FROM THE MAKERS OF ‘INK’ A short film by Jamin Winans. Fan Merch and Free Shipping at: http://www.doubleedgefilms.com.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Fuckbuddies 2011 ( gay short film)

38 Responses to “SPIN”

  1. vedran juric says:

    Where can i watch this??

  2. cha14cha14 says:

    I would love an HD rerealease?

  3. Julien Jolly says:

    Assez bon concept pour ce court métrage?

  4. Mark Jacobs says:

    Watched this for a class. Really enjoyed it.?

  5. ???????? ?????? says:

    ????? ?????? ????? ?????? ??????

  6. Gessica Rose says:

    I watched this in English. haha. ?

  7. vnpeker says:

    http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0479164/ ++

  8. Lauren Scarfo says:

    Saw this thanks to my instructor, It’s a really cool story…I love it!?

  9. ashley brewer says:

    Amazing video?

  10. francia8870 says:

    Really great, best compliments!!?

  11. xav corn says:

    ….Inter ressent…?

  12. xav corn says:


  13. H?ng Nguy?n says:


  14. badewannenmeister says:

    Just watched this for the umpteenth time – it´s still awesome!?

  15. MyButterflyee says:

    Awesome video, Love it! :)?

  16. Vilma says:

    … like angels may not always need wings, God also might be a DJ…?

  17. Resistance61513 says:

    I love how Jamin managed implement this short into the movie ink.

  18. amanda bane says:


  19. reyman500 says:

    Fake and gay

  20. Numba Five says:

    Damn this is so well maid!

  21. SamLoser2 says:

    The music is synced so well.

  22. Nemes Florin says:

    now that’s why they say: “God si a DJ”

  23. saaywhaaaaaaat says:

    I love this! So creative and epic!

  24. Bailey George says:


  25. scarletnijinsky says:

    where can i find it in HD??

  26. Ty Nash says:

    You couldn’t do this in California, USA. Having sex in public, in your
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    is just another ‘white trash’ show too. Sorry, but that’s what this crap
    is. It’s not entertainment. I’m sorry I watched the whole thing, I was
    trying to understand what the deal was. Two guys on the ‘downlow’. Yuck. I
    thought it was a gay flick.?

  27. mvnichols7 says:

    It made me so horny that i did it to my 9 yearold brother and i am 14?

  28. Trampadoo says:

    lol Very amusing, love it!?

  29. S Cin says:
  30. maria antònia serra payeras says:

    Mvnichols u need mental help?

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  32. Myview246 says:

    started off pretty hot but then got boring. i was like hurry up and fuck
    already! #frustratedoldlady?

  33. Sultan Tijani says:

    love it?

  34. Mary Georges says:
  35. OneMoreStory says:

    you gotta be shiting me right ? I mean seriously !!!?

  36. M. GURUNG says:

    I gotta one question, is that necessary to fuck a guy to whom we love? bc i
    feel a bit weird?

  37. FHD ????? says:

    This was so funny. Very clever.?

  38. Xiauro Kim says:

    What the fuck loool?

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