Startup Memories — The Beginning of Photoshop

In this documentary, the founders of Adobe Photoshop – John Knoll, Thomas Knoll, Russell Brown, and Steve Guttman – tell the story of how an amazing coincide…
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En este capitulo te explico cómo seleccionar con gama de colores, Curso Básico en español Adobe Photoshop CC 2014 tutorial ¿Quieres ver el curso completo? ht…
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  1. Stefano Papaleo says:

    *The Beginning of Photoshop* – An interesting & heart-warming history of
    the famous imaging software told by its creators 20 years later. Were you
    there? 😉

    #photoshop #adobe #adobephotoshop #historyofphotoshop #imaging
    #imagediting ?

  2. srikanth nammi says:
  3. Ahmad Abd-Elghany says:
  4. Plaisio says:

    ??? ????, blast from the past! ? ?????? ??? #Photoshop ??? ??? ?????? ???
    ??? ???????? ??????????? ?????????. #plaisio #memories #technology ?

  5. EDynam says:
  6. Doriano Paisano Carta says:

    Photoshop founders reminisce about the launch over 20 years later…?

  7. Scott Byer says:

    I first saw it in the halls of Adobe labelled as BarneyScan. I knew right
    away it was something special – not just a paint program, but an image
    editor, representing the image on the display to the best of that display’s
    ability – just as PostScript did for the page and Display PostScript did
    for screens.

    When it was converted to C++ (from Object Pascal!) I helped rescue a
    misguided port to Sun and SGI. That was version 2.5. Version 3 for Unix
    concentrated on performance and stability (many stability fixes were fed
    back to the core codebase). We got the SGI to read/write the VM tiles at
    near optimum bandwidth, and played around with a 64 processor Sparc server
    to see how we scaled (we did well – far better than you could do with
    today’s processor vs. memory bandwidth ratio).

    When the Photoshop-on-Unix efforts were abandoned, I joined the core team.
    I actually kept the Unix version building all the way through Photoshop 4
    in order to take advantage of the better compiler and memory checking tools
    available, to really enhance stability on Mac and Windows.

    Photoshop, Premiere, and After Effects *will* be the last great large
    client apps. The web platform will do games before it can handle something
    like Photoshop and friends.?

  8. Jirapong Supasaovapak says:

    Creators of Photoshop: from PhD project to world changing tool.?

  9. Jason Ruth says:

    I haven’t even watched this, however I will later because as a Photoshop
    User there is no doubt that this will be interesting.
    Startup Memories — The Beginning of Photoshop?

  10. Jin Y says:

  11. Luis Javier García Roiz says:
  12. Eakan Gopalakrishnan says:
  13. E-junkie says:

    #Photoshop marked a new turn in the way graphics are delivered. Watch
    Photoshop’s founding story in the words of its founders here!?

  14. Dragos Bardac says:

    The History of Photoshop as Told by Its Founding Fathers?

  15. Dragos Bardac says:

    The History of Photoshop as Told by Its Founding Fathers
    Startup Memories — The Beginning of Photoshop?

  16. Hiroshi Sasaki says:
  17. Steve says:

    Wonderful software, but no one can’t deny that it’s scary what some people
    do with Photoshop.. but we can’t blame this amazing software.

  18. RomeBEn20 says:


  19. Stephen Johnson says:

    Photoshop really did open up imaging to the masses, I was using Barco
    Creator software at the time that cost me an awful lot of money, I was more
    than happy to see Adobe open the market right up. Such a pity that the new
    Creative Cloud model will cost its users much more money than the past over
    time. Renting software should be an option rather than a take it or leave
    it proposition, placing trust in Adobe has been a mistake.

  20. Anthony Cristiano says:

    Now if Adobe would fix Flash. lol

  21. JUICEbaseball says:

    They didn’t mention the major addition that pushed Photoshop to new
    levels… it was Adobe’s purchase of Aldus and the integration of
    Photostyler’s layer technology…

  22. RN says:

    That pointy thing at his neck… TAKE IT OUT!

  23. SouLKinDMuSiC says:

    Veamos que tal :).. me iniciare en tu curso a ver que tal… tengo como
    meta crear un Banner gif que sea vea bestial.?

  24. WhyPics says:

    Cómo seleccionar con gama de colores, Curso Básico en español Adobe
    Photoshop CC 2014 tutorial?

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