Pros & iCons “Tidal Wave” Official Lyric Video

Official Lyric Video for Pros & iCons original “Tidal Wave” Download our debut EP, “iConography,” on iTunes.…

7 Responses to “Pros & iCons “Tidal Wave” Official Lyric Video”

  1. Daniela Buzzetta says:

    so good!?

  2. SuperBeautyLover25 says:

    omg I love this!!?

  3. inspiritmaryanne says:

    The lyrics and the voice! So good! New fan :)?

  4. JessicaBearpark says:

    omg! this is incredible!!!?

  5. Angela Lisi says:

    In love <3?

  6. Leea Marie says:

    You’ve got a fan!!!?

  7. Nicholas Yurisak says:

    This is great, wish more stuff like this was on the radio!?

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