Scorpion Saver Removal Instructions. How-to.

This is a quick how-to on how to remove the “Scorpion Saver” adware/malware/junkware that has been popping up recently. For this I used CCleaner, but it can …
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  1. queenvampirebarbie says:

    What if I see it in control panels only and it says it can’t delete?

  2. mrowproductions says:

    You can just go to Microsoft’s website and get a removal tool ?

  3. Oliver Franzen says:

    I’m trying to fix a Team fortress 2 trading problem where i cant even load
    into the trade and people said it was because of this and it cant find it
    on my computer even with c cleaner?

  4. msms47 says:

    thank u that hepl ! it was under another name though i think it was saveing
    bull ! ?

  5. Ric Room says:

    OMG, I can’t thank you enough. I spent over a hour hunting around on my
    comp. looking for this sucker. Following your clear instructions, I was
    able to remove this nastyazz adware by using CCleaner (as you recommended).
    Then I restarted my comp., ran malwarebytes and it’s GONE! Another thing I
    learned was the power of CCleaner. Two thumbs up for you! ?

  6. William Drewe says:

    has anyone had it come back after a week or two after following this method
    ? If so , then what ??

  7. DoubleRainbowfilly says:

    well it does remove it…but it keeps coming back with a vengeance XP?

  8. KNighTErRanTry YukiNamida?? says:

    Hi, thanks for help. I did the step but it coming up again 🙁 so I check
    other guide…And theres one more step which is “go to C:temp and delete
    the ScorpionSaver” and it worked for me!?

  9. Gabriel Downing says:

    see the thing is its not letting me uninstall it ?

  10. silverafists says:

    On my computer, I went to : (C:) and then “temp” and I saw: lsp.txt ,
    scorpionsaver.exe and ScorpionSaver.msi Should I get rid of all three of
    these files? I use Norton. My Internet Explorer and Google has no traces
    of the scorpion.?

  11. fllooo says:

    when i click run uninstaller it doesnt let me delete it. any help would be

  12. Kia Rezvani says:

    guys get IOBIT UNINSTALLER 3 from official website and click on
    scorpion saver and clicl uninstall use deep scan for files and delete
    them and done CCleaner it doesnt effective that much !!!! Thanks For
    This Video Zerep BTW ?

  13. nyckrazy says:

    Thank you zerep for this pc saving video! Scorpion saver has made my web
    experience so agitating that the i had to take action. Much appreciated.?

  14. ReginaldWMack says:

    I want to assault every person involved with Scorpion Saver. I got it when
    attempting to download Skype. I’ve removed Scorpion Saver 20 times and it
    still manages to come back. Thanks a lot, Skype. Go play in traffic
    Scorpion Saver.?

  15. firestormerc says:

    The reason why Scorpion Saver gets reinstalled is from the Level Quality
    Watcher services which is running.?

  16. SgtGhostLP says:

    (the virus is on my dads computer) Hey I’m having trouble with this “virus”
    I don’t if I have some sort of new version of this basterd but malware
    bytes was having an orgasim and was blocking like 10 Adpeaks per `10 secs
    and other stuff. I removed AdPeak Proxy from system32 and deleted it from
    temp file …. yet my internet on my dads computer is toast. Anyone having
    this problem/knows how to fix it? ?

  17. Fire Soul Demon says:

    i went to the command prompt and went typed in regedit then just kep on
    searching through the registry by going to edit and fin then typed in
    scorpionsaver and just kep on deleting and hopefully its gone now running a
    full scan with windows defender now.?

  18. Matt Parlane says:

    such an annoying program, I will never download anything from

  19. Mallarie Riffe says:

    I don’t have the CCleaner and if I’m a dummy and do I don’t know where to
    find it. I deleted Scorpion from my settings on chrome but when I click
    uninstall on control panel is acts like it will then says “Allow this
    software to make changes to your computer?” If I click no then the
    uninstall process totally stops. Any suggestions??

  20. cutmetal says:

    After doing all the steps in all the other suggested forums, this is what I
    found on my sons computer that kept reinstalling adpeak scorpion saver…
    Go into your control panel, click on administrator tools, services, …
    then kill/disable the running service… “Level Quality Watcher”. Level
    Quality Watcher is what keeps reinstalling it on your computer at boot up.
    So all these are associated with Scorpion Saver:
    Scorpion Saver
    Level Quality Watcher64.exe
    Level Quality Watcher32.exe

    Have not had it come back so far…
    Hope this helps you.?

  21. Andrea Hamblen says:

    I’m so glad I found this video. Seriously…in the middle of a Breaking Bad
    episode , had to exit and when I reopened it, Scorpion Saver wouldn’t let
    me load netflix player because it would just redirect me to another page!!
    Followed these instructions with CCleaner, but it still didn’t work. Then I
    did a backup of the registry file and went in and did a search for
    “scorpion” and “adpeak” and deleted all the associated keys. I don’t claim
    to know a lot about the registry, and welcome any comments for corrective
    action if I did something wrong. There were TONS of files left over. After
    doing so, I’m (right now) watching Breaking Bad and don’t see any obvious
    signs of Scorpion Saver infiltrating my system anymore! Thanks for posting
    this video?

  22. thomas jeferson says:

    i removal using spyHunter i spen 2 days how deleting scorpionsaver nothing
    work then i finde spyhunter 40$ for 6 Months no cool man?

  23. TheJohndeerelover says:

    Thanks! This program has helped alot!?

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