Short Film “Encounter”

My final diploma work. Everything in this short movie was created by myself (a sort of a “one-man movie”) . I tried to make it as cliché as possible with pra…
Video Rating: 3 / 5

John Eckert just broke up with his dream girl, and feels like his life isn’t amounting to anything. But all of this is about to change when a freak lightning…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

42 Responses to “Short Film “Encounter””

  1. Joe Botha says:

    All those down-votes… Testament to a broken society. I wonder how many of
    them understand the difference between one self-motivated individual who
    used to have 50 bucks in his pocket, and the machinations of teams of
    seasoned professionals with thousands of studio dollars per day at their
    disposal. Big up!?

  2. jeff theriault says:

    I have a project for you, a series of seperate elevator nightmares. Each
    happening to a different person. The floor that when the door opens –
    water begins roaring into the elevator. The floor that opens to the vacuum
    of space, The floor that opens to the Jurassic, The floor that opens to an
    endless drop. The floor that opens to a wall of flame…you get the

  3. Jay JayBee says:

    I like the old lady in red at 2:05 calmly walking down the sidewalk right
    after a bus just hit the car?

  4. Krzysztof Król says:

    jaka ocena?;)?

  5. BigBadBampa says:

    To be honest I got to say this is as good if not better then the gaff that
    they show on the Sy Fy channel. Maybe you could show them how it’s done ???

  6. Robert Abraham says:

    Nice video 🙂 It’s always a serious challenge to make everything alone :)?

  7. James Foard says:

    Very good. Sound score great. Hope to see your movies in a few years.
    Loved the car dodging scene. Fantastic surprise ending. Keep that actor.?

  8. jeff theriault says:

    cute! Thanks!?

  9. guidetoanything says:

    Awesome film for the budget and point to make it “cliche”
    Fun few minutes. You should try other stuff and branch out. I will check
    out your channel to see if you have done different things, because you seem
    like you could make some great stuff with more time and a better budget.?

  10. noledge says:

    i did see some kind of message on this final, you have the right to keep it
    secret but i would aprecciate some directions about this Phil, cheers!?

  11. Kirill Bezzubkine says:

    not the worst…

    but shitty anyway?

  12. Matt Foley says:

    Nice work. That was enjoyable.?

  13. Rick Schuman says:

    so many credits, not so much content . . .?

  14. Shinonater says:

    Nice, one thing no Sfx though?

  15. Jada Fonseca says:

    2:10 you can see one of the cameras on a tripod by a car on the right?

  16. justoldog says:

    Nice work- Good to see someone actually producing something, instead of
    just talking- ?

  17. JACINTA LAWSON says:

    OH my?

  18. Amir Herselman says:


  19. CatWallace22 says:

    Great job!?

  20. Morethanbobsonofbob says:

    Loved it, Keep making them?

  21. Mahmud Abd Al Qadir says:

    najlepszy polski film jaki widzialem?

  22. Michael Mandril says:

    very cliche, well done. The fact that you were able to do that (decent to
    good) with only 50 USD, makes me wonder why there is such crap coming out
    of hollywood for 50 million USD. For 2,000 USD, you should be able to make
    a great feature film length (2hrs) movie. Don’t give it up. For the cash
    (or lack there of) and considering the fact that it was made with tech that
    was 3.5 years ago (comment circa 2013/2014) the CGI and other effects were
    really good.?

  23. robertpal9 says:

    haha good short however the continuity was a little speratic in the
    begining with his shirt?

  24. Jon Manilenio says:

    where is strike at a time like this? doesn’t that newscaster mean where is
    the police??

  25. ShadowKanji Films says:

    Loved this man, what camera did you use??

  26. Zandanzs says:

    That lightning tho…?

  27. SparksEpic3002 says:

    This needs to have a sequel?

  28. Gold Vulcan says:

    Funniest part was the bong?

  29. Walker Bros. Production says:

    Wandering studios and walker bros. Production will work together to make a
    strike 2 movie coming in 2015!!!! ?

  30. SacredComposer says:

    A nice campy cheesy fun superhero movie! I know they were short on funds
    for the special effects but it may be better that way. Great job! I concur!
    Sequel! Sequel!?

  31. avatarcam45 says:

    Very funny lol. You guys keep it up!
    I subcribed too btw :D?

  32. mattea anderson says:

    that was awesome this needs to have a sequel amazing acting and great
    filming and editing?

  33. MrSinister171 says:

    That was the shit.. Im a Strike fan!?

  34. Tamerlane Villanos says:

    As a RLSV …
    I support this film.?

  35. Nathan Bertram says:

    This needs a sequel! ?

  36. Elijah Le says:

    Sequel sequel SEQUEL!! ?

  37. Julius Fountain says:

    Goes from wearing the Batman shirt to the black Spidey shirt in one cut?

  38. Admin UEG says:

    Cheesy as hell, good filming and editing though.?

  39. TheBlazing MobHead says:


  40. indecentthinking says:

    John Eckert? The power to control electricity? John Egbert, the power to
    control wind?

    Interesting. Also, “daredevil white people” made me laugh so hard?

  41. SEPI AUSTIN says:

    His shirt changed 3 times ?

  42. Lee Sharp says:

    Gotta luv Spam 😛 And awsum vid man, top marks and thumbs from me, enjoyed

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