Sideload Apps to the Amazon Fire TV with a Windows Computer

Learn how to sideload Android apps (.APK files) to your FireTV using a Windows Computer. Step-by-step tutorial with download files available at: http://sidel…
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Credits: MUSIC : Jordan Sparks – One Step At A Time. (I do not own the music, tune, lyrics, or song). How To Lose Weight Fast & Easy w/ NO EXERCISE. MOST ASK…
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30 Responses to “Sideload Apps to the Amazon Fire TV with a Windows Computer”

  1. Bryan Ciconte says:

    Can you sideload apps to a buddys amazon fire tv if they don’t know how to
    do it. I’m guessing I would use their ip address on my laptop, which is
    obviously at my home location and their amazon fire at their home. Would
    that work??

  2. Marvin Agustin says:

    I love my Amazon Fire TV.. I rave about it to all of my friends and family members. I plan to continue using my equipment andmy membership with Amazon.?

  3. loughrey101 says:

    You don’t need to download that. You just initiate the command promt
    without installing anything. You can do all of that without installing
    anything. Just type that all in on the command?

  4. laserbeak43 says:

    hide ur MAC address bro.?

  5. Rita M says:

    how can when I install the apk file, i get a message that windows can’t
    open the file. ?

  6. matt F says:

    I successfully did this using a pasted file path and using ms terminal from
    my android?

  7. dahlia dobson says:

    I tried to install xbmc using these direction and it keeps saying can’t
    find file?

  8. Face2FaceHardware says:

    So how do you load the SNES games onto the Fire TV??

  9. howto-everything says:
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  19. Anne Andersen says:

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  20. Abigale Kirsten says:

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  23. william grace says:

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