Stigler – War Thunder Short Film

A huge thanks to pilots Leatherneck1 and Juiced from the POW squadron for helping me with the film – B-17 being piloted by Leatherneck. http://en.wikipedia.o…

25 Responses to “Stigler – War Thunder Short Film”

  1. Ninjastripy says:

    Have you read Adam Makos’ A Higher Call? It’s a true to life recounting of
    both Charlie’s and Franz’s stories, and it’s absolutely beautiful.?

  2. hussein attia says:

    I told my father to buy me the book from London and he bought?

  3. Nassault says:

    New War Thunder Film?

  4. solus48 says:

    Man videos like this have an uncanny ability to bring out the crazies and
    the butthurt. Bad shit happens it’s no single groups fault and both can do
    real shitty things, but you move on and reconcile that’s how life works.?

  5. Bobaflay says:
  6. ???? ?????? says:
  7. Saaket Pore says:
  9. Marco Vecchi says:

    Quest’uomo è un genio totale della regia e del montaggio.?

  10. xxzakthecoolxx says:

    You shall be quoted, my friend.

  11. Benny O'connor says:

    then your family was a group of terrible, terrible people because
    everything I have ever seen and read from Germans stated that they strongly
    opposed all genocides and they hated the war but did it because they had to.

  12. Ruben de Jong says:

    every country has blood on his hands………..

  13. TheKerbalNauts says:

    That is still not genocide, war is a horrible thing and people bombed each
    other. They did not have the intention to wipe out an racial or culture
    group. They had the intention to win the war

  14. John Havlasek says:

    This century.And the list goes on and on but this goes to all countries no
    country in the world is perfect or will ever be.

  15. ??? ?? says:

    This was the real story =)

  16. bhayes3x says:

    Yes, I have absolutely no doubt that a land invasion of home Japan would
    have cost less military and civilian casualties over atomic and incendiary

  17. LupisLupine says:

    Stories like this are a reminder that even in something as inhumane as war,
    you must never give up your humanity.

  18. Noah The Creator says:

    stigler waa a truley brave and inspirational man. everyone has the capacity
    to do good. this short film was about him, not about american genicide. the
    vino 3 and hrbinger 200.

  19. Malakais29 says:

    Ein sehr gutes Video. Glückwunsch.

  20. Chili Master says:

    Some one needs to calm the fuck down…

  21. ?????? ?????????? says:

    When the man feeling the pain he is alive, when the man feeling pain of
    another person he is a Man

  22. harbinger200 says:

    Suck my ugly balls

  23. freakyflow says:

    Poland rather warsaw by the time Germany attacked it they had the airpower
    for 100 miles around They still bombed homes and people france rotterdam
    untill london did they face a enemy and even still bombed people and homes
    England by night bombed Germany because of its unescorted under armored
    Lancaster’s and B-17 at high alts dropped bombs and yes they hit there
    targets Germany had a huge fuel shortage and production problem do to it

  24. bhayes3x says:

    Well the United States had already incinerated 1,000,000 people, what would
    another million be to them? The nuclear attack was not a lesser of two
    evils, the military casualties America suffered were underwhelming to the
    amount of civilians they thought necessary to kill, around 50-80,000
    military deaths. With the Soviets invading with over one-million men from
    the North, it would have taken more than a year to secure the Emperor and
    government officials, including Prime Minister Tojo.

  25. J Berladyn says:

    That was really good! I wish he was still here to see that… I am going to
    take that to his wife next weekend and watch it with her. CBC was there
    last week for an interview with her.

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