POOF : Hide Any Icons from Home screen iOS 7

Want to Hide any Particular App Icon from your iPhone Homescreen, Springboard or Apps drawer ? Then you should watch this video. Here we will use POOF, a Cyd…
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5 Responses to “POOF : Hide Any Icons from Home screen iOS 7”

  1. amazindawn :D says:

    I hid cydia and poof! What do i do? Help please!?

  2. mblankenship15 says:

    Soooooo how do you hide poof and cydia then??? and if you do how can you
    access poof again??

  3. mblankenship15 says:

    then the whole spyware app thing is a waste of time…..?

  4. Abhijit Guha says:

    #poof hide any icons on #springboard

    #ios7 ?

  5. Cydia Tricks says:

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