Put Text on a Video in Adobe Premiere Elements 11

Learn how to use the text tool in Adobe Premiere Elements 11. NOTE: Adobe Premiere Elements screenshots reprinted with permission from Adobe Systems Incorpor…
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7 Responses to “Put Text on a Video in Adobe Premiere Elements 11”

  1. Eamon Adams says:

    Just came across your videos while trying to figure out Premiere
    Elements… thanks so much for them. Just hitting the mark for me and what
    I need. Thanks.?

  2. Easy Online German says:

    Very well explained.?

  3. cricri06mtl says:

    Thank you! This was very helpful!?

  4. Lauren Brien says:

    You rock! I use your tutorials all the time!?

  5. Gnome Sane says:

    Excellent videos. Thanks for posting. I find the videos very concise and
    easy to understand.?

  6. Quintillion says:


  7. Neil Ebanks says:

    Chareen. Thank you for your videos. I am desperately trying to figure out
    how to add a dissolve transition to an overlying text, without affecting
    the underlying clip. Any help would be greatly appreciated. When I add the
    “fade to black” transition to the incoming text, everything, including the
    underlying clip, goes black then fades in. I only want the text to fade in
    over the underlying clip. Thanks for your time! ?

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