STOP BULLYING! a short Film

It happens in the school hallways, at lunch, on the bus, online. Bullying. Bullying is a terrible thing! I wanted to make this video because I really want to…

16 Responses to “STOP BULLYING! a short Film”

  1. Asuna Y?uki says:

    You should know, bullying hurts. It starts with one word, one word you
    blurt. Fat, ugly, worthless. These are the words they hear. Did you know,
    your their biggest fear? Day by day you torment them, it takes so long for
    their hearts to mend. All they ask for is one true friend, but you make
    them want their lives to end. Everyday they wake up with regret, all they
    want to do is forget. It’s not just hitting and punching, it’s the words
    you say, they hurt so much, they want to fade away. Just because you bully
    people, doesn’t mean you’re cooler.?

  2. Rachael Auburn says:
  3. America Valdes says:

    I have been bullied and I have anger problems to I tried to not do anything
    but the day they got me mad my anger all got out and they stopped like
    stopped now they my friends?

  4. Moonwalker Forever says:

    That bitch got told?

  5. bassem ahmed says:

    they cant act at all ….?

  6. Catiya Haynes says:

    Stop the bulling?

  7. rachel mckelvey says:

    always stand up for whats right even if it means fighting for whats right ?

  8. lovekittens10 says:

    this is rasist if u think about it, bulling someone thats a diffrent skin
    color to you,is rasist?

  9. Septimus Horan says:
  10. Lena Stone says:

    trust me,i get bullied a lot,but I just say im to high for ur standards so
    bye!! bullying only happens when the kid has no friends,is sick of it
    self,has no love from home,or family raised it like that..?

  11. Mikyla Cruz says:

    Bullys only bully because they have something going on in their life and
    they want people to feel what their feeling please everyone stop the
    bullying I have been bullied its not fun . ?

  12. Random Gaming Things says:

    Stupid belibers, i hope all the buillies, spoiled kids will BURN TO DEATH!?

  13. KingKader says:

    Throw some Starbucks at them ?

  14. Usagi Yahiko says:

    Videos like this taught me friends do not matter and that revenge is the

  15. literally nicole says:

    To me, every person in the world is like our brother and sister. We’re the
    children of God, and he is our father.?

  16. Ty Wilson says:

    I wouldn’t even forgive her. It just trips me how people expect you to have
    remorse for them after they started it?

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