Short Circuit – No Disassemble!

Probably the funniest part of the entire movie, and a clip that was absolutely necessary for YouTube.

21 Responses to “Short Circuit – No Disassemble!”

  1. Brian Sidi says:


  2. lauchlin yurchuk says:

    robots like Number 5 are the most likely robots to have artificial
    intelligence of the caliber most sci fi movies to be built in modern times.
    it’s possible to build one with today’s technology all we need is the right

  3. MrVidification says:

    I always thought Benjamin was really indian

  4. venom5809 says:

    Loved this movie. They just don’t make movies like this anymore. The 80s
    were really the golden age for great movies. ?

  5. warioland523 says:

    15 people are dead/disassembled. ?

  6. Claudio Frollo says:

    Beautiful film…thats right films now lack naiveté,
    message…content…its all about pretty actors and flashy make up and FX?

  7. David Kasurak says:

    Short Circuit – No Disassemble! lol ;D?

  8. louis tournas says:

    Man, the english version’s voice of Johnny 5 is funny. I had seen the
    french version the first time. The indian guy sounds even funnier in

  9. Matthew Bottomley says:

    I was number 5, stomping my way through life. I am number 5, I see what
    this means and I change my ways.?

  10. Aaron Fabbri says:

    No disassemble!?

  11. Jack SaiAmong says:

    What a fucking idiot. Oh the robot is alive? Lets give it a panic attack!?

  12. Drew Bannister says:

    #input ?

  13. Nick Smith says:

    I lové his eyebrows

  14. nickky johnson says:

    lolz Johnny 5 is getting into car

  15. aaleksis04 says:

    I don’t think so I showed this to my eight year old son and he totally saw
    the resemblance. Now he grooves Johnny 5!

  16. crashstitches79 says:

    I had dozens of lil-dude chubbies for Ally Sheedy back in those 1980’s

  17. Casimus Prime says:

    0:47, J5 looks scared as hell.

  18. osgNeco says:

    anyone else pause at the end where her skirt flies up

  19. Haslan Hasan says:


  20. dsfdsfsgfdegdfgmdflg says:


  21. Here WeGo says:

    Tried showin this to my 10yt old playing wall-e on wii. Told her it had to
    b johnny5s cuz or kid or new updated animated version. She said im losin
    it. Guess im just gittn old!

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