Ever have bad service at a restaurant? Well David did and he decided to do something about it. Not what you might expect. Won for *Best Original Teleplay* -2…
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short film test , there was a previous version before, I just added Widescreen bars. we used most of the time a canon 50mm 1.4, and the 18-135mm that comes w…


  1. FalconPUNCHXXX says:

    Lol this is good. Too funny As her boyfriend I would tell her in my polite
    voice after this psycho gone.

    ” babe after you point a gun on my face I don’t think this is gonna work

  2. ManageTrainLearn says:

    Very useful and makes a great training resource. Because we enjoyed this
    and rate it so highly, we’ve embedded this in our MTL Course Plans on
    ManageTrainLearn and on our online courses on My Learning Log so it’s
    available to a bigger audience. Thanks!?

  3. maidenlover101 says:

    haha nice. i made a restraunt video on bad service. watch it

  4. Luis Verdín says:

    I had commented on this before, I find this to be a major asset to teaching
    English in a service context, which is very useful. The story is great, the
    acting is great and, it is unfortunate that these actors and You, Film
    Teller, as director and creator, don’t continue doing things like this and
    moving up in the film world where I see a huge lack of true talent. That
    being said, I would like to ask, once more, for the script on this short
    film and ask if you have a copy with spanish subtitles?

  5. GetInTheRing99 says:

    FilmTeller, i guess the video pushed the wrong buttons of OddworldExodus. I
    feel him/her too because i worked in F&B too and it was a total pain in the
    ass sometimes putting up smile forcefully when my colleague called in sick
    or something and had to cover which is why i think F&B should not be
    considered as a long term career so i switched to event management. I
    appreciate the effort for making the video because its a learning curve for
    starters and helps the trainers too.

  6. OddworldExodus says:

    –going to be at it’s best. There’s a million other things going on, and
    yes if you never come back then big deal. There’s always someone else there
    to take you place. This video makes it seem like customers should be
    treated with the upmost respect simply becuase they have the money. Yes,
    most of the time we’ll be more than happy to help you with a smile on our
    face, but when the work load comes down hard we get a little weary too. Do
    you keep a smile on our face when you’re at work till 11–

  7. jewelthief005 says:

    sorry too many “Raccord” faults

  8. OddworldExodus says:

    FYI, your movie wasen’t too good. Not compelling. Just a silly revenge
    movie to make you feel good about yourself. Boo-hoo, I was treated bad. Wow.

  9. hannitorres says:

    Good movie. Creative. And OddWorld Exodus is abviously the one who about to
    got shot. I bet he is part of the McWar movement too. And by the way the
    customers don’t have to EARN any respect. Who ever works there is simply
    part of the system that is selling it to them for a low price. You just
    sold yourself cheap too.

  10. Curtis Brooks says:

    what kinda camera and how many cameras did you use for this?

  11. Scott Hartmann says:

    Godard got away with it, why can’t I?

  12. slaichmp says:

    impressive video

  13. Scott Hartmann says:

    @LTrotamundos Thank you very much for you comments. I have actually
    continued with movies. I recently graduated from film school with my MFA
    and have been working on a number of productions. I do not have a spanish
    subtitled version, but I can send the screenplay to you. Thanks again.

  14. J Garcia says:

    Good people, but bad camera, kind of bad with sequences. Not to be rude.

  15. Scott Hartmann says:

    OddWorldExodus, I don’t know when I pissed in your Cheerios exactly. This
    was a short movie and in spite of your attacks, I doubt your rent went up.
    I have no idea why you took it as a personal affront to you, but maybe if
    you weren’t so defensive about it, you might have been able to see some
    truths in the movie. That said, there are obviously loads of douchebags
    that a waiter has to deal with daily. I know I did when I was waiting
    tables. Lighten up Francis and go back to your Final Fantasy

  16. Scott Hartmann says:

    One camera. It was a Sony DV VX1000.

  17. Scott Hartmann says:

    Hi Patrick7514 – I can send the script if you like. A couple questions.
    What do need to screenplay for? Where would you like me to send it? Thanks
    for your interest.

  18. chandiwicks says:

    Thank you guys pls do more you certainly will do beeter.Thanks I will use
    it with my team

  19. Scott Hartmann says:

    Thanks for the comments. What most people don’t know is that this is the
    second version of the movie. I shot with a full crew the day before. Good
    lighting. Good production value. But it turned out that Canon I rented
    pixelated the entire movie. So we shot the next day guerrilla style. On the
    fly. And that is the movie that as it stands now.

  20. Tim Kaiser says:

    I’m never gonna be rude to a customer after that video again

  21. LerumosMusic says:


  22. Gacy x says:

    I don’t understand why this guy is so sad. He went to a grave stone that
    looked like is was as old as the late 1800’s. ?

  23. LeashOfGaming says:

    What’s with the sky? Green screen? 3:45?

  24. Marco Covre says:

    love it…?

  25. DreamWorld Prathamesh says:

    really nice video sir i just got my canon eos 70D camera , i m learning m
    student ,
    can i use your videos background song for my video , i am learn lot nice
    shot from your video ?

  26. 7964934 says:


  27. RaselVideos says:

    I love the shot at 2:22. So beautiful?

  28. Unbeaten Angel says:

    ohh man i saw someone died and then the ring . . . ohh man that’s so strong
    :’) you’re awesome ?

  29. Awsem Pinoy says:

    Like with a story??

  30. RAJU U says:

    Beautiful visuals?

  31. Awsem Pinoy says:

    Planning on making this into a short film??

  32. Mantovani Andrea says:

    Beautiful video :’)?

  33. Byron Ortiz says:

    quien canta esta cancion ?

  34. richierich2k7 says:

    Fantastic. Just fantastic.?

  35. Timothy Halleran says:

    color grading tutorial????

  36. Robert Jamason says:

    You did a awesome job on this..i have the 7D camera and due to this video
    im going to start shooting all my video with my 7D from now on… great job
    thanks for the inspiration ?

  37. Trish Dguez says:

    Good Job!?

  38. seewatevatv1 says:


  39. Josh Ke says:

    were you using 60fps when shooting??

  40. Timothy Halleran says:

    lol if the title you put wasn’t on this vid, I would have thought this was
    some Hollywood trailer! Nice work!?

  41. Esther Noemí says:

    I love it.?

  42. UMF4Speed says:

    Awesome video! Loved it!?

  43. TheSeanmortimer says:

    Very powerful.?

  44. Scott Terwilliger says:

    Your cinematography and story are both excellent. It was amazing how you
    were able to convey these emotions to the audience and made them
    empathize. ?

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