Story of The Plastic World – Breast Augmentation

Story of The Plastic World – Breast Augmentation

Cosmetic surgeries and various methods that have come into being in the field of medical sciences have become a business in their own arena. Though cosmetic surgery or more precisely plastic surgery dates back to several thousand years – in fact the Rig vedic sage Sushruta is known to have performed several plastic surgeries way back in around 2000 BC – The latest version is not merely meant to rectify any abnormality but to enhance the beauty of already existing normal to beautiful features. Breast augmentation through breast implants and also breast lift are from among the latter category.

Women today want to have every aspect of their body look perfect and for that they happily accept to go under the knife and get a part of their body altered through surgical methods.

Breast augmentation through breast implants has become a highly specialized subject and more and more women are opting to get a more endowed look with the help of a silicone gel filled or saline filled implants that are placed under their breast muscle or within the breast tissue to provide a fuller look to their breast.

Usually breast augmentation is considered by women with small sized breast and also by those having difference in breast size as they crave to get evenness in the overall look of their symbol of womanhood. In fact, usually the symmetry is restored through the placing of a requisite sized breast implant in just one of the breasts.

Breast implants are also adopted by women who have one or both their breasts removed due to breast cancer or any other reason and feel the need for having the same in place to bring back their feminine self which is strengthened with this very feature among women.

Breast augmentation with the use of breast implants is not very complicated procedure. However, it does require the person who intends to undergo such a surgery, to consult the cosmetic surgeon with a detailed report of her health condition to rule out any complication that may arise in case the person’s prior health conditions are not taken into account. The cosmetic surgeon on his part should explain the woman in detail about the procedure and after effects, if any. The women should also be aware about the surgical procedure and about the care required post the surgery. It is also necessary to let the lady know about the possible life of the implants and what are the possible malfunctions that may result at any point after the procedure is complete.

Another procedure of breast lift is also gaining popularity with women, especially new age mothers who have lost the feel of firm breast after having nursed their kids. The procedure is comparatively less complicated than implant procedure as it does not require placement of any foreign object inside the breast but only involves a procedure to get back a substantial amount of firmness through correctional surgery. Breast lift is also opted by younger women who have lost the firmness due to sudden and good amount of fat loss.

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