Premiere Pro CS2 + CS3 – Custom Titles Tutorial How to make a custom title template and how to use it to make multiple titles safely. Watch out for the tra…

16 Responses to “Premiere Pro CS2 + CS3 – Custom Titles Tutorial”

  1. Mr75103313 says:

    i cant even hear or get what u trying to say be lil slower and up ur
    voice,demonstrate what u are doing not what u did.

  2. LazerGoPewPew says:

    who cares. I don’t think it is.

  3. Elleyphant says:

    omg yeah i totaly agree 🙂

  4. Albert Pham says:

    Nice guide Helped me a lot (Y) I’d prefer listening to you then a kid
    talking about “chipmonks” And i don’t understand how people couldn’t
    understand you, it’s clear! Good Job

  5. HeartofDisney says:

    I need a general tutorial for premiere pro 2.0 that can be understood by a
    teenager using this program for school. Do you know where i can find one?

  6. fsturtur says:

    Great tutorial!! 🙂

  7. JoelTriffitt says:


  8. Oscar Flordeliza says:

    yes, the background of the title, color blue in gradient, can you share the
    link to this tutorial how to do it? or maybe you have other tutorial: using
    those gradient like for example, a person doing speech then there appear a
    name of the person with the background color white with gradient of both
    sides. thanks

  9. MEMO042044 says:

    where do you get the templates from ?

  10. Jon Barrie says:

    I can’t actually apply links to these responses. I didn’t actually make
    one, but look for “gradient fill premiere pro titles” in google.

  11. Omar Brown says:

    haha, I was doing the same thing and getting angry at my CS3, thanks so
    much for the explanation.

  12. Otisyo says:


  13. timmyg788 says:

    “It updates.”

  14. ellaNmiaShow says:

    Pfft let me guess ur american?

  15. Naishell1 says:

    i somehow closed the editing bar where u cut and do editing stuff tell me
    how to fix it

  16. Jon Barrie says:

    @Naishell1 Double click on the sequence icon in the project panel.

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