Straight Rod Passing Through Curved Hole

Here is the explanation on how it works? 😉 This was at the Science Museum in Valencia, Spain. The museum is quit…
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Jeff Bezos - Regret Minimization Framework

I often share with friends and coworkers that Jeff Bezos Regret Minimization Framework had a great influence on my life and how I make important decisions. A…
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41 Responses to “Straight Rod Passing Through Curved Hole”

  1. Shadow says:

    To the ones saying its fake. Let me share a comment I found: “It’s a really
    good thing to look at if you want to get an idea of how time/space is
    curved. What the hole in the plastic represents is not the shape of the
    pole, but a cross section of the pole plotted against time. Really nice
    geometry.” Think outside the box! 😉
    And here is the explanation on how it works? 😉
    [Explanation] Straight Rod Passing Through Curved Hole?

  2. 85Portar says:

    This would be a great porn-clip title?

  3. E SC says:

    What is this sorcery??

  4. Gas Bandit says:


  5. Microsiervos says:

    *Una barra recta atravesando un agujero curvo*
    Vistoso efecto, grabado en la exposición del Museo de la Ciencia de
    Valencia. «Tan obvio como extraño resulta verlo», como bien dicen al pie
    del vídeo. Especialmente cuando se mueve rápido. #

  6. capetaquebratudo says:

    most beautiful useless machine?

  7. TheAlteraze says:

    so this is what it’s like for a straight guy and a bi girl ?

  8. Joshua Monzon says:

    It’s funny to scroll through the comments and see all the uneducated people
    commenting that it is fake and not real. They don’t understanding the
    principle of geometry and math we all learned in school. It is
    demonstrating the principle of how a hyperboloid, is an hourglass shaped
    figure that is entirely made of straight lines. ?

  9. passtheparcel2007 says:

    The reason its true an it worked, is because the rod is moving in a fixed
    As it moves thro the slot, its trajectory is simply following the

    It needs to be very precise to work, with the rite amount of tilt and angle.
    Then again science is very precise, it either works or it doesn’t!?

  10. Victor Yoon says:

    This is so obvious, yet so strange to see. If I saw the rod and the board
    separately, I would’ve never imagined the rod would fit through the board.?

  11. Ksedron says:

    A nie mo?na by?o po k?tem prostym wzgl?dem ?cianki przeprowadzi? przez
    dziurk?? Z reszt? co ja si? tam znam…?

  12. lightsier says:

    Raidei: “Is this some sort of twisted Christian science??

  13. Ababmer Vid says:

    Nope. This is entirely impossible. You can clearly see the mirrors
    enclosing the cube that provide the negative light that conveys the

    Nice try?

  14. S4R1N says:

    Dear everyone saying this is fake, please set yourselves on fire, the human
    race no longer has any need for you.?

  15. PillowSmeller says:

    Whenever I need my rod to pass through any hole I usually go in straight,
    and not an angle, it can fracture a rod or the hole.?

  16. Jaymz H says:

    Thank you tumblr?

  17. akshayd211 says:

    Pass a bent rod thru a Plane. The intersection of plane and the rod at
    every point is the cut out. simple 3d geometry. ?

  18. ciudadartesyciencias says:

    You can find it in an exhibition in the Science Museum Principe Felipe, in
    Valencia, in the City of Arts and Science. Thank you for publish it!?

  19. Eduardo Ferreyra says:

    La varilla es una recta que va trazando una curva hiperboloide mientras
    gira. Si no lo comprenden estudien geometría tridimensional. La vida es
    dura, ya lo sé. A estudiar amigos. ?

  20. Philippe Debar says:

    Straight Rod Passing Through Curved Hole?

  21. Lilla Coffey says:

    this angers me ?

  22. Chuy Del Bosque says:


  23. Hujozo Katas says:

    W?a?nie dlatego nie jeste?my w stanie wyobrazi? sobie figur

  24. says:

    Una barra recta atravesando un agujero curvo vía

  25. Mary Luckett says:

    Jeff Bezos and his decision to start Amazon . How he made the decision to
    leave a ‘good’ job and pursue his idea.?

  26. Stasoline says:

    Great video, really inspiring.?

  27. Abhinav Sharma says:
  28. Ben Cassani says:

    Check out this video on YouTube:?

  29. Jasmine Ng says:
  30. Dylan A. Kent says:

    But it was still utterly stupid, in his position, to leave his job in the
    middle of the year and lose the bonus money, which he could have used to
    hire an assistant and make up any lost time. He threw good money away that
    he could have used for his startup because of impatience. Those few months
    probably had no substantial impact on developing Amazon. ?

  31. Andreas Maier says:

    Minimize what you would regret at the end of your life:

  32. Marc Moïni says:

    h/t Allan Seid?

  33. NowSourcing, Inc says:

    Jeff Bezos’ framework for his business is to make decisions so that he
    minimizes the number of regrets he will have at 80 years old. Is this a
    framework you share? #amazon #business #leadershipskills ?

  34. Ronald Carrion Films says:

    What happened his eye?

  35. ipcrowley7 says:


  36. Tavga Hawrame says:

    make sense, u are really genius to make such exciting market

  37. justwatching1980 says:

    I like the framework idea, but luck plays a large part in these success
    stories. It’s a good thing he had a great support system and savings so
    that if he failed, he wouldn’t have lost it all. Good thing he succeeded,
    because I love Amazon!

  38. Barbalata Ionut says:

    I give you this quote then : – ‘Not Dying’ Isn’t the Same as Living –

  39. Carlos Mafla says:

    Very inspiring, I totally agree with that. I think you have to try at least

  40. darkspd31 says:

    Seize the day!!

  41. CrazyHorseInvincible says:

    The eyes never change, and the laughter just cuts off.

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