St Mungo’s Medals – Short Film Clip of Gorbals 1950’s and Outskirts of Glasgow

Credits. Photos of various Saltire and Festival of Britain award plaques (.33); Aerials of Glasgow, including Princes and Queen’s Dock (1.10); Glasgow Univer…

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  1. John Matrix says:

    In this period some of the worst architectural vandalism was carried out in
    many areas in Glasgow in the name of progress.

    Those council planners should’ve been arrested for some of the desecration
    they carried out.?

  2. Mary Poole says:

    They’re Pulling Doon the Buildin’ Next Tae Oors?

  3. maria14025 says:

    People did not have much then,but we were happy,yes sad times too,but we
    made it.?


    canny get enough of this weeSue ty for sharing such treasure?


    wen a was a bairn?

  6. weesue says:

    There were very many sad times, Williamina, but the folks then didn’t have
    much therefore didn’t miss what they didn’t have, and I know you don’t hear
    the worst of it on here… I remember my childhood being happy, and we
    certainly didn’t have much, but we were poor but maybe more fortunate that
    some… Sad times too… 🙁

  7. noddypopable says:

    castlemilk was the home of the last laird of glasgow. He kept his land
    castleton of carmunnock immaculate. never a fence unmended or land
    untended. Castlemilk was a dream to begin…then became a manky place, the
    scheme castlemilk on the up & up was formed when I was 9- 10 . It lost it’s
    motivation after awhile x

  8. weesue says:

    Hi Noddy thanks for your very accurate comments… Have you seen
    “Castlemilk History Facebook ” Page… You can see this and a lot more…

  9. noddypopable says:

    Castlemilk has nice newbuilds now, but notice all the swing parks , and the
    picnic haven swing park and animal sanctuary in linn park have all vanished
    now. More dust clouding beautiful memories of the glasgow I remember. x

  10. williamina vanbottle says:

    No mention of the lice, scabies and the hunger that many children
    experienced. Education being practically non-existent. When you have to eat
    potato-peelings out of the pig-bin…Your hungry. The money having been
    spent on cigarettes – drink – bingo and horses. Pregnant women being kicked
    in the womb by their drunken husbands, while screaming for someone to help
    and save their unborn child. Brave new world, my arse. No living person
    left the slums only walking corpses. The spirit long dead.

  11. John Ned says:

    c/milk looked clean there..

  12. noddypopable says:

    castleton of carmunnock, rich well kept beautiful land adorned with farms,
    now named castlemilk after the last laird of glasgows ancestral home in
    dumfriess castlemilk castle. The original castlemilk, the laird himself of
    stuart royal ancestry. Carmunnock is the kirk of castlemilk. And everyone
    forgets the carnbooth anti aircraft emplacement nearby that served us
    dearly in world war 2. xxx now a paintball range a few fields south of
    holmbyre.The housing scheme that wasnt cathcart nor castlemilk

  13. June Mackendrick says:

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