Prema Premakai Prema | Love Telugu Short Film 2014 | Presented By ShortFilmCube

Watch Prema Premakai Prema Short Film. Cast : Arpan Kanthi,Shravani Reddy, Shivkeshav Crew : DIRECTION : Satheesh Raja PRODUCER : Indian Pride Cinemas D.O.P …

19 Responses to “Prema Premakai Prema | Love Telugu Short Film 2014 | Presented By ShortFilmCube”

  1. Kishore Babu Yarlapati says:

    all the best?

  2. Short Film Cube says:
  3. prasad kumar meka says:
  4. Ravi Paladi says:

    Super and lovely with sorrows?

  5. lover boy Sanju says:


  6. sudhakar rao says:

    hero aa role ki pranam posadu.i have a doubt. aa mobile bathiki vundha,i am
    inka pani chesthundha.anyways nice film.?

  7. Raviteja Edurugatla says:

    Not bad , all da best fr ur future projects :)?

  8. Swathi Murthy says:

    photography is simply superb,story is good,but please next time try with
    some good looking actors who acts naturally..castings r not upto the mark?

  9. YUVRAJ REDDY Ganthi says:

    doma domakai doma?

  10. Naveen Thummalapally says:


  11. asatheeshraja says:

    Prema Premakai Prema[Short film]
    Watch it and post your feedback.
    Support us with your share :)?

  12. mary tabitha says:

    nice sunny..did well..proud of u man..?

  13. Ashok KothaReddy says:

    nice movie and gud concept……..?

  14. anil malle says:

    nice work Dude…
    All di best……………….(Y)?

  15. kodati chanakya says:

    #arpan u made it to beyond expectations!! scintillating acting !! like tho
    banta hai:D
    for all cast and crew!! ?

  16. syed imran says:

    nice movie mama but i could have been better if story was extended…?

  17. Vyshnavi Oruganti says:

    Hi every one nice to see this.All the very best for the next project

    Sri Vyshnavi oruganti?

  18. Bharath Music says:

    if you need music, background music and songs for short film in budget
    contact 9849 222352?

  19. Sudhansu Bhusan says:

    Liked for you M.Shiva?

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