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An editor moves from FCP (Final Cut Pro) to Adobe Premiere Pro and is very happy about it!

An editor moves from FCP (Final Cut Pro) to Adobe Premiere Pro and is very happy about it!

Final Cut Pro users around the world are extremely unhappy about what Apple has done to their professional editing programme. It has been dumbed down to appe…

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Visual Arts Series: “Can You Tell Me About It?” by Jessica Caldas

Visual Arts Series: “Can You Tell Me About It?” by Jessica Caldas
Event on 2015-02-22 10:00:00

Exhibition Dates: January 15 – February 28, 2015

First Thursday Downtown Art Walk:  February 5, 2015

“Can You Tell Me About It?” is new work, paintings and prints by Atlanta artist Jessica Caldas.  Caldas’ work centers around the sharing of people’s stories and connecting those narratives to larger social issues. Primarily a printmaker, she received her BFA in printmaking from the University of Georgia in 2012.  Caldas received the City of Atlanta Office of Cultural Affairs Emerging Artist Award in Visual Arts for 2014 and was a finalist for the Forward Arts Foundations 2014 Emerging Artist Award. Although currently unrepresented, she shows work nationally and regularly throughout the city of Atlanta at various galleries and through several public art projects.


About the Rialto Visual Arts Series

The Rialto’s Visual Arts Series are professionally curated, bi-monthly exhibitions, showcasing visual artists whose works transform our lobby space into a wonderful gallery that is free and open for the general public to enjoy. The Visual Arts Series exhibitions feature local emerging artists who present dynamic works in photography, painting, or mixed media. Featured artists have included Julio Mejia, Susan J. Ross, Eric Waters, Shannon McCollum, Lucinda Bunnen, Cullen Washington Jr., Charles Nelson, Alex Brewer aka (Hense) and Benjamin Jones.

The Rialto is among the participating galleries of the First Thursday Downtown Art Walk. The Rialto holds artist talks and receptions and during the Art Walk, offering opportunities for the public to meet our featured artists and learn more about the artists and their work.

at Rialto Center for the Arts
80 Forsyth Street
Atlanta, United States

FM Washington

Stefan Furnell talking about Boston at Blackfriars Theatre

Stefan Furnell talking about Boston at Blackfriars Theatre

ASOBI SEKSU perform Red Sea live @ The Royale Theatre 10/26/14.
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Loosing Aaliyah, short Film about Aaliyah

i do no own any of this video, for entertainment only, no profit just for the people of Aaliyah an fans, rip Aaliyah –?????? ???¢– ????¢??? ???????????????…
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We’ve all heard about Love at First Sight. Rahul & Nisha…Two strangers meet in the strangest way…Does Love at first sight turn out to be true in their case?
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Meghan Trainor – All About That Bass

Preorder “Title” at iTunes: Preorder “Title” at Amazon: Spotify: Google: http://s…

Requiem – A Short Film About Teen Suicide

Requiem follows the last moments of a suicidal teenager as he remembers all the pain and torment of his unfortunate life.…
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All about Acoustic Guitar Lesson

Acoustic guitar is one of the most popular instruments today.  This instrument is very flexible when it comes to music genres so you have many choices.  If you want to learn how to play an acoustic guitar, you should first prepare yourself and ensure that you really want to devote some time and effort to the instrument.  There are basically two ways of having an acoustic guitar lesson: on your own or with the help of an instructor.

Learning to play an acoustic guitar will open many opportunities for you in the field of guitar playing.  You can play blues, pop, ballad, rock, and other music genres.  The best thing about acoustic guitar is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money for the instrument.  Learning the basics is also very easy and you can actually do it on your own.  But if you prefer to have an instructor with you so that you will be monitored and your mistakes will be corrected, there are many professional guitar players that are willing to extend their hand to those who need their help.  Of course, this means that you will pay them for teaching you how to play the guitar.

Acoustic guitar lesson is different from an electric guitar lesson.  The basics are the same but there are certain tricks that you can do on an acoustic guitar and not on electric guitar and vice versa.  In learning to play an acoustic guitar, you need to know how to read and play the chords.  There are few major and minor chords but their variations are more than what you can expect.  So you need to have your own chord book to help you with the chords.  Tablatures will also be introduced to you so you can develop your skills in finger picking.  This means that you will play the strings individually unlike when you strum the strings.  Your left and right hands should also be coordinated for you to play the instrument correctly.  It is advised that you should know how to unconsciously move your hands so that you will play naturally.  So if you are ready to take the challenge, look for the best lesson that will teach you to play like a pro now.

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A short clip about the International Baccalaureate programme.mp4

A presentation I made at the STAR fair on 15/12/2012. While not explaining everything about the IB, it intends to provide insight into the problems of tradit…
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How To Put GIFs on Your About Me [Quotev] TipCam Recording.
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This is a concept that allows you to import GIFs, animations and videos into Minecraft. No mods, resource packs, or tools are needed to play the animation. W…

What About Yoga Clothing?

Yoga is gaining popularity as a means of physical fitness and stress relief; yoga clothing and the yoga equipment required to practice the routines of this discipline are simple in nature. The yoga outfit, while basic and comfortable for a workout, can certainly have a style that wears well outside the realm of exercise and meditation realm and yoga accessories assist those just beginning and the advanced student as well.

The clothing used during workouts should have certain qualities. Clothes need to be comfortable and a bit loose fitting although pants can be somewhat snug. The various poses assumed require and enhance body flexibility so the outer wear must not inhibit leg or arm movement, or irritate the skin. Natural fibers that are soft and have the capacity to wick away moisture are best. Cotton is a good choice and, surprisingly to many, so is bamboo. Bamboo leaves can be processed into a pulp that yields thread like fibers that can be woven into cloth; while it can be bleached to white, the natural color may actually be preferable.

As is the case with most cotton garments, yoga clothing is durable and will last a long time with proper care. However, some synthetic fabrics also work well. There are some blends that not only offer smoothness and flexibility but also do not absorb much moisture and dry quickly. At the outset, sweat pants and a Tee shirt will suffice but before long a true aficionado will gravitate to specific clothing; when that happens, function should trump style.

Launder yoga clothing according to manufacturer’s instructions, although adding lavender oil, tree tea oil or vinegar to the wash water helps eliminate odors. Clothing can be found that is specifically made for Bikram Yoga, which is particularly intense and generally causes a lot of perspiration; that line may well contain Supplex, a nylon with good breathability and wicking qualities. Rinsing clothing of this nature after a workout, then letting it drip dry, will inhibit odor formation.

Yoga accessories are simple in nature, if a little unusual for physical exercise. A bolster is a pillow like creation stuffed with cotton batting and covered with cotton cloth; it can be used to provide extra support at the small of the back for different poses. More familiar is the exercise, or balance, ball; its inclusion in this type of exercise seems very natural as it enhances the flexibility of the body in general and the spine in particular. For the more advanced students, there is an apparatus that allows body inversion; it would be a good idea to approach this device with a good understanding of both the benefits and perils of its use. A mat bag is nearly essential; a good one will have easy access, an adjustable strap and room for other items.

Yoga helps achieve a certain balance in life. Unlike other types of physical workouts, equipment cost is quite nominal. However, the choice of yoga clothing and accessories does require some discretion. After a few sessions of training efforts, it will become apparent just what qualities these various items should possess.

Nadine is the owner of a new website targeting yoga lovers. The author felt in love with yoga when she started practicing yoga about 2 years ago. She felt the tremendous health benefits she obtained with time. While going to classes she searched for some yoga accessories and comfortable clothing. She found on the web, wonderful merchants promoting yoga gear. She decided to create a website where she could offer to customers faster access to great merchants. Here it is, TheYogaOutlet was created.

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