Shadowless Blade : Martial Art – Action movie, English subtitle

Shadowless Blade : Martial Art - Action movie, English subtitle

Martial Art – Action movie : Shadowless Blade full movie Director: Young-jun Kim Writer: Paul Sheen Stars: Hyeon-jun Shin, So-yi Yoon, Seo-jin Lee… So-ha, …
Video Rating: 4 / 5

17 Responses to “Shadowless Blade : Martial Art – Action movie, English subtitle”

  1. Álvaro Torres says:

    Shadowless Blade : Chinese Martial Art – Action movie, 2014 English
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    Thanks you!?

  2. heuhen says:

    Why do the sound disappear time from time??

  3. Cesar Nakashima says:

    1:50:06 song ID please! i beg youuu!!?

  4. Lucy Marcano says:

    nice movie?

  5. Fenie Evangelista says:

    tnx for sharing…its a nice movie?

  6. Parantap Sharma says:

    anybody please recommend similar movies…?

  7. historyskyz says:

    leave wuxia to china ppl this shit is corny?

  8. kool kool says:

    ??????? ???

  9. Jenifer Lee says:

    Best film?

  10. Miguela Perez says:

    It’s four times already I watch this action Korean movie.,,I like the lady
    and lee seojin..but so sad the lady’s died…?

  11. ??? ????? says:


  12. Steve Eells says:

    The Chinese make their own brand of action films ,blending awesome fight
    scenes ,colorful locations, and fantasy.”Shadowless Blade” is an example of
    why I love this genre.?

  13. Glaiza Jake says:


  14. John Crucchiola says:

    I forgot,The women are absolutely beautiful!?

  15. Oziel Araujo de Souza says:

    e muito bom ?

  16. Asiatika Arrow says:

    Shadowless Blade : Martial Art – Action movie, English subtitle?

  17. Nenia Rizo says:

    Wow this so nice movie,thank you :-D?

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