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YouTube For Artists – Making Friends, Building Subscribers

YouTube is great for spreading the news about your products and services. You can represent your artwork nicely and even create training videos for people to watch. Nothing gets your name up on the search engines faster than putting up YouTube videos. But there are things you can do to increase your visibility and get more views of your videos.

Just like with Facebook and other social networks, YouTube gives you the chance to make friends and build subscribers. After you build quite a few of both of these, anytime you release a new video all of your friends will be notified on their home pages right as soon as they log in. This gives you a quick blast of views from all of your friends. That can help increase your search position on YouTube and Google at the same time.

Subscribers are the key to large amounts of views. Every big name YouTuber has thousands of subscribers that keep them at the top. Big views can equal big money if you do it right. It’s cute to see baby turtles, laughing babies and weird dance moves get millions of views, but if you are selling something or teaching people how to do a new skill, it can be very lucrative.

Search for friends based on topics. If you want other artist friends, search the YouTube search engine for “watercolors,” “Drawings” or “Oils” to find the appropriate channels, and befriend those channel owners. As people see their channels, they will see you too. You may just be someone they want to know better and watch all of your videos over and over again!

How can you sell more of your artwork online and make bigger sales?

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Alka Dalal is an experienced internet marketer and fine artist that has been speaking to audiences for over 25 years about ways to increase their businesses.

Music video by Don Omar performing Danza Kuduro. (C) 2010 Machete Music.
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Blender for Motion Graphic Artists 1

Learn the basics of the Blender Interface in this first installment of the “Blender for Motion Graphic Arists” webseries, produced by Pittsburgh Filmmakers. …

Your Awesome Review Guide To New Products Hitting the Web
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Adobe Illustrator for Motion Graphics Artists: An Introduction

DOWNLOAD FREE HUD VECTORS HERE: In this Mograph Candy tutorial, I breakdown the ba…
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Art Beat: Works by 20 women artists presented at The Gallery at The Tech Garden

video art
Image by weexinsitu || Stefanie Doll
Closing Party – VIDEOKILLS – International Video Arts Festival 2009 @Stadtbad Wedding, Berlin

Art Beat: Works by 20 women artists presented at The Gallery at The Tech Garden
"Video Vault: The 70s Revisited" features works by Paul Kos, Bill Viola, Hermine Freed, Ruth Vollmer, Rita Myers, Richard Serra and Keith Sonnier. The installation showcases the video art pioneers. The installation is from the museum's permanent …
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The artist, the sex stunt and a load of bananas
… is bananas b-a-n-a-n-a-s,” “porn porn porn porn porn,” “performance art is s***, get a grip and pick up a f****** paintbrush” – while the others were left upstairs watching a video of the Central St Martins student eating a pile of bananas (bananas …

Street artist installs piece atop Queensboro Bridge
A street artist posted an online video online showing him illegally scaling the Koch-Queensboro Bridge to install a piece from his new “Golden Child” exhibition. The video shows Judith Supine on the bridge's pedestrian walkway, artwork under his arm …
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How To Sing Like Your Favorite Artists

Whether you think you can’t sing, or if you know you can… you cant. YET! Check out my 2nd Channel for more vlogs: Follow me o…

What do manga artists use to color their art?

Question by wkdawsme24: What do manga artists use to color their art?
it looks like they use a light dose of watercolor paints, but im not sure…i want to get it right!
i draw very well, and i hate coloring with colereed pencil and i find them primitive in the ways of coloring art of my standard….i draw and love manga!

Best answer:

Answer by Mara
There’s something called “toner” that we scrape onto the paper with like a tongue depressor that colors it evenly. It rocks, and it’s fairly cheap if you know what you’re looking for.

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Christian Gospel Music Artists – Albertina Walker Career History

Born in 1929 in Chicago Illinois, Albertina was one of nine children raised within a deeply religious Christian Baptist family. Her singing career started at the age of 10 when she and her sister joined the choir at their local church, the West Point Baptist Church, from which a children’s group evolved to be known as the Williams Singers. This group became well known throughout Illinois and surrounding Mid Western states.

During her formative teenage years at the West Point Baptist Church, Walker was deeply influenced by Mahalia Jackson and other notable gospel singers who appeared in concerts held at the church. It was during this time that she began to sing with established musicians Robert Anderson and Willie Webb, gaining increasing exposure on radio through church performances with Anderson’s group.

As her public exposure began to rise, Walker soon made her first recording with Robert Anderson’s band and on Anderson’s retirement, formed the Caravans in 1952 with some of the members of Anderson’s former ensemble. James Cleveland, then a young keyboard player soon joined the Caravans, the first of a long line of illustrious gospel musicians that was to include Dorothy Norwood, Bessie Griffin, Inez Andrews, Imogene Greene and others.

For the rest of the fifties the Caravans dominated the gospel musical arena, appearing all over the world.

The group was uniquely characterised and blessed in that every member was endowed with strong and rich vocals; and Walker, astute as ever, allowed rotation of the lead vocalist among her talented female ensemble. In 1958 a young Shirley Caesar joined the band and soon became their lead vocalist.

The Caravans remained a leading force in gospel music well into the sixties. But with such depth of rich vocal talent in abundance within the group, individual members gradually began to pursue solo careers and in 1967, the group was disbanded by Walker. The group’s original founder, Walker also found herself pursuing a solo career.

Walker’s solo career developed throughout the seventies. She made her first solo record deal with Savoy Records and later signed with other big name record companies, working on gospel projects with numerous choirs including her home church choir, The West Point Choir. Her first solo work, Put A Little Love In Your Heart, was recorded in 1975 and she went on to conduct several gospel projects with Reverend James Cleveland and others. Over a long illustrious career, Walker has churned out over sixty albums, many of them golden hits.

Walker’s contribution to gospel music is widely acknowledged and she is often referred as the “Queen of Gospel”. Over the years, she has often worked on projects with other artists, producing popular Gold record albums and Grammy nominations. In 1993 she was nominated for a Grammy for Albertina Walker Live.

In 2006 Walker recorded a reunion album with The Caravans which featured in the Billboard top 40 album charts for 16 weeks. The album, titled Paved The Way, was distributed by Malaco Records and featured Caravan star names: Inez Andrews, Delores Washington, Dorothy Norwood and Walker.

Today, she still pursues an active Christian life and busy recording career. Often working on collaborative projects with other gospel artists, Walker was instrumental in organizing the Operation PUSH People’s Choir. She also founded the Albertina Walker Scholarship Foundation of which she is a significant contributor. Still based in Chicago, Albertina Walker has become a living gospel legend, always seeking to improve the lives of others through the word of God. This “Queen of Gospel” testifies to having led a deeply rewarding life and puts it all down to her early exposure to the church, saying: “I would like to encourage young people to stay with the Almighty God, because if they do, he will surely be with them.” Walker has spent most of life trying to encourage people to stay with the Lord.

You can view gospel lyrics of leading gospel music artists including Albertina Walker at the Gospel Song Lyrics website.

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FM Washington

Treasury of Flower Designs for Artists, Embroiderers and Craftsmen (Dover Pictorial Archive)

Treasury of Flower Designs for Artists, Embroiderers and Craftsmen (Dover Pictorial Archive)

A hundred garden favorites rendered in black-and-white line illustrations will suggest numerous design and artistic uses to artists, designers, craftsmen, needleworkers. Amaryllis, anemone, begonia, cinquefoil, peony, snapdragon flow and weave, many forming borders and frames. All drawings royalty-free.

List Price: $ 7.95

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Calligraphic Ornaments CD-ROM and Book (Dover Electronic Clip Art)

  • DOVCD-99939
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  • Dover

Add a note of elegance to countless graphic arts and crafts projects with 166 black-and-white designs depicting lovely swirls and curlicues reminiscent of 18th-century pen flourishes. Designed by Kiyoshi Takahashi, these royalty-free motifs will add a delicate touch to ads, newsletters, posters, scrolls, certificates, and more.

List Price: $ 16.95

Price: $ 7.39

100,000+ EPS Company Logos Collection Vinyl Cutter Plotter Clip-Art Sign Designs

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Online Directory of Artists and book Illustrators

Online Directory of Artists and book Illustrators

Explore works of various artists and illustrators at Find rich collection of paintings and graphic arts from selling artists and freelance designers whose works have been sold to different companies.  See works of book illustrators that have been published by reputable publishing companies. To authors and designing companies who are looking for illustrators or designers, you can check their works and portfolios through this online directory- Sample works are shown, the site showcases graphic or digital illustrations, t-shirt designs, paintings and a lot more.

The website directory is intended to advance young artists, freelance book illustrators and graphic designers into the world of internet industry. To promote a dynamic participation to a profitable market by expanding it’s competence globally that provides competitive skills.

Many companies nowadays are looking for talented artists using the internet. It is obviously one major factor that makes the business around the globe growing and seems to increase by a considerable number of expanding companies the past few decades. has no company affiliation and business function. Though it serves as an awareness medium for future potential partnership between prospected clients and the artists.

Few names that are included on the directory list are,

Kenneth Garcia,

Ronyel Compra,

Russel Wayne,

Ruther Villalba,

Lon Cats,

Christopher Java,

Wyndelle Remonde

and many more..

We would like to invite you to visit the site and appreciate the works that might get huge contribution to the art and entertainment industry in the future. Hopefully. 🙂

For inquiries, you can send an email to



Lon Cats is a freelance illustrator and an online marketing analyst.





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Art Easels and Art Tables for youngster artists

Art Easels and Art Tables for youngster artists

Kids love expressing their creative talents that can be messy for others especially parents and grandparents. They always want something to play with. They want to be in action at all times. Parents are the most important teacher and should provide fun, educational as well as informative activities for their children.

Since kids are fond of doing something using their hand like scribbling, that might not register to us as an art but is important to a child because it is his fist form of expression that will eventually develop into painting, drawing, and writing.

Children’s art easels and toddler art tables are a very useful tool in teaching young children the very basic. There are various types of art easels and art tables for children and toddlers. Easels and art tables designed for kids are usually made from wood and plastic made easels and tables are being manufactured too. They come into different sizes, colors and designs. Various types of children’s art easels that are available in the market are Multi-purpose easels, Tabletop easels, and standing easels. Flip and Doodle Easel Desk, sand and water table, and the traditional art and craft table and stools are examples of toddler art tables.

For the children’s art easels, the Multi-purpose easel is the great way to let your child’s imagination run wild. It has a magnetic board for letters, number games, and shapes. It is also a dry erase marker board for young authors that they will also love wiping them off and starting again. It can also be use as a book stand and display board for finished artwork. Either side of the easel can be modified to be ready for painting, simply fasten paper to the top with clips or bulldog style clips. For older children an easel which has a movable hands and the letters of the alphabet will help them learn while they play. It can be use also as message board for parents or presentation easel for staff meetings. The weight of the easel and height should be considered when choosing a multi-purpose easel. It is easy to assemble, and chalkboards and white board are easy to wipe.

Tabletop easels are the choice if there is no available space for floor easels. It is the practical alternative for children as they can be used on any table top surface. Its lightweight and strong feature makes it more adorable for kids. They can be great for sitting and standing and fold away for easy transportation and storage. On the other hand, standing or floor children’s art easels have no difference compare to multi-purpose and table easels. It just allows children to experience painting like a real painter. Just like other children’s art easels, standing easels has an easy paper roll holder and an extra large tray for holding erasers, clips and chalks.

Toddler art tables come in different style, designs, colors, and add on features. There are wooden and plastic made art tables or the combination of two available in the market. Flip and Doodle easel desk can functions as a desk with plenty of storage, then flips up to serve as easel with supply shelf and art clip. It is easy to assemble. Other art tables have lots of storage space, built in light and paper rolls. Add on features like innovative drying rack, paper towel holders, stools for two or three encourage young artist to create. Sand and water tables are created for kids that can be played indoor or outdoor. It comes with shovel, rake, sifters and boats and a lot more. Squirting, sailing, straining and scooping are some of the activities that can be done in this activity table that also allow children to play and the same time learn.

Wooden Toddler Toys has the finest childrens art easels and toddler art tables. Check out also for toddler nap mats ,preschool nap mats,kids wooden rocking horses and other wooden toys. For detailed information, visit or call 888-988-6978.


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