Review: Inkscape (Alternative for Adobe Illustrator)

Review: Inkscape (Alternative for Adobe Illustrator)

Hey guys if your a graphic designer, here’s an alternative for Adobe Illustrator, but the great thing is you won’t have to spend a penny.
Video Rating: 3 / 5

3 Responses to “Review: Inkscape (Alternative for Adobe Illustrator)”

  1. rhykko77 says:

    Thanks for posting ! and introducing me to this free option to Illustrator
    . I am a novice to this type of program , and this short intro with a few
    pointers is exactly what I needed.?

  2. nGon- says:

    Have to agree with taradead here, it’s more of a “how to install” plus
    quick intro?

  3. taradead says:

    in contention for worst “review” ever…you spent most of the vid
    downloading the app. ?

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