Shaman Guide

As the shaman offers fantastic adaptability, countless World of Warcraft players decide to use a shaman for leveling. Unlike most WoW classes, the shaman can level up exceedingly fast with the correct talent builds and items. And that’s why it’s important to select the best talent builds and items for leveling a shaman. If you want to do it the easy way then getting an automated shaman leveling guide is a must, more on automation in just a minute.

Shaman Guide: Talents.

Choosing the shamans talent builds may appear complicated, but really its not. Here’s a tip for selecting the shamans talent builds: do not select defense and healing, choose damage. You may also pick the elemental tree, but the elemental really isn’t great for leveling, the problem is you’ll not be able to sustain your damage and you’ll be relying too much on your shamans mana. I personally think the best talent tree has got to be the enhancement tree. From using the team Idemise shaman guide I have found that the most important talents for leveling a shaman are Thundering Strikes, Flurry and the Dual Wield, and also Stormstrike and Improved Stormstrike can give your shaman a major boost in damage.

Shaman Guide: Items

The next thing to decide on is choosing the top statistics to enhance, when leveling a shaman. clearly, our main objective here is to enhance our melee damage. So the most important statistics to build up are attack, strength and power. Another crucial stat you can work on is the critical strike rating, this can fuel your likelihood of being able to use critical damage. The final stat you should work on is your hit rating. You should try to get about a 9% hit rating so you will avoid negative affects from the dual wield specialization. So the idea is to collect as much attack power, strength and critical strike rating as possible.

You could make your life much easier by getting an automated shaman leveling guide, this will get you to level 80 in about 7 days. If you would like to learn more about the automated shaman guide then feel free to visit the link above, and for more tips visit the previous link.

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