Simple Windows PC Tune Up

Class Notes and More can be found at: Info Level: Beginner Presenter: Eli the Computer Guy Date Created: January 11, 2012 Length of Class: 33 Minutes …
Video Rating: 4 / 5

17 Responses to “Simple Windows PC Tune Up”

  1. FullOfFail says:

    I don’t use the AVG Virus protector, but I do use another program they make
    called AVG PC-Tune-Up. It does a surprisingly wide range of tasks.?

  2. gregory rose says:

    j just go to temp in windows and remove temp files?

  3. DJREYSKI says:

    +Eli the Computer Guy Or anyone else.. HOW COME CCLEANER FREE v. WON’T
    UNISTALL AVG PC TUNE UP 2015 ??????? On a windows 7 x64 , pavilion dv6 A8.
    Using the windows uninstall programs won’t remeove it either. All the
    prompts to delete it show up. But it doe’snt show it actually deleting it.?

  4. ANTHONY BOOTH says:

    WOW!!! – NICE ONE DUDE!!!?

  5. Carole Wilson says:

    I total numpty with computer .This guy helped me thank god for people like

  6. don18w says:

    I like these videos but, my god you ramble. Tell us what you are going and
    going to do and move on don’t repeat it in different words. ?

  7. Patrick Johnson says:

    This is an excellent video, cant believe you are sharing so much for free.
    I followed your instructions and immediately i am seeing a big difference
    in my laptop speed. Thank you so much again Eli.?

  8. Carroll Ware says:

    One thing that also makes computer slow is slow processor, not enough ram,
    hard drive, heat, like you said junk ware. I use a solid state drive
    because got tired of defrag hard drives.?

  9. Derek Langan says:

    Thank you very much! You’re a very good teacher, articulate & seems like
    you have zen-like patience! Very helpful. And your HOT! lol. Peace Out!?

  10. basd bfnsa says:

    gotta love the product placement 😀
    nothing weird about it at all…

    “If you use adblocker i can’t continue doing this”… a mac appears out of

  11. dave rexroat says:

    thank you for your sharing, I enjoy your information and find it very

  12. Frank E Davidson says:

    I’d recommend using a lime-based mortar to point your fieldstone walls, not
    a portland cement-based one.?

  13. Justous says:

    Wow, man I can’t believe this. I just ran the registry cleaner on CCleaner
    and this old machine runs so much faster.?

  14. Brian Wilkinson says:

    is this sponsored by C Cleaner??

  15. wldhrsesrnwme always says:

    Your site is awesome ! I have been sending my instructors at school your
    link. If you start charging, I am doomed ! lol ! A real life saver for my
    computer and myself ! Thank you !?

  16. Hello Person says:

    Linux is way better than windows just my opinion.?

  17. On Call Tech says:

    This definitely worked for me! :)?

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