Suma Kanakala Presents “Sammathame” Short Film | By Revanth Korukonda

Watch the beautiful Telugu short film Sammathame, starring Revanth Korukonda & Aakruthi Reddy. The film is presented by Suma Kanakala under her banner “K. Su…

18 Responses to “Suma Kanakala Presents “Sammathame” Short Film | By Revanth Korukonda”

  1. shweta sharma says:

    such a lovely n sweet movie…n every dilogue was true..very very very nice
    movie….i think understanding is sumthing which protects every relation
    from separation…?

  2. Madhu V says:

    Good film but how many men will keep to their words?
    This was an official marriage proposal but what happens when guys use these
    techniques on girls for dating and trapping them? Girls – Not all men mean
    what they say, hardly any do.

    However, the heros action was good and I hope he will find a good future in
    movies. These short films are a good way to show the talent being
    suppressed by big filmi hero families.?

  3. charanraj cherry says:

    its a good short film to watch good screening produced by rajiv &suma. its
    a awesome to watch& good?

  4. K Nagaraju says:

    Excellent performance by Revanth. He is handsome and the dialogue delivery
    gestures are awesome. Revanth, Kudos to you!?

  5. Ramya Patnaik says:

    Awesome…. Very interesting n feel good short film. Worth watching….?

  6. Raam krishna says:

    Really superb…..Direction …Actor n Actress
    performance….Dialogues….Screenplay….everything superb…GoodJoob

  7. Shashank Pentapati says:

    nice direction and screen play was perfect… :)?

  8. Prakash Muddana says:

    Good job … Actors and Technicians ! ?

  9. Mahipal Reddy says:

    what a pentastic mve. nicee direction was good….?

  10. Sudhakar Rao says:

    super concept…..lovely short movie…..thank to all?

  11. Prakash Munjuluri says:

    Very Nice Short Film.. Good Concept & Dialogues..?

  12. kalyanam anil says:

    good direction ,,,verry nice fim.?

  13. sandeep reddy says:

    really liked it genuine movie, happy that suma and rajeev kanakala garu are
    encouraging such talent
    loved this movie <3?

  14. Divine Grace says:

    When Heroine is so abrupt in saying she didnt like him by his gestures and
    one word answers, with out talking and knowing him- I prefer Hero rejects
    her in the end for her immaturity-Looks doesnt matter !!!!!!!!!!!!?

  15. Kranti Kumar says:

    some good dialogues……………….?

  16. thatipelli maheh says:

    wow nice am also waiting this type movie ?

  17. Salman Shaik says:

    nice short film #sammathame #telugu ?

  18. khandavalli prasad says:

    super short film but camera koni seans lo vugindi?

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