Professional Logo Design – Adobe Illustrator cs6 (ABC)

Professional Logo Design – Adobe Illustrator cs6 (ABC) Another Great logo Designing tutorial explaining how to simplify your design. In this logo basic circl…
Video Rating: 4 / 5 3D Text Illustrator Tutorial Adobe Illustrator CS6.
Video Rating: 3 / 5

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  1. creatnprocess says:

    Professional Logo Design – Adobe Illustrator cs6 (ABC)
    Another Great logo Designing tutorial explaining how to simplify your
    design. In this logo basic circle has played an important role in forming
    the words. Three circle are being used with some constant thickness. In the
    same way a rectangle of same thickness is used to complete letter “b”.
    The whole designing process behind this LOGO is the combination of both
    technical as well as manual.?

  2. tuwhitcombe says:

    very good tutorials?

  3. Jodie T says:

    awesome tutorial?

  4. Kostas Sarantopoulos says:

    Thank you for this wonderful tutorial! :)?

  5. yf lee says:

    ??????O(?_?)O?congratulations from Chengdu?China ?

  6. Qtizai Enriquez says:

    my problem is when I going to unite the object..the circle thing is shading
    too..and i cant subtract the object 7:08?

  7. Andrey K says:

    and very simple
    I really want to know more about it (I mean – create process of logo)
    atb! (all the best)?

  8. nickdavijhon says:

    One day, I hope I can repay you!?

  9. Karamel says:

    @ 6:50 you completely lost me and I’ve been here since 1 am and now it’s
    4:46 am and I still can’t figure it out I just give up or maybe I need to
    just find another tutorial.?

  10. nandu jayan says:

    hey, super video, but when i expand the letters, the circles does not turn
    into objects.. why does that happen??

  11. Se No says:

    great job on the tutorial!! simple but very easy to understand the

  12. Karamel says:

    How in the hell do you select everything and then deselect individual
    objects without deselecting everything? I’m just not getting it at all.?

  13. Ömer TUNÇ says:

    Great tutorials!

    My Work 🙂 ?

  14. Jafet Batalla says:

    how do you decide whether use shapes like circles or rectangles to draw a
    design? I ask this because when I first saw the picture of the video I
    guessed it would be just circles and rectangles but you wonderfully (if
    that word even exists) just used one circle with very think boundaries to
    do that.. i thought you would used many circles and then shapebuilder. ?

  15. JiLa says:

    Amazing! does it possible to make A L T instead of ABC..? thank you so

  16. Abdullah Al Mamun S says:

    you are the man … :)?

  17. Andre Jones says:

    Great stuff bro. Thanks?

  18. Sean Brown says:

    oh man i love your tutorials, give me some great ideas?

  19. Shyamal Chakraborty says:

    Lot of Thanks for this great tutorial . I learned valuable techniques from
    this tutorials. ?

  20. Illuminated Minds Ent says:

    I really enjoyed the way you explained this technique. I love watching
    your videos. I learn something every time.?

  21. Football10Fan says:

    Love your channel! Do you have tuyorials on how to use illustrator? I’m
    more familiar with photoshop and at times become frustrating with

  22. Otobong Idaresit says:

    You are great!?

  23. Liseth Sánchez Rodas says:

    Great! thank you!?

  24. MegaLonewolf01 says:

    What is that cool song playing in the background!!! I love it. Please share
    with us… :D!!?

  25. Khurram Subhani says:

    How can i do a similar effect but using capital G and C ? :)?

  26. Mondher Aoussaji says:

    i want to downloned Adobe Illustrator CS6 but i hope to give me the link
    to dowenloned it guys please?

  27. Jesus Hernandez says:

    can you please tell us the name of the tune

  28. Djabdii Awil says:

    hy man cn u gv me da beat plz !!!

  29. Royelmesias says:


  30. Direct Point says:

    The Beat On The Video Is Sick !

  31. lowizzo says:

    Tutorial??? it´s like a walkthrough…

  32. Hayk Gasparyan says:

    why u don’t group the ready “M” and mirror it down ?

  33. MrSmile CHANEL says:

    ??, ? ? ???? ????????? ?????????? ?? ??? ???????!

  34. Myles Luke says:

    shit quality and depressing tune

  35. A.A TaYo says:

    Lack of experience! Make a copy of d “M” & Flip it horizontally, create a
    fade to ur desire.

  36. Centur YounG says:


  37. Paul Handley says:

    now I will avoid your voiceless tutorials in the future.

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