Processor: The Intel Atom platform is standard

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What about the pixel density?

In a 10- inch display it lies dpi at approximately 117th This represents about a 14.1 -inch display that works with 1440 x 900 pixels (120 dpi). On a 8.9- inch display is one of the said resolution dpi even at 133rd As can be read and work are already demanding. The line resolution is still on the 1680 x 1050 pixels, to work with some 15.4 displays.

With a display size you feel comfortable , can not make sweeping statements,and it is good for your apple a1175. It depends on individual preferences. Our recommendation : try the various sizes of business .

The small screen forces for frequent scrolling

The software and online world is mostly geared to 1024 x 768th The bulk of netbooks so missing a few pixels in the vertical resolution. The result: depending on the application, more or less frequent scrolling announced, which can sometimes be very annoying. Therefore try necessarily from the touchpad , because its execution is highly variable.

If in doubt it is anyway , just einzukalkulieren a portable mouse that is small and offers a scroll wheel. Who wants to use its Netbook much outdoors should opt for a model with anti-reflective screen,it also is useful for your a1185. It also needs to be sufficiently bright: 200 cd / m2 are the minimum. If the reflecting screen is sufficient that often not even to outside the site can still be seen properly .

Although by now most of the work Netbook displays with LED backlight, significant differences are found in the brightness. In our tests, has been measured at 100 cd/m2 to 300 cd/m2 just almost everything.

Processor: The Intel Atom platform is standard

The bulk of the current netbook uses Intel’s Atom platform. The already longer available from VIA C7 plays a supporting role as well as the newer Nano this Taiwanese manufacturer, not to mention the corresponding U – versions of the Sempron from AMD

The standard has been a Netbook Intel Atom N270, which works with a maximum of 1.6 GHz and a FSB of 533 MHz,it can save power.The performance level is similar to that of a Pentium M Centrino from past generations , and just as it feels too. Who runs Windows XP on a good five year old laptop with limited memory and internal graphics may very well put themselves in the Netbook performance. The Atom N270 is usually 945GSE Intel’s chipset to the side , it is technology from previous Intel laptop platform. Integrated into the 945GSE GMA950 is the graphics .


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