Steamed Bun (Siopao) – Philippines Drama Short Film //

Watch more Asian Short Films at This funny little tale of Manding and Bobot shows us how love, the kind that’s guaranteed to make you…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

30 Responses to “Steamed Bun (Siopao) – Philippines Drama Short Film //”

  1. kira sora Zai says:

    St. Paul of the Cross Parish near SSS, Village Marikina. Kaya pala familiar
    yung place at yung school uniform ng bata.?

  2. John MacTavish says:

    cute kid
    fat and adorable?

  3. Aileen Sanoria says:

    Cute ni Bobot! :D?

  4. Letitia K says:

    Bobot is so cute!!!!!! ?

  5. Viddsee says:

    Misery loves company. Misery loves comfort food too. Put two and two
    together, and you have a meeting of empathetic friends, like Bobot and

    Will Manding get the girl? Watch to find out!

    Download the new Viddsee iPhone app to watch awesome short films, like this
    endearing story, offline

  6. KodenameKrusty says:

    Excellent work! I loved this very much.?

  7. Bhramar Bhatnagar says:
  8. EgAnimatiOn says:

    How long it takes to do 1 small movie like this?

  9. zonk09 says:

    how long did u take to do this? and how many years have u been learning

  10. Össi Da Man says:

    Wow, this is incredible!! Did you make all this yourself?

  11. Grey'sAnimationChamber says:


  12. Joe Zach says:

    well made 🙂

  13. Vegard Heggland says:

    666 dislikes! LOL

  14. sormann3d says:

    @rockhopper123452 I use mAYA for all my 3d work

  15. 92glacial says:

    it’s doctor robotnick meets crash bandicoot.

  16. jerotor86 says:

    The landscapes remembers me to Oddworld

  17. Bader Almansouri says:


  18. Ashley586221 says:

    I love it!!!! Great work 🙂

  19. Johanop says:

    You will get alot of subscribers and watcher if you started to make
    tutorials. IF you do any sort of tutorial like make the labratory, how you
    did zoom in on the world, How you did construct different things that we
    can see or how you did animate everything! i say it again you will get
    toooooooons of watcher and subscribers! 🙂

  20. WDeeGee1 says:

    Music by … Danny Elfman? Really, kudos on the score!

  21. Kara Wijetunga says:

    i love the elephant’s face

  22. DespicableCats says:


  23. Smullet90 says:

    makes no sense… but still pretty good i guess.

  24. chotu roy says:


  25. Narayan Panesar says:

    this is some amazing modeling, animation and texturing MAKE TUTORIALS!!!

  26. Filt hyArtists says:

    Excellent. Great little story 🙂

  27. wolvie041007 says:

    amazing work


    Hi, did you buy maya or are you using the trail i ask because i dont know
    if i should get it

  29. Ahmed Rashad says:

    tell me ur rendering time plz =)

  30. Karen Jackaman says:

    THIS IS AWESOME! my 2 year old and i both liked it…

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