Prehistoric Europeans. People Who Invented Art

Around 40.000 years ago, Prehistoric Europeans became the first people in the world to invent Art… Painting, sculpture, music… The development of these e…
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  1. Lynn Neal says:

    I have one question, where did the cro-magnon come from ??

  2. MrSpiderman1321 says:

    europeans are great, the reason we have civilization?

  3. Stone Art of a Lost World says:

    It seems to me that a relationship of, not only domestication, but a
    kinship of consciousness with the spared species is clearly indicated. .?

  4. Stone Art of a Lost World says:

    It seems to me that a relationship of, not only domestication, but a
    kinship of consciousness with the spared species is clearly indicated. .?

  5. Max Green says:

    one word. totem. could have saved you a lot of time. ?

  6. RockArtKivikas says:

    suosittelen, tämä viedoa kertoo perusteet,
    katso myös Suomen mielenkiintoiset videot?

  7. Gaius Caerulius Verus says:

    The problem with humans is always that they fatally underestimate: “oh we
    are so amazing, the ancients were dumb savages and could not have been so
    accomplished”. Get over your ego, blinded fools. That’s not how it works;
    the ancients’ brains were larger than modern humans’. The reason why they
    did not innovate earlier is due to their harsh, more primitive lives,
    looking for food all the time and less leisure time; unlike now when people
    indulge themselves with free time. Besides it’s not hard nor impressive to
    draw such things. It’s this and I guess the inherent ignorance that needs
    to be discarded and if push comes to shove ousted from the gene pool.?

  8. Catherine Ransom says:

    All humans enjoy the video. All racists fall off the face of the earth.?

  9. Hathormaat47 says:

    Neanderthals were walking on all fours once upon a time. Now you tell me
    that they were creating great works of art on walls. The art of carving
    and painting on walls is of African origin. The problem is that the
    original man/woman who are African, colonized the planet with their
    inventions, culture, Art etc.. My ancestors built pyramids all over the
    world and carved in stone everywhere they lived on the planet. They were
    the first to make statues (big/small) out of stone. Look at the Olmec
    stone heads. YOU want to claim Art etc., stealing MY historical legacy. My
    ancestors took their knowledge of ART, iron smelting, architecture,
    medicine, culture, spiritual practices, technology, etc. etc. etc.,
    EVERYWHERE they colonized. These ancient carvings and artifacts you see
    around the world are of African origin, but the white supremists would like
    to keep the African colonization of those areas a secret. And while you
    atttempt to claim things your ancestors had absolutely NOTHING to do with,
    you simultaneously say that African people did not have the science. YOU
    are a thief and a liar!!! You were a thief then, and you continue to lie
    and steal!!!!!. ?

  10. IndiaRockLovers says:

    first of all a big fuck you to the europeans because you didn’t invent art
    such cave paintings are found all over the world.?

  11. Blither box says:
  12. Kaeben Secondname says:

    Though I understand the concept of the human brain creating these images, I
    don’t think they made a convincing connection between that and the real
    impulse that caused people to paint the images. I think there may be
    something there that plays a role, but I still think that in itself is not
    a complete explanation. I would like to have seen some alternative points
    of view, like sympathetic magic, etc.

    And the idea that people created agriculture purely because they wanted to
    make images is absurd. They started to build these big structures because
    agriculture allowed the expansion of the population, and hence there were
    enough people to make power bases that could coordinate increased manpower
    to build them. People were simply doing what they always have done:
    altering their world for their purposes in accordance with their power to
    do so. It just happened to also give a new medium on which to put their

  13. KiLLjoY says:

    Check out the angry nigger in the comments below, hilarious. ?

  14. jam63112 says:

    Altamira is dated 15000 BP and Chauvet 35000 BP, obviously these caves were
    not painted by apes. This should be a strong argument against those “young
    earth” believers.?

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