormhole Chasers


Beatgirl A Piece of Action!


Eel Girl


The Heist


Six Impossible Things

Things Last

The Tiny Spaceship


Grand Prize: F A D E (Australia), Director: Vincent Taylor

Second Place: Outsource (USA), Director: Daniel Trezise

Third Place: Notes from the Acrid Plain with Burton Hoary, Vol. 7(USA), Director: Jonathan Ashley

Audience Favorite: Hirsute (Canada), Director: A.J. Bond

Douglas Trumbull Award for Best Special Effects: Outsource (USA), Director: Daniel Trezise

Festival Jury

Erik Courtney

Jesse Harris

Daniel Myrick

Marc Scott Zicree

Daniel Thornton

Aristomenis Tsirbas

Chris Weitz


The Science Fiction + Fantasy Short Film Festival promotes and encourages an awareness, appreciation and understanding of the art of science fiction and fantasy cinema. Its mandate is to create a forum for creative artistry in science fiction and fantasy film and recognize the most outstanding short films produced. On January 30, 2010 , the annual Science Fiction Short Film Festival will be held at the Seattle_Cinerama Theater in Seattle, Washington. 10 short films will screen in the first session 4:00pm 6:00pm; 10 short films will screen in the second session 7:00pm 9:00pm. An awards ceremony follows the second session.

Short films presented














CC 2010









Second Place: ALMA


Audience Favorite: CHARLIE THISTLE

Douglas Trumbull Award for Best Special Effects: HANGAR NO. 5

Festival Jury

A.J. Bond

Jesse Harris

Susan LaSalle

Howard McCain

Daniel Myrick

Vincent Taylor

Marc Scott Zicree


Official Sites


















“A Walk Through SFFSFF (2010)” (A Random Walk Through Film)

“Norwescon Photos of SFFSFF(2010)” (Flickr)

“Official Photos of SFFSFF(2010)” (EMPSFM)

“BURDEN Fan Feedback at SFFSFF (2010)” (Twitvid)

“Recap of SFFSFF (2010)” (NWSFS)

“Seattle’s SFFSFF (2010)” (Seattle PI People’s Critic)

“SFFSFF Recap (2010)” (Tangerine Penguin)

“Science Fiction, Double Feature(2010)” (City Noises)

“Let’s All Go To The Movies(2010)” (Seattlest)

“SIFF & EMPSFM Present SFFSFF(2010)” (Queen Anne View)

“Movies This Weekend(2010)” (Seattle Times)

“Treasure seekers find more than expected in HANGER NO. 5(2010)” (Quiet Earth)

“Humanity high-tails it to space in scifi short S.S. HUMANITY (2010)” (Quiet Earth)

“5th Annual SFFSFF (2010)” (Seattle Film-Music Newsletter)

“Sci Fi & Fantasy Film Fest(2010)” (MetroBlogging)

“Science Fiction and Fantasy Short Film Festival invades Seattle this Saturday(2010)” (Culture Mob)

“Interview of Brooks Peck on SFFSFF(2010)” (Seattle Geekly)

“Save The Date: SFFSFF(2010)” (NW Production Blog)

“Hey Seattle! Fifth Annual Science Fiction + Fantasy Short Film Festival!(2010)” (Twitch Films)

“Astounding Tales of Science Fiction(2009)” (Daily UW)

“Official Photos of SFFSFF(2009)” (EMPSFM)

“The Tiny Spaceship Lands in Seattle Saturday(2009)” (Seattlest)

“Seattle Sci-Fi Fans Get Their Fix(2009)” (On Screen Mag)

“Please Turn Off Your Vibrators & Pacemakers(2008)” (Fuzzy World)

“2nd Annual Seattle SFSFF(2007)” (Mark Atwood)

“Science Fiction Short Film Festival(2007)” (Wild Realm Reviews)

“1st Annual Science Fiction Short Festival Launched(2006)” (Solar Flare)

“Sci-fi in Seattle(2006)” (Greencine)

“SF Short Film Festival(2006)” (Mad Times)

External links

Science Fiction + Fantasy Short Film Festival(SFFSFF)

EMP|SFM official website

Official EMP/SFM Twitter Feed

SIFF home page

SIFF Twitter Feed

Seattle Cinerama

Seattle Cinerama Twitter Feed

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19th World Science Fiction Convention – Seattle

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Fantasy portrait speedpaint

This is a speedpaint workshop I did for issue 22 of ImagineFX magazine. The CD with the magazine features a 24 minute version of this process. See the full image at my DA page

How do you work Kevin Crossley’s Fantasy Clip Art through Adobe photoshop?

Line Rider 2 Unbound: Fantasy World

Not that complex. I’m just screwing around. I don’t use the Clip art, It sucks. Credit is in the credits (In case your stupid)