Sollapadatha Kaadhal Tamil Short film with Subtitles directed by Vijay Ganapathy.B

We welcome your feedbacks and Constructive Criticisms, Write us at or call at 95975 50258 Story line: SPK is a “love at first sight…

Butterflies - short film - festival winner

The diagnosis is conclusive- Patrick has butterflies in his stomach. Written and directed by Andy Bailey. Best Children’s Short: Heart of Gold festival Song …
Video Rating: 4 / 5

41 Responses to “Sollapadatha Kaadhal Tamil Short film with Subtitles directed by Vijay Ganapathy.B”

  1. vijay Ganapathy.B says:

    Thank you guys thanks fr ur cheerfulness lovable comments..?

  2. vijay Ganapathy.B says:

    Canon 550 d use @Raj Kumar?

  3. Bostonite1985 says:

    The college student at 21:15 looks like he is 27 or 28 years old. Why can’t
    the film makers find much younger actors??

  4. vijay Ganapathy.B says:

    thanks bro
    +Mathan Raj Eswaran @Mohamed Akram @erome Eliezer +DarkKnight2607 ?

  5. kutty vicky says:
  6. vijay Ganapathy.B says:

    Thank u fr ur support @edvin thomas?

  7. Bostonite1985 says:

    Everyone has to improve their acting.?

  8. betzy dyana says:

    Very touched..keep it up?

  9. Gokul GK says:

    Good story vijay handsoff u…?

  10. kutty vicky says:

    no wards but …………………. nice, good, super, extraordinary,
    amazing, wow, ext……….. to u guys i like this movie this not short
    film its a good film good …. ?

  11. dilaksha suhumar says:

    what painful luv story great bro 🙂 ozm anna 🙂 ?

  12. vijay Ganapathy.B says:

    thanks @Varsha S?

  13. Disto Paul says:


  14. Krishnan R A says:

    CTRLX studio information please?

  15. solai king says:

    supar ?

  16. Gopal Krishnan says:

    super but i like that girl sakthi!!!!!!!!!!!!?

  17. Disto Paul says:

    Hi vijay can you contact me its urget…?

  18. KikomochiMendoza says:

    Protip, Butterflies are allergic to adrelanine, dopamine, and

  19. Disney Gal says:

    I think he also has a pet butterfly! ?????

  20. Kamruzzaman Azad says:

    this is amazing creation, Thanks lot! ?

  21. Julio Appel says:

    Fantastic ! Love it ! Well done !! Congrats?

  22. roel villeran says:

    wow so great i loved it?

  23. #standfor truth says:

    this was well thought up..I love the humor- the creativity- from a child’s
    perspective- it’s so magical feeling- almost like the days of “Sandlot” the
    movie! Not to mention- That little guy acted sooo awesome- I thought in the
    end- the hermit wouldn’t come out but the butterflies instead that would
    have filled the entire room with magic- Now that would have been awesome?

  24. Pedro Karsan says:

    That kid was excellent!! Amazing work 🙂 ?

  25. laurenlpslover199812 says:


  26. Abby Trainer says:

    that was so cute loved the music ?

  27. abby suth says:

    I’m crying :,) this is amazing?

  28. Travis Lape says:

    andymation, would you by chance email me at I have
    some questions and maybe even a really cool project that maybe you would
    like to be a part of. I will explain more after you email me. This is
    amazing video! Hope to hear from you soon.?

  29. Jamal Uddin says:

    Your welcome?

  30. missnerdywings says:

    @andymation: its my sister 😀

  31. neelam95 says:

    @andymation OMG. your actually brilliant! thats amazing. so you will
    probably hit it big 🙂 i wish you the best !! my dream is to be a director
    or at least in with the film industry

  32. Vanessa Baxter says:

    @andymation Thanks so much – will let him know and will put his movie on
    youtube when it is done and you can give him some advise!!!!!!!! He is
    entering the Short Stuff Film Festival here in Ho Chi Minh City – Vietnam

  33. Andymation says:

    @DJDeanos Thank you. Advice for making a short film… Be true to yourself
    in the story you tell. Yes, you need good structure, pacing and timing…
    it takes lots of rewriting… but in the end, after all the refining and
    chiseling and editing, make sure your voice is still there in it’s purest.
    I also think that filmmaking is about giving. Your actors and crew give of
    themselves to your project. Make sure you give just as much of yourself and
    your respect back to them.

  34. Andymation says:

    @bballgirlj955 Thanks for the kind words. I had no idea it was playing on a
    Chinese channel! Any idea what show it was part of or what the channel was?

  35. Alberto Ortega Bula says:

    Beautiful short film, congrats.

  36. Dawn Wood says:

    And funny

  37. Manuel Yarto says:

    excellent!!! I believe in good ideas that can change the world.

  38. Casey Crookston says:

    the kid is a good actor. Well done.

  39. vassiliki08 says:

    that kid is SO cute. especially on the roller coaster sequence! bless…!

  40. neelam95 says:

    that was actually sooo cute 🙂 made me smile so much im tweeting this 🙂 xx

  41. Vanessa Baxter says:

    This was truly insane. My son and I were spellbound – it was so perfect to
    watch with him and we came across it as he searched for ideas to make his
    own short movie (at age 9!) He used to be sooooo like the little boy in
    your story that it made my heart break to watch it…………

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