Requiem – A Short Film About Teen Suicide

Requiem follows the last moments of a suicidal teenager as he remembers all the pain and torment of his unfortunate life.…
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23 Responses to “Requiem – A Short Film About Teen Suicide”

  1. danielle latimer says:

    Gun shots always scare me and I will help someone ?

  2. Gabrielle Barutha says:

    it’s hard feeling like everything and everyone is against you, and even
    though you know it’s only n your head, it’s still there, the feeling of
    never being good enough. the feeling that everyone hates you. it’s there
    and no matter how many people tell you that they love you and care about
    you, you feel like they are all lying because that’s just what you’re mind
    is telling you.?

  3. Izzie Woozworld says:

    Its hard to walk, to smile, to laugh, to even get up in the morning with
    knowing others hate you for reasons that could be forgiven with a hand
    shake or hug. ?

  4. EvitalovesThings says:

    Jesus christ this is so fucking milked out. The sad violins and piano and
    the “alcholist” mom who only opens one can of beer, the “sad broken youth”.
    I don’t know, seems kind of amateuristic and fake, even though the point
    you’re trying to get across is awesome.?

  5. Jordan Johnson says:

    This was seriously so sad. I cried like I don’t know what.?

  6. Teardrops that Tango Autobiography of Amber Cote (Pen name for Heather Combs) says:

    Suicidal? Please write me! I understand, I was too. My mother killed
    herself, as did my husband. I can also be found at facebook: “Heather Combs
    Teardrops that Tango.”?

  7. 4ever _myself says:

    that was so sad
    I was hoping he wouldn’t do it when he was thinking about the good times
    but the loud bang was what made me sob uncontrollably ?

  8. T???? Z????? says:

    Music seems “Charly Countryman”)?

  9. Jada Mareea says:

    I cry just looking at the photo.
    I can’t handle this! Why don’t people treat others how they want to be
    treated? Is that so hard!? It does not matter how you look, we all look the
    same on the inside we all breathe the same. IM SO SICK OF IT!?

  10. Kirsten Josephs says:

    That was kinda stupid. That guys over reacted. He shouldn’t have slept with
    his friends sister. Shouldn’t have let those kids beat him up or at least
    just shaken it off. And so what his mom drinks. Big deal?

  11. Sahil Patel says:

    I like trains?

  12. Adafo-Inhir says:

    When he sat that pic down, that hurt so bad to watch. ?

  13. Austin Chapa says:

    We’ll that was upsetting?

  14. jessica48644 says:

    i cried my eyes out watching this. keep making videos all of them are

  15. newtt says:

    change yourself or die….sometimes thing are etched in stone and will
    never change- so its down to ” quality of life”.?

  16. Thomas Hunter says:

    This is fucking sad by the way great job people?

  17. Thomas Hunter says:

    Be the change save a life?

  18. Harrison Bahe says:

    Just went over 1,000 views!?

  19. Harrison Bahe says:

    Be the change.?

  20. Harrison Bahe says:

    Here’s our long awaited short film Requiem! Requiem follows the last
    moments of a suicidal teenager as he remembers all the pain and torment of
    his unfortunate life.
    Starring Frank Prell, Andres Galindo, Dawn Nixon, S.j. Laguna, Francisco
    Pineda, Natasha Wesolowski, and Ivan Komerdelj!
    I know this is a dark subject and it may not be the happiest of films to
    endure but, I feel this is the most important short film I’ve ever done.
    Requiem – A Short Film About Teen Suicide?

  21. GunRecon 11 says:

    Where can I get the last music clip from?

  22. Maria Nirvana says:

    Oh my God … I’m crying

  23. newgeorge says:

    I thought he was going to change his mind :'(

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