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How to Make a Portfolio Book

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How to Make a Book With Steidl Short FIlm Clip

In How To Make A Book With Steidl, filmmakers Gereon Wetzel and Joerg Adolph observe the work of internationally acclaimed German publisher Gerhard Steidl.

John Lennon book art, poems going to auction [video]

John Lennon book art, poems going to auction [video]
Before becoming famous as a musician, Lennon had trained as an artist at the Liverpool School of Art. Maschler, who worked with Lennon on the two books while literary director at Jonathan Cape publishers, called the late singer a man of "extraordinary …

Artist Svetlana Petrova Explains The Inspiration Behind Her Fat Cat Art (VIDEO)
Many cat owners are obsessive about their feline friends, but few have immortalized their pets quite like artist Svetlana Petrova. The Russian painter has become an Internet sensation after she placed her cat, Zarathustra, in popular classic paintings …
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Local Comic Book Stores: Amy Dallen Talkin’ Comics Thanksgiving Edition!

In this episode of Amy Dallen’s comic book vlog, she travels to her workplace and home-away-from-home House of Secrets in Burbank, CA, for a Thanksgiving sal…
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A photo editing book or guide?

Question by BRiTTANY*: A photo editing book or guide?
Can anyone suggest a good editing book or guide for photoshop?

Best answer:

Answer by Matt M
Photoshop for Dummies.

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Writing a self help book?

Question by christigmc: Writing a self help book?
My brother and I plan on writing a self help book. It’s a book about saving money during pricey events. How do we get it published when we’re done writing it? I also heard about self publishing, how do you do that?
It’s a self help book on saving money. We’ve done all the things and they worked and we taught all our friends to do it too and they saved a lot of money.

Best answer:

Answer by yahoohoo
Sounds like you need a self-help book on self-help books. Why not search for what you need, on the internet? For example, why not try entering “self-publishing” as a search term, or “how to publish my self-help book”? The links below will help get you started.

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I get a free picture book, what should I put in it?

Question by Delta: I get a free picture book, what should I put in it?
I get to have 10 to 100 pictures in a book that I upload online as a promotion. It’s completely free for me, even shipping. I don’t have any real pics I want to put in it, so I was thinking something funny like porn or screen shots of Halo as a joke (funny because I’m NOT nerdy enough to seriously do that) or something ridiculous that my friends would get a kick out of. Any other ideas?

Best answer:

Answer by casperskitty
If it isn’t something you care enough about to be more serious (not that that is important-never take things too seriously) you could make a photo book as a gift. Find pictures that mean something to someone close to you and make a photo book for them. It isn’t about how much you spend on a gift but how much the recipient appreciates it.

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Smart Designer Pro: Clipart Book Maker

Overview of the Clipart Book Maker feature.
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Continuation of Vectorizing Blk & Wht Clipart from the Internet, this time using the papers feature that is included in the Inspiration Studio Pro software.
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What is a good book for learning Flash CS5?

Question by John B: What is a good book for learning Flash CS5?
I need suggestions for teaching myself Flash CS5. What books are recommended that are not too technical for we dummies? Bible? Missing Manual? Are there any that have projects included?

Best answer:

Answer by jwong71091
You can go to your local library or store or go to an online store like to find many good books, DVDs, and etc. for learning many things

The book publisher Visual has many good books for learning computer skills

Visual books for learning Flash

Various books for learning CS5 Flash

You can also use a search engine like Google to find many free tutorials, forums and other information

For example if you use and you type in “Actionscript tutorial” or “Actionscript forum” then you will find many tutorials and forums for learning about Actionscript

Here are some other tutorials for learning Flash and Actionscript

Actionscript is a programming language used to create Flash games and animation…here are some good tutorials for learning Actionscript: has many video tutorials for learning Actionscript

This tutorial teaches Actionscript by showing you how to create a Flash game

The Baycongroup website shows you how to download the Trial version of Flash to create 2D animations…and it also shows how to use some simple Actionscript commands:

Teach ICT has video tutorials for learning Flash, Photoshop, Dreamweaver and etc.:

There are also free programs like LiveSwif which is a freeware animation program for creating Flash animation:

The free FlashDevelop can be used to edit and compile Actionscript 2 and 3 code

You can also go to the website to find many tutorials, videos, forums and other information for learning Flash, Actionscript, and etc…you can call them or send them an email to get more information

Good luck and I hope this will help!

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Derry illustrator among shortlist for Irish Language Book of the Year

Derry illustrator among shortlist for Irish Language Book of the Year
A Creggan-born illustrator has made the shortlist for the Irish language 'Book of the Year' for the illustrations in his first graphic novel, 'An Béal Bocht'. John McCloskey, originally from Circular Road in Creggan and now living in Derry's Glen area …
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Fashion Illustrator Barbara Tyler Ahlfield Adds Fashionable Pet Portraits to
Barbara Tyler Ahlfield, an exhibitor at the Artexpo/SOLO New York 2014, brings a stylish approach to traditional pet portraiture. Ahlfield states her inspiration for the new addition to her portfolio comes from her love of animals and current …
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