Speechless – A short film by ‘Team Postmasters’

Speechless - A short film by 'Team Postmasters'

This film was made in 48 hours for 48hfp Mumbai 2013, and went on to win 5 awards – Best Direction, Best Actor – Male, Best Actor – Female, Best Original Mus…

14 Responses to “Speechless – A short film by ‘Team Postmasters’”

  1. Haneesha V says:

    Beautiful. :)?

  2. mrinal saha says:

    Speechless after watching this, however Samgsung should pay them for

  3. Sneha E says:



  4. Ankit Singh says:

    Literally Speechless gr8 work ?????

  5. sameer okaz says:

    Must watch..!!really I am speechless..;)?

  6. sazharq says:

    Very beautifully presented. Delivers the message without beating around the
    bush. Lastly very impressed when I learnt that it was made in zero budget
    on a weekend. That is Creativity!!!?

  7. vinod Tyagi says:

    A real beauty, which camera was used for this?

  8. Srikant Kekare says:

    Thanks for your love.
    “Speechless” wins again – Best Film,
    Best Female Actor, and
    Best Director at ‘Short of the month’

    Congrats Team Postmasters! Thanks to ‘Short of the Month’ Jury and also The
    48 Hour Film Project India.?

  9. Alan Bhatt says:

    Very touchy..The tears of joy ..sad..flowing +heart pumping do not know
    what to say..God Bless.. thy couple?

  10. Chanchal Gour says:


  11. Jayendra Singh says:

    What I want leave as comment is ‘ speechless’ but that too dramatic n
    illogical too;-)?

  12. Shashikant Nigam says:
  13. Adhiti Gupta says:

    Watching this ….yes m speechless

    Its a beaaaaaaaaaaaaauuuuuuuutttttiful story
    Really heart touching?

  14. R3DRoZ3 says:


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