SandStorm Photoshop Action

Download the action here: 200 Photo color looks available here: For assistance with the action, please visit the su…

Photoshop CC 2014 tutorial showing how to design and create a comic book-style, pop art poster of an explosive punch, smack or slap from scratch. Death Rattl…
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12 Responses to “SandStorm Photoshop Action”

  1. ????????? ??????? says:

    ???? ??? ???? ??? ?????? ??? ????? ????????? ???? ??? ?? Video, ??? ????
    ??????? ???? ?? ??????? ????.
    ?? ????? ?? ??????? ?? ?????? ?????? Video ??? 3D for PhotoShop CC
    Thanks and Happy New Year 2015?

  2. RenagzyFX says:

    nice vid but u got me a bit confused when u mixed up the horizontal with
    vertical… I open photo shop put my head phones on and have this vid
    playing in the background the audio is the part that helps but its sort of
    my fault I didn’t see the vid XD?

  3. Wendy Gregory says:

    Is there a way to keep the text editable??

  4. Bill Porter says:

    I know this is a CC 2014 video, but I’m wondering if there is a way to make
    a similar polygon using CS5. I’m not finding the Create Poly dialog box
    (shown @ 3:28) in CS5. Is there a way to make a poly with the parameters:
    “Star”, “Smooth Indents”, and “Indent Sides By 60” that is CS5 friendly?
    Thank you.?

  5. Blue Lightning TV says:
  6. elkin gonzalez says:

    buenos caballero, primero que todo dejeme desearle un nuevo año 2015 en
    segundo expresarle mi total admiraciòn y respecto con sus obras, soy un
    seguidor asiduo tratando de aprender de su manera tan facil y clara para
    explicar las rutas y metodos de una manera demasiada dirìa yo
    desinteresada. Solo llevo 2 meses en este mundo tan espectacular del
    diseño, soy totalmente neofito pero las ganas de aprender no tiene limite.
    le puedo preguntar algo ! bueno me tomo la respuesta que si con su
    permiso. y la pregunta es que al seguir al pie de la letra sus
    explicaciones me pasa algo por ejemplo; cuando usted dice que el tamaño de
    las letra es de tal numero ( 150, 200 etc ) sobre todo un numero alto
    —cuando yo hago lo mismo en mi pc el numero sale muy grande en la imagen,
    entonces tengo que bajarle el tamaño como a (50-70 maximo 100) bueno
    finalmente como hago para conservar sus medidas. agradeciendoles de
    antemano su respuesta y de nuevo reitero mi admiraciòn que este muy bien

  7. Daisy's Surprise Toys says:

    You Sir do very good tutorials. Showing proper ways to Sunburst etc. Thank
    you. Glad I have subscribed to you.?

  8. Jamayhed says:

    Yet again, an awesome video! Keep it up, love it a lot 😀 BTW Happy new
    year! :)?

  9. JORGE RAMIREZ says:

    Very funny effect I want to apply to a pop Art picture. Happy new year

  10. Wendy Gregory says:

    You are awesome! Learned several new techniques. Thank you so much!?

  11. Tonicwine999 says:

    Liked the tip to preserve the width from the stroke by converting to a
    smart object. Cheers Marty?

  12. Burnin Solez says:

    Great tutorial. Not sure what I’m doing wrong. I’m on the last step. I
    double click the smart object to open the Layer Style. I select Drop
    Shadow. However below the Opacity area displayed on your video, all my
    options are completely different. I dont have any choices for distance or
    size. Also when i change the opacity, the whole smart object fades… not
    just the shadow. Any idea of what im doing wrong? Thanks!?

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