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Editing Your Go Pro Pictures and Videos

Doing extreme sports is an incredible rush – you feel yourself hurtling down mountains and across water, you hang from huge cliff tops and you generally defy gravity and speed limits. Impossible is nothing if you do extreme sports, and this results in some of the most action packed and at the same time picturesque moments you could capture on film.

 Despite all this though, the problem is actually capturing it on film. This is very hard when you are busy concentrating on braking at the right time or controlling the movement of your body as you twirl through the air. At the same time the sudden impacts and high speeds aren’t highly conducive to the health of a video camera which is why it’s so important to make sure that you don’t drop it or scrape it.

 These problems are but memories though with a GoPro HD camera such as the GoPro HD Surf Hero. These allow you to attach your cameras to your helmet, board or vehicle and to that way record the action without having to hold the camera. The cameras are light and durable and you don’t need to worry about braking a GoPro HD LCD.

 But you can get more out of them still if you know how to apply a little editing. Here are some tips.


 Editing GoPro HD LCD video means making a montage of your action packed moments and putting them to music. This can be achieved in Windows Movie Maker or better video editing software. The secret to successful action editing is to keep your clips short and not to let them linger too much. The temptation is to show the whole of each clip, whereas having shorter sharper moments will be more effective. The music meanwhile should be selected to match the tempo of the action – if it’s too fast then the action will look slow in comparison, but if it’s too slow then it will seemingly drag the footage down with it.

 You can also apply other effects should you so wish such as fish-eye-lens or sepia tones for a variety of different moods.


 Editing images is something you can have even more fun with and that will allow you to create awesome action shots from your GoPro HD Surf Hero or other GoPro HD LCD. This way for instance you can add a lens flare to something and change the focus of the image to give it that magazine-quality look. Meanwhile a very subtle filter such as a motion blur can help to make the action look faster and more dramatic. Of course airbrushing your own features if you’re in the shot is also a good way to add to the action, while bringing out the color more can also make it more picturesque. For a very professional feel try increasing the contrast on the image which they often do again in magazines. Again you can also use ‘fun’ effects if you so wish to change the picture altogether.

For more on how to use your GoPro HD LCD, or to buy your own GoPro HD Surf Hero, visit the links.

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