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How to Beat Social Anxiety Disorder

Social Anxiety Disorder is perhaps the most common psychological disorder in the United States today. For sufferers of this disorder, every social interaction seems trying – they feel self-conscious, almost loathing, and extreme fear. Anxiety is almost an understatement. It is more of a phobia. Parties are out of the question for many, family dinners can be difficult, school and work impossible, and even simple things like going to a restaurant are really tough.  

How to Diagnose  

The emotional symptoms are the most obvious, but when these start to influence your behavior and even express themselves physically, it is time to confront the problem.  
First, look for:
Anxiety when others look at you
Fear of being around strangers
Overly self-conscious thoughts and fears
Worrying about being judged by complete strangers

If these thoughts and feelings become so bad that any of the following happens, talk to a doctor:
Quavering voice
An inability to make eye contact

Social Anxiety Disorder can easily impact work and school for the worse. It’s important to start treating for it in order to retain your life.  

Remember, avoiding social situations is not a solution. It can reinforce the problem, ultimately making it worse.    

Eventually, you may not be able to do even the most ordinary things:

Making small talk
Going out to eat
Meeting new people
Talking to clients
Talking on the phone
Using a public restroom

Scientists aren’t sure what the causes are, but…  

They may have something to do with a combination of three factors.

No gene has been isolated that influences this, but given that the disorder seems to run in families, this could well be an important factor. While some scientists suggest that this tendency was actually a result of learned behavior, new evidence suggests that there indeed may be a genetic component.  

Brain chemistry
Imbalances in neurotransmitters like serotonin might make people have a hard time regulating mood and emotions.  

The Amygdala
This is the oldest part of the brain, evolutionarily speaking. It regulates fear. If we have an elevated “fear-response” to certain stimuli, the amygdala is usually involved.  

How to Treat It  

The most effective way to really help long-term is to undergo Cognitive Behavior Therapy. This helps over 3/4 of patients. The essence of the therapy is to control the types of thoughts and processes your mind undergoes to give you back control. Often this includes exposing you to social situations and teaching you stress techniques.  

Medication(s) are used to help treat the symptoms and allow you to regain your functionality in your personal and professional life. Often, these are selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs). Other antidepressants and beta-blockers are also very common.  

Many find that the best way to control the symptoms is to use benzodiazepine drugs like Xanax.  These are medications that control anxiety, giving you both instant and prolonged relief from symptoms. Xanax is a sort of specialist drug here, so ask your doctor to look into using Xanax as part of your treatment.

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Art Beat: Works by 20 women artists presented at The Gallery at The Tech Garden

video art
Image by weexinsitu || Stefanie Doll
Closing Party – VIDEOKILLS – International Video Arts Festival 2009 @Stadtbad Wedding, Berlin

Art Beat: Works by 20 women artists presented at The Gallery at The Tech Garden
"Video Vault: The 70s Revisited" features works by Paul Kos, Bill Viola, Hermine Freed, Ruth Vollmer, Rita Myers, Richard Serra and Keith Sonnier. The installation showcases the video art pioneers. The installation is from the museum's permanent …
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Street artist installs piece atop Queensboro Bridge
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P6 BEAT / Dansk Kulturarv at Roskilde Festival

Check out these Music Radio images:

P6 BEAT / Dansk Kulturarv at Roskilde Festival
Music Radio

Image by DRs Kulturarvsprojekt
Dansk Kulturarv at Roskilde Festival with P6 BEAT. Photos are to use for non-commercial purposes, but must be credited "DRs Kulturarvsprojekt"

P6 BEAT / Dansk Kulturarv at Roskilde Festival
Music Radio

Image by DRs Kulturarvsprojekt
Dansk Kulturarv at Roskilde Festival with P6 BEAT. Photos are to use for non-commercial purposes, but must be credited "DRs Kulturarvsprojekt"

P6 BEAT / Dansk Kulturarv at Roskilde Festival
Music Radio

Image by DRs Kulturarvsprojekt
Dansk Kulturarv at Roskilde Festival with P6 BEAT. Photos are to use for non-commercial purposes, but must be credited "DRs Kulturarvsprojekt"

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Lilou Vs. Blondy | Semi Finals Red Bull Beat

Lilou Vencedor ! Lilou vs Blondy © JUNIORPORTUGAL PRODUÇÕES 2012-2013 ©
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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How to beat a traffic ticket in Texas?

Question by Samantha: How to beat a traffic ticket in Texas?
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? Entertainment – Movie Beat Chats with Screenwriter Jack Marchetti

Would you like to host your own radio show? Visit: =-=-=-==-=-=-==-=-=-= ? No technical expertise needed ? Go Live on the air in minutes ? Share your messages everywhere ? Connect with friends in real-time =-=-=-==-=-=-==-=-=-= by rex sikes Film Tue, August 7, 2012 Jack Marchetti, director, is losing his vision and has a dream to direct his feature before this happens. Jack is crowdfunding to make his dream come true. 4 of a Kind is a gritty crime drama that takes place in Chicago. Growing up in Chicago in a rough neighborhood gave Screenwriter Director Marchetti some strong insight in how to best portray and reveal his characters. Now weeks into his Kickstarter campaign, Jack has received some nice shout-outs from Actors Matthew Lillard and Holt Boggs, and Writer Neil Gaiman. The filmmaking community has rallied behind this particular campaign because it is a solid script and has an inspiring backstory. Actress/Producer Liz Friedman (‘LA Ink’), introduced him to Dan Distefano who will help produce4 of a Kind when the Kickstarter campaign is successful. Distefano worked at Paramount as Assistant to the VP of Production and also with Weinstein Co. Jack and Liz Friedman worked together on the screenplay All I Want for Christmas optioned by Light House Pictures in 2011. 4 of a Kind was a Top 100 finalist in Project Greenlight season three, beating out over 4000 other screenplays. The screenplay failed to advance further, but the issue of loosing his eyesight

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Heat Beat Celtics Game 7, OKC NBA Finals

Heat Beat Celtics Game 7, OKC NBA Finals

The Miami Heat eliminated the Boston Celtics Saturday night in the Eastern Conference Finals, 101-88. Lebron James had a terrific game with 31 points and 12 rebounds. Chris Bosh contributed with 19 points off the bench and Dwyane Wade had 23. The end of an era for Boston might be over if Kevin Garnett retires and Ray Allen leaves via free agency. Watch more Basketball stories at: Follow Rick on Twitter – TYT Sports on Facebook –

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Beat The Devil (BMW Short Film)

Briliant short movie staring Clive Owen, James Brown, Gary Oldman and a BMW Z4 for a drag race on the Las Vegas strip! And don’t forget the “It’s Marilyn, the creep from down the hall!” bit at the end! Directed by: Tony Scott