Professional Graphic Design Layout In Adobe Illustrator

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14 Responses to “Professional Graphic Design Layout In Adobe Illustrator”

  1. Rod Sawyer says:

    Great stuff, Stephen. Question – Will the bottom fold pieces appear upside
    down once they are folded? meaning do those need to be flipped so when they
    are folded they will appear right side up on the inside? I work as a
    graphic artist but really enjoy and learn stuff from all your tutorials.?

  2. Stephen Looney says:

    +erastus snorweah You have won a FREE ticket to our new “Logo Design
    Bootcamp – From Client To Completion” course for the drawing we did based
    on the first 10 commenters!! Please shoot me an email

  3. Hong Zai says:

    Really thanks. learn alot.?

  4. Dilshod Sobirov says:

    Can you talk in the future tutorials about Portfolio! i mean Graphic
    Designer Portfolio ! Thanks Stephen Looney!?

  5. Nashenas Irani says:

    Great Video, Thanks Stephen, keep up the good work.?

  6. Sheldon Isaac says:

    Stephen, amazing series my man. Keep it going! I’m learning a lot. Ideas
    are where I usually get stuck and you helped me look at the conception
    process differently. Thanks again.

  7. Savvy Mom says:

    So how many more do you have to go to get to ten sir? I’m loving your

  8. Adam Elcner says:

    Keep going man, can’t wait to see next one.?

  9. ReƩ of Color Imaging and Designs says:

    This is a pretty cool video. It’s very informative.?

  10. Phyllis Blume says:

    Love your videos. I’m new to Illustrator and these have helped so much!?

  11. Chris Cloninger says:

    Stephen, your videos have help expand my ideas from just using Photoshop
    now exploring Illustrator thank you.?

  12. Daniel Dumond says:

    Thanks for another great video!! :)?

  13. yassine alaoui says:

    your tuts are the best !!!?

  14. Mirceabogdanstanciu says:

    i missed out on your last 2 lessons, but will definitely watch them.
    thanks again for your work. love from ROmania ?

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