Spooky Matter – Ghost Stories – Art Bell’s Dark Matter – October 31 2013 – 10-31-13

Ghost Stories and Other Frightening Tales Air Date: October 31st, 2013.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Blog post: http://mysimplelittlepleasures.blogspot.com/2011/10/notd-halloween-mummy-water-marble.html Nail polish & items used: OPI – Calling All Goddesses! …

35 Responses to “Spooky Matter – Ghost Stories – Art Bell’s Dark Matter – October 31 2013 – 10-31-13”

  1. Dan Miller says:

    I just listened to this entire broadcast. Thank you for sharing this! And
    remember folks.. Ghosts aren’t just found in haunted houses and
    graveyards.. They are also found on hiking trails and various areas along
    old forestry/logging roads…?

  2. Caitlin McQuade says:

    That lying hipster couple. Dahli Lama mah arse.?

  3. Patricia Munoz says:

    Spooky Matter – Ghost Stories – Art Bell’s Dark Matter – October 31 2013 –

  4. Life-Row-Toll says:

    Thank you for uploading!!!! I love it. Miss Art so much. got me through a
    lot of unsleepable nights during my high school years.?

  5. GoddaM777 says:

    re: around 1:02:00
    more likely you were traumatized and in shock at the sight of a dead person
    and invented a fantasy to cope with the trauma— but you are not a medium,
    just a scared little man :}?

  6. Godskingdomwithin says:

    I love the Moody Blues!?

  7. Trev Mac says:

    Nothing better than Art on a Halloween night…..Better than Christmas?

  8. Crystal Angel says:

    Art Bell is “off and on” retired. Here & there we’ll hear from him. ::)
    Love the show!!! ?

  9. David Quintana says:

    sirius is a shitty company?

  10. Art Trombley says:

    I so miss my name sake Arthur Bell, he is the best ever, so intelligent and
    open to any subject. The old C2C was the best ever radio show, it will
    never be beat. ?

  11. paul4u1000 says:

    come back art bell.?

  12. NocturnalFoster says:

    2:24:38 – This has probably been my favorite part of the show. The older
    lady who goes by Marty. I got chills from listening to this one.

    Btw, doesn’t this lady sound like the writer of “The House of Darkness: The
    House of Light” Andrea Perron??

  13. Myaucat says:

    what the actual fuck! seriously where the hell did art go? fuck you noory.
    fuck C2C. fuck sirius. scumbags. asswipe noory thinks he owns the airways
    or something. people should really boycott his show and he needs to know
    that. noory is a fuckn’ cia shill bastard. art should just do his own
    independent show. he can eve get a blog talk radio show or something.
    anything. he doesn’t need sirius for fuck’s sake.?

  14. eliptica24 says:

    babooshka is a bandana women especially from russian or slovic countries
    wear around their head to block wind often or religious reasons. baboosha
    is grandma in polish?

  15. Donald G.III Valeska says:

    LOL, of course the suicide brother listened to The Smiths.?

  16. paul4u1000 says:

    linda moulten howe was one who claim ufo behind comet and was in news of
    group of people committing suicide to go up to ufo. it was linda who claim
    and first to state this false story that made magor news. she never
    credible since with me. she still on george snorry at times. she tore art
    bell credibility and art try to defend her saying she go by what she told
    but she never verify and tore down arts credibility. hate her for that. no
    one can replace art bell. wish he back but wish him the best and linda
    moulton howe please go away your a joke and uncredible. never believe her
    again ever. I already see her true colors?

  17. freetheoldhag says:


  18. Michael hayes says:

    A lot of anger in these comments… I think art should just pod cast on
    SoundCloud or whatever.?

  19. anna dees says:

    Yay another show to favorite! Great work GEORGE. YOU ARE AWSOME!! THANK YA

  20. anna dees says:

    Yay another show to favorite! Great work GEORGE. YOU ARE AWSOME!! THANK YA

  21. LPSlovervideos says:

    Step one: Have LONG nails XD?

  22. J Walker says:

    Help question. Please before my daughter goes nuts and pulls me with her
    cause she is getting upset to upset. I need to know what is the best polish
    to do this with? How you get it to spread and not dry up as soon as it hits
    water? We really want to do this idea and other marbling ideas and it is
    not working right now and my 15 year is going to nut.?

  23. Kourtney Karas says:

    What is the water temp suppose to be on?

  24. Landa Banhos says:

    Where a get this eyes lady??

  25. Samantha Angelica IbaƱez Flores says:

    Lo sacas te de Los Polynesians?

  26. Hailey Stewart says:

    i think that it looks great!?

  27. Rob Mcelmon says:


  28. love chips says:

    really pretty ?

  29. Tatiana Ordonez says:
  30. toralei1001 says:

    OMG i luv this but the eyes fall off in like 3 secs but cute anyway?

  31. Asaiah Bennett says:

    do teenage muntant ninja turtles?

  32. james whitehead says:

    so cute?

  33. Jasmine Wai says:

    Is so cute…?

  34. Catherin Morales says:

    solo funciona con esmaltes baratos y yo tengo unos checos y vogue?

  35. Kate Herrera says:

    Check out this video on YouTube:?

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