Quentin Tarantino – My Best Friend’s Birthday [1987 Short Film]

Quentin Tarantino - My Best Friend's Birthday [1987 Short Film]

My Best Friend’s Birthday [1987 Short Film] The film was completed, but the final reel was destroyed in a lab fire that broke out during editing. The survivi…
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18 Responses to “Quentin Tarantino – My Best Friend’s Birthday [1987 Short Film]”

  1. g2kmaster says:

    28:20 Quentin Tarantino would make a great Dale Gribble?

  2. Bad Troy says:

    It’s funny how all these comments suck his dick now he’s a big time
    director. If this movie was made by a nobody you would all be trashing it,
    because you’re nothing but sheep. It’s like the South Park episode with
    Jim Carrey. You’ll consume it because you’re brainwashed ?

  3. r2c123 says:

    1:16 So that is K Billy?

  4. Dirk Diggler says:

    9:12 “all he did was snort some of that Coke that YOU gave him?

  5. navedparosh says:


  6. Peter Matejovsky says:
  7. Setu Tauvela says:


  8. The MarShan PerdCerst says:

    this is actually hilarious?

  9. Arielle Queraud says:

    That fight scene.lol?

  10. Salvador Ponce says:

    bad troy you are absolutely right?

  11. zipher123 says:

    This is gold. ?

  12. Fish John says:

    21:59 Jules Father ! ?

  13. VoxenofCeadus says:

    True Romance is the goat.?

  14. David Turner says:

    I find it funny that people are saying this is “trash”. This was done on a
    budget of what, less than nothing. Reservoir Dogs was done on like nothing.
    I’d like to see you write, direct and star in your own film as good as
    this. You do realise this wasn’t just the first film he made, it was the
    first film he wrote. This is the screenplay for True Romance for any of you
    that didn’t know. So i’d like to see you write, direct and star in a film
    this good and then have it go on to be a major motion picture, and oh yeah
    go on to be one of the biggest people in Hollywood today.?

  15. pekau says:

    BTW, if you want to win war against drug (or cocaine, at least)… just
    advertise Tarantino’ reaction to cocaine. Epic :)?

  16. Rosemery Cardenas says:

    First film?

  17. OneManProduct says:

    Why that fucking earring, man! 😀 That looks fuckin hilariuous haha?

  18. rohan poddar says:

    what is tarintino on ….coke all thee time ??

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