Pixel Art – Photoshop Tutorial

In this video we configure Photoshop for making Pixel Art and create our first 2D sprite. Difficulty of lesson: Novice. Share your designs! @BrackeysTweet This tuutorial is designed to suit…
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Adobe Photoshop brushes tutorial and demo

In this tutorial, I explain the default brushes that I use, how I use them, and how to create your own brushes in Adobe Photoshop. There is also a painting demo at the end of the video with…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

44 Responses to “Pixel Art – Photoshop Tutorial”

  1. Brackeys says:

    I hope you guys won’t get mad that it’s not a Unity tutorial. Don’t worry,
    I have plenty of those coming too ;)?

  2. Melanie MulHolland says:

    Thank you!!?

  3. Arctic Duck says:

    Are you from Denmark??

  4. Avik Bara says:

    I am not a expert on this but i am interested and read in a forum dedicated
    to pixel art that using automatic things like adjustment layer and blending
    options are frowned upon.?

  5. Koala™ says:

    my pencil is set to 1 so is my grid but my grid is still too small can
    someone help me with that??

  6. Bulbakip says:

    Which Photoshop version is this??

  7. Sawingleon says:

    If when you draw it isn’t properly aligned with the grid just use the tick
    the checkbox for pixel grid instead of the normal grid. (view > show >
    pixel grid) :D?

  8. Ryan Scott says:

    hardness set to 100, lol?

  9. haxpor says:

    A pretty handy setting up to be ready for pixel art. Thanks man.?

  10. Maddie says:

    I’m using photoshop elements 11 and I can’t find the tool that doesn’t make
    the whole picture blurry ( 4:04 ) Does anyone know where I can find it? ?

  11. ozurdin says:

    noob to photoshop, when you zoomed it enlarged the pixels, accutally
    zooming on just that 20×20. on mine when i tried that it just kept making
    more smaller pixels as the background got larger. if that makes any sense.
    how do i zoom in on the grid to see the pixels better (bigger)?

  12. AmpedSoup says:

    Are there any ways I can enlarge my pixel art without the blurs and stuff??

  13. TacTICad says:

    whene i open my pencil tool it is not a square its like 4 dots in a circle
    and i draws like a real pencil can someone please help me?

  14. Jesse Bauman says:

    if you change the opacity of a pixel will it actually show an image behind
    it in unity. for example will a glowing light actual lighten an area or
    will it just cover over it ? ?

  15. Yuuva says:

    Thanks a ton for this tutorial, I’m going to be using this new knowledge
    during the Global Game Jam tomorrow!?

  16. pmg1180 says:

    Question, can you able to print the grid along with a image? That is where
    I am still struggling with. I like this video. It is a great place to
    start. Let me know. Big thanks!?

  17. Space Deer says:

    Er du norsk? o.0?

  18. Mrkimaburrido says:

    I don’t know why, but my grid won’t adjust properly.
    I mena, it always looks like there’s half a pixel extra, and my grid is
    not exactly one 1px*1px, it’s actually less. Any idea how to fix this??

  19. DoofusInc says:

    On CS6 grid is not alligned even when the pixel grid option is checked. The
    only option is to change the background to another color instead of white,
    as the pixel grid cannot change colors.?

  20. JamJarGamestudio dev says:

    can any one help me i am making a game is that big enough for a character

  21. agustin chavero says:

    this bad re the drawing pixel art?

  22. monkeyXmonkey says:

    Pete, can you teach us how to turn something grayscale like this into a
    full blown colored work? ;o?

  23. Alex Demian says:

    I’ve finally understood what flow is for. Thanks!?

  24. Kenneth Ochoa says:

    great tutorial, you opened my eyes to the many ways that, brushes can be
    used, i really liked that you demoed in b+w and taught me about tone and
    athmopheric tecnique good job Pete?

  25. Leanna Timmerman says:

    What you can do with brushes completely blew my mind! You are an artist,
    for sure. Thanks for sharing.?

  26. Radhika Bianchi says:

    Thank you for taking the time to create this tutorial. I struggle with how
    to use brushes in photoshop since I’m used to traditional painting and
    drawing on paper and canvas. Digital painting is awesome and a huge savior
    for someone like me who travels a lot and can’t afford to buy art materials
    all the time. You’re great! I’m totally subscribed :D?

  27. Blatta77 says:

    3:40 You what…??

  28. Emmanuel Deang says:

    Thanks for this.

    and yes I remember Denver the last dinosaur, The Dinosaucers, Tiger Sharks,
    Karate Kat. LOL!?

  29. Brad Havoc says:

    Pete,what version of photoshop are you using??

  30. MrZnorlaks says:

    Waw, you are so good! cant get over it.?

  31. Billy Bob says:

    Your voice is so calm and peaceful?

  32. MyUsernameIsEZ says:

    I seriously enjoyed this video. I learned some new techniques today. Thank
    you for the inspiration.?

  33. Emil Tingström says:

    This was very helpful, thanks alot 😀 tbh I soooo agree with the Bob Ross
    part :P?

  34. YLskeptic says:

    I found many things in your tutorial quite helpful, Peter. Thank you. ?

  35. Agustin Zanetti says:

    Omg dude, just making those lines at minute 1, requires lot of practice, u
    have a new fan?

  36. Igor Donevski says:


  37. benaldi2 says:

    Great, well worth watching. Thanks for your time and effort.?

  38. danielscott971 says:

    what kind of tablet do you use im new to your channel your brother sent me
    and i dont know if you have said before?

  39. hacccper says:

    Hey Pete! Can you make more videos? <3?

  40. killomanjar0 says:

    All these tips are great, I just want another tutorial like this one (very
    slow paced and explained) on finalizing a digital painting, I have a lot of
    trouble with that. Like I can get an idea down that looks ok… but then I
    can’t seem to finalize it. Thanks and keep it up

  41. MrJacky137 says:

    Really nice and detail tutorial~!! thanks !! 😀

  42. Peter Gandia says:

    Thank you so much.

  43. Peter Gandia says:

    Thanks. I appreciate it. I will do that in the near future for a character
    piece from start to finish. Keep watching and please spread the word about
    my channel.

  44. heather679 says:

    That was an amazing tutorial! You would make a really good instructor.

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