Software QA Online Training course – 2/20 – GUI Testing

We teach Software QA Testing to career changers @ Portnov Computer School ( We talk about fundamentals of testing Graphic user interf…
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  1. BoldFuturesAcademy says:

    Yes ,they are all white students and I bet they are from Russia or of
    Eastern European region. Most of the faculty at Portnov School are of
    Eastern European origin, it is not surprising since Mr. Portnov is also
    from that part of the world.
    He ought to help his own people! Just like what Indian IT consultancy firms
    are doing ( helping most of the Indians to come to USA and find jobs and
    Indian Studnets in USA to find jobs here. However the Indian “body shops”
    scam their own people!
    I do not think Mr. Portnov is doing that, and also he is kind enough to
    share his knowledge with the rest of the world.?

  2. Andrei Cosar says:

    I just started looking for a job and I find your tutorials helpfull 🙂 ty
    mister portnov?

  3. portnovschool says:

    usability . gov

  4. Chaita Chaudhari. says:

    Good one

  5. mirpurkhas says:

    It is relevant, because the entire focus of this course is to get and keep
    a job as a software tester.

  6. portnovschool says:

    We have exactly what you just mentioned. Same session was recorded as a
    webinar – all you see is my desktop – stjL6ggSGyw I am posting a link
    above, in the video description

  7. Jhon Ric Godinez says:

    This is very informative video thank you so much. I hope i can join this QA

  8. MyNick4life says:

    Why Are they All White Students? I bet more than half of them did not go to
    college? and still got the Job and Got trained. where as a good black
    person with college degrees are rejected at interview as soon as the
    employer see the color of the Skin. “F” the USA! It is a country design to
    keep blacks down. I recently moved to Canada and Got my Software QA Job
    ASAP. I didn’t even have to attend the second interview. The illuminates
    have used TV/Media to bring down black people.

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