Short Clip: Vayne Penta

Hello! Hello! Hello!

E’ solo una prova, è il filmato più corto che avevo di me in cosplay, per testare Youtube. #1.

15 Responses to “Short Clip: Vayne Penta”

  1. Aurasword90 says:

    Shoul have skulloslider’d

  2. christhepissnukka says:

    @TheLegendOfRenegade skullodive

  3. FireMustang93 says:

    Grande! Skullomania è il miglior personaggio di Street Fighter di sempre!
    Ryu e Ken sono i più grandi nabbi della storia!!! (Hadouken! Hadouken!
    Hadouken! Hadouken! Hadouken! Hadouken! Hadouken! Hadouken!)

  4. Sean Riddick says:


  5. Reginald Marshall says:

    Sweet costume.

  6. BETMARK says:

    A closer vision show that it wasn’t so cool like it seem on Youtube ^-^;
    Anyway tnx, but HEY, you know that when you will dress it you really must
    jump to the floor like this, you know? 😉

  7. BETMARK says:

    w ww.webalice. it/betmark/Cosplay/Skullomania .html

  8. DeonDark says:

    You should’ve tried doing the spinning headbutt.

  9. UomoPaura says:

    Il migliore.

  10. christhepissnukka says:

    that suit is sick

  11. BETMARK says:

    eliminate i 3 spazi (youtube non permette di scrivere link interi) -erease
    the 3 spaces (youtube don’t permise to write complete links)

  12. TheLegendOfRenegade says:

    skullo heaaad!

  13. andreminem12341 says:

    skullomania fly

  14. BETMARK says:

    vero… O.O… sei veloce

  15. BETMARK says:

    ehr… yep ^^;

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